Ali cloud search officially launched domestic search engine wars adds new army

webmaster network ( February 18th news, today’s Alibaba cloud computing platform Ali cloud enabled two domain name ( launched Ali cloud · search. Currently Ali cloud search includes web pages, pictures, information, maps four products. Map data from the high moral map. The search function has yet to be improved. Prior to Ali cloud has launched a cloud search (, intended for the majority of Web site owners / developers tailored for structured data search platform. Ali cloud · search launched marked Alibaba officially entered the search engine market, and the four major search engines Baidu,, SOSO, Sogou competition.

Ali cloud · search (stationmaster net plan)

is currently the domestic search engine market competition, Baidu search engine as the industry leader, occupy more than 70 market share, since the 360 search line, "3B" war in full swing. Recently came to the acquisition of the Tencent’s Sogou search business search. The search engine national team also found an immediate search rate of nearly 0, massive layoffs news. According to Internet data Hitwise data services in December 2012, China search engine traffic share the top ten for Baidu, 360 search, Sogou, Google Hongkong, Baidu pictures, Google, soso (English), Bing, Google, Youdao search Chinese. Search market is close to saturation. This time, Ali cloud · search on-line, will rely on Ali cloud computing technology resources and Ali electricity supplier platform of Taobao, Tmall, a scouring network traffic advantage, is bound to exacerbate the domestic search engine market competition.

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