Analysis global solution of the global wireless and platform marketing strategy

I. globalization

allows domestic consumers to buy goods in the world, including the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, etc.. Global consumers can also buy domestic goods; at the same time, more than 220 countries overseas consumers can participate in the world’s first shopping spree.

is currently in the export market, Ali "Taobao overseas" and "aliexpress" two platforms, mainly for the global consumer, help China sellers to expand overseas markets, driven by the brand to the sea, meet consumer demand overseas. Currently covering 220 key countries, respectively, for overseas expatriates and Chinese market.

is the global market this year, Taobao lighting, and increase the speed sold through overseas platform self promotion efforts, such as Taiwan, Hongkong and other places of convenience stores, the next line of cooperation, promotion activities, or is outside the portal website promotion. This is also the dual 11 can be fully displayed in these countries or regions.

in addition to helping many merchants export, 11 will also focus on the introduction of overseas business quality goods. There are more than and 20 countries overseas businesses have settled in Tmall international, this part of the market advantage from the domestic cross-border electricity import bonded mode open, cooperation and free trade zone business platform can enjoy the convenience of goods clearance, and the tax rate is low. Reflected in the commodity is more favorable price, logistics and distribution faster.

this year, as the new opening of the eleven overseas venue, Tmall international through genuine direct supply, the global package, the sea Amoy shopping mall model. During the 11 Tmall international will also recommend the form of goods around the world in order to attract consumers. Such as kiwi kiwi juice, Japan’s electrical appliances, etc..

addition, and the establishment and perfection of international cross-border logistics, Alipay, rookie logistics and payment system will further promote the internationalization of business of Alibaba group.

two. Wireless

wireless is another important double 11 this year. This is undoubtedly the beginning of the proposed cloud + end strategy inspection. Alibaba wireless process can be extended to wireless, social, personalized, combined with the exploration of the four aspects of integration, open up online and offline to achieve universal participation".

Tmall President Wang Yulei pointed out that our direction is to cross the boundaries of the PC Internet, into a multi terminal interactive, back-end supply chain management solutions.


2014 double 11 Alibaba set group "end" of all forces, in addition to Tmall mobile phone, mobile phone Taobao, Alipay wallet, Amoy little platform, Ali investment UCweb, Youku, micro-blog, intime join them. Of course, this ecosystem, businesses, third party service providers, the full participation of the line under the shopping Mall is the end of the strengthening.

cloud + end strategy landing on the code Amoy and O2O will be issued in both 11

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