Shandong more than 20 websites signed a boycott of the vulgar wind self discipline convention

January 15th, the Shandong Internet association held in Ji’nan to resist the Internet vulgar wind self-discipline convention signing ceremony. Information Office of the provincial government, the Provincial Communications Authority, the provincial Internet association responsible person attended the signing ceremony, China Unicom Shandong branch, China Mobile Shandong company, Shandong branch of the China Telecom, China Tietong Shandong branch and other telecom companies and more than 20 in Jinan site in the person in charge of Shandong province Internet boycott vulgar wind discipline the signing ceremony and signed the Convention on the "collective".

participate in the signing ceremony of the major telecom operators and web site on behalf of the province’s Internet information services industry solemn commitment:

set up the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, advocating civilized, civilized; conscientiously abide by the Constitution and relevant laws and regulations of the Internet, to spread in violation of national laws and regulations of information network dissemination; adhere to the authenticity, objectivity, the principle of public welfare, to eliminate any form of false information, infringement information, vulgar information and false advertising; social compliance ethics, consciously resist vulgar, text and images are not published unhealthy, unhealthy not linked website does not provide unhealthy content search, not published unhealthy advertising; do not stand, community forums, news trackers, chat rooms, blogs and other published, reproduced low style of speech, images and audio and video the information in the network; strict protection of state secrets, and effectively protect the privacy of citizens, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens on the Internet; carry forward the "dedication Honest, fair, honest, occupation spirit of unity and cooperation, strictly abide by the law and discipline ", strengthening occupation moral education of the site personnel; establish and perfect the website management system, standardize the information production and dissemination process, and consciously accept the management of government departments, actively welcome social supervision and criticism, problems and suggestions for government departments and other users of the timely rectification.

vulgar information released on the province’s Web site, the general public can report to the illegal and harmful information center in Shandong province website ( report.

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