Harvard, Cisco, BBN Technologies connect with Boston and Cambridge schools

first_imgAbout the O’Bryant School: The John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science is an exam school in which more than 95 percent of students score at advanced or proficient levels in the state MCAS exam and go on to four-year colleges. The school is committed to achievement, academic excellence, and to ensuring that all students learn and succeed. The school was recently designated as a 2010 Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, the highest honor an American school can achieve. This prestigious award recognizes public and private K-12 schools that are academically superior in their state or that demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement. The O’Bryant School fulfills both of these requirements. The O’Bryant School will receive this award from the U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in Washington, D.C., in November.Contact: Lauren Marshall, 617.495.1585 About Internet2: Internet2 is a not-for-profit advanced networking consortium composed of more than 200 U.S. universities in cooperation with 70 leading corporations, 45 government agencies, laboratories and other institutions of higher learning as well as over 50 international partner organizations. Internet2 members leverage this high-performance network and worldwide partnership to support and enhance their educational and research missions. The Boston and Cambridge schools now have 1GB (gigabit) Ethernet connectivity to Internet2.About “Boston Broadband” and Internet2: The goal of Mayor Menino’s “Boston Broadband” initiative is to close the digital divide by increasing access to, and adoption of, broadband technologies in all of Boston’s neighborhoods and communities.  The City of Boston’s Department of Innovation and Technology and Boston Public Schools collaborated to connect the City’s fiber network to Internet2, with Harvard sponsoring the City’s Internet2 connection at the Northern Crossroads.  This connection opens the research and educational resources of Internet2 to the City of Boston and advances Mayor Menino’s commitment to enhance access and the adoption of cutting-edge technology citywide.About the Cambridge Internet2 connection: The City of Cambridge, Mass., BBN Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company and Harvard University collaborated on the joint technology project to provide the City of Cambridge’s public schools with access to Internet2. BBN Technologies was awarded a National Science Foundation grant for the GENI project.The Internet2 connection is provided thru the Northern Crossroads, the New England Regional Aggregation Point for Research Networking in the Northeast U.S. The Northern Crossroads members include University, K-12, Government, Corporate and Hospital members throughout the Northeast connected over a high performance network.  Harvard University is the network operations center for the Northern Crossroads (NoX) and its members. www.nox.org Harvard University announced today (Sept. 22) a new partnership with the cities of Boston and Cambridge designed to bring the world to students — faster and clearer than ever.Harvard will share its access to the super high-speed Internet2 Network connection with Boston and Cambridge schools, granting all 148 public schools in the two cities use of the most advanced networking consortium in the world.In addition, Cisco is contributing Cisco TelePresence equipment to the John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science and Cambridge Rindge and Latin School enabling the students and teachers to connect with people around the globe. This interactive collaboration tool will put them at the forefront of teaching and learning. Raytheon BBN Technologies, an advanced networking research company, has donated the networking equipment that provides connectivity to Cambridge.“This exciting technology not only provides our Boston Public Schools students with exceptional educational opportunities, but furthers the City of Boston’s position at the forefront of the technology frontier. Together with Harvard and Cisco, we are opening the globe to our students and connecting our city to the world,” said Mayor Thomas M. Menino at a celebration of Harvard’s teaching and learning partnerships with the Boston Public Schools.  The fete included a demonstration of the new technology at the O’Bryant School of Math and Science.Internet2 is a high-speed, high-performance national network dedicated to serving the research and education community.  It brings together a broad range of the education sector, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, libraries, and museums, providing them with a platform for collaboration and distribution of content. Harvard, which has provided the high-speed connection for the schools, will continue to host the school systems at no cost to either city. This collaboration also grew out of the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) project, which Raytheon BBN is leading. Funded by the National Science Foundation, GENI is a unique virtual laboratory for at-scale networking experimentation where the brightest minds unite to envision and create new possibilities of future Internets.Cisco TelePresence technology in the O’Bryant and Cambridge Rindge and Latin schools will enable teachers and students to work in real-time with experts and lecturers, and other classrooms locally and around the globe; access online multimedia education materials, and to connect to new professional development opportunities — all with a simple phone call.“Putting cutting edge technology in the hands of Boston teachers and students is an exciting new chapter in Harvard’s long and fruitful partnership with Boston schools,” said Harvard President Drew Faust.  “The Cisco TelePresence installations will connect classrooms in Boston and Cambridge to each other, to universities like Harvard, and to learning opportunities around the globe.”“Through Cisco TelePresence, schools and universities are able to foster a more collaborative and interactive teaching and learning environment to better equip students with the skills required for success in the 21st century,” said Ken Gaines, Cisco’s vice president of state and local government, and education. “We are pleased to work alongside Harvard University to provide the Boston and Cambridge Public School Systems with access to new interactive collaboration tools that extend the in-person teaching and learning experience beyond the traditional physical classroom.”President Faust also announced that as part of the new partnership with the Boston and Cambridge schools, Harvard will convene an advisory group that will identify opportunities to use these new technology resources to further strengthen Harvard’s teaching and learning partnerships with Boston and Cambridge.  Cisco is providing teacher training on the new TelePresence units and ongoing support as needed. Harvard is also convening Boston and Cambridge educators to present Internet2 resources and offer training.This new partnership is just the latest in a long and robust relationship between Harvard and the Boston and Cambridge school systems.“This technology will help our students connect with their peers, authors, and scholars around the globe,” said Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol R. Johnson. “We are fortunate to be supported by organizations such as Harvard University and Cisco as we work to make all of our schools centers of excellence in every way.”“Technology is exciting but it isn’t a goal in and of itself,” said Cambridge Superintendent Jeffrey Young.  “Making it easier for students and teachers to access and participate in the world of ideas as players not just observers is what matters. These resources can break down the walls of the classroom and extend teaching and learning to every corner of the globe.”This partnership between Boston and Harvard is just the latest example of a relationship that has extended over nearly four centuries. A new report released by Harvard today chronicles the depth and breadth of that relationship, cataloging the 123 educational programs that take place in Boston schools or engage Boston students. Called Partnerships for Progress, Harvard Teaching and Learning Partnerships: Boston, the report gives readers the opportunity to learn about key initiatives and how they’ve strengthened both the Boston and Harvard communities.Menino, Faust, and Cisco representatives joined BPS Superintendent Carol Johnson at the O’Bryant and CPSD Superintendent Jeffrey Young for a 30-minute TelePresence tour that connected teachers, students, and administrators with several destinations while gathered in the in the 70-seat amphitheater classroom. The O’Bryant School’s headmaster, Steve Sullivan, guided the room through a series of conversations with educators and students in Boston and beyond.After an initial call across the river to connect with Harvard Graduate School of Education Dean Kathleen McCartney and Cambridge Superintendent Jeffrey Young, Sullivan reached out to Joan Reede, dean for Diversity and Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School, who oversees programs that give Boston children access to real-world science experiences at Harvard and in Harvard labs. O’Bryant geometry teacher Jim Munsey then took the stage and on a call to students in Phoenix, taught a mini-lesson on probability with a magic trick.“This is a dream come true,” said Sullivan, who noted one of the school’s goals this year was to increase its partnerships.  “There are endless possibilities now.  We can span time as well as distance in a way that goes beyond traditional learning and gives us access to new opportunities and cultures that we only dreamed of connecting with before.”This technology partnership grew out of collaboration that began more than a year ago linking Harvard, the Cambridge and Boston school systems, with funding from Raytheon BBN Technologies, to provide the connectivity to the Internet2 Network.  Building on access to Internet2, Cisco offered to establish a leading Cisco TelePresence capacity at a school in each city. The partnership comes at a time when Harvard itself is growing its use of this technology as well. Harvard currently has 11 TelePresence units throughout its campus.“This network will provide fertile research ground for students to explore their ideas over the next few years,” said Chip Elliott, GENI project director.About Cisco TelePresence Technology: Cisco TelePresence systems combines innovative real-time video, audio, and interactive technologies to give people in distributed global locations a wide variety of face-to-face collaboration experiences.  It enables new types of collaboration applications that are transforming business processes, saving resources, improving productivity and helping organizations grow globally. last_img read more

Two named Marshall Scholars

first_imgHarvard seniors Kenzie Bok and Jonathan Warsh had to keep a pretty big secret over the Thanksgiving holiday. Both recently learned they were awarded prestigious Marshall Scholarships, which will allow them to study in the United Kingdom at the universities of their choice.“My parents just kept asking when they were allowed to tell their friends,” Bok, a history concentrator who lives in Pforzheimer House, said with a laugh. Warsh, a government concentrator and Lowell House resident, just sounded relieved to be done with a several-month application process that involved “13 or 14 drafts of essays.”Bok and Warsh are two of 31 Marshall Scholars whose names were announced today (Nov. 29). The highly competitive program is open to American graduating seniors and recent graduates and typically covers two years of tuition, research, and living expenses at a British university.Marshall winner Jonathan Warsh: “One of the main attractions for me is the opportunity to understand British and broader European ideas about health care and how those ideas might be transportable to the U.S.” Photo by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff PhotographerWarsh, a native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., will enter a joint M.Sc. program in health policy, planning, and financing at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, where he will also complete a year of health services research. He hopes to gain an international perspective on health care that will inform his future work in health care, whether as a policy analyst, a government regulator, or an administrator at a safety-net hospital.“One of the main attractions for me is the opportunity to understand British and broader European ideas about health care and how those ideas might be transportable to the U.S.,” he said. “I’d like to spend a couple years studying the intricacies of their health finance systems and the methods different European countries have taken to combat health care disparities.”Warsh first became interested in improving American health care while volunteering at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter during his freshman fall semester. He worked night shifts, and while 10 a.m. lectures the next morning were “brutal,” the experience brought the realities of poor Americans’ health care to life.“I saw the ways our guests at the shelter were trying to navigate the health care system and the types of care they were receiving,” he said. “The complexities of the bureaucracy got me thinking more and more about focusing my energies on health care for the poor.”Warsh is now administrative director of the shelter, a Harvard Phillips Brooks House affiliate that is the only entirely student-run shelter in the nation. In his spare time, he is training for his second marathon and working on his senior thesis, which will explore how the federal government allocates funds for disease research by examining the lung, breast, and prostate cancer movements’ successes and failures since 1980.Warsh is considering medical school, and has started taking pre-med courses in his senior year. (He’s currently “enrolled in general chemistry with 150 freshmen.”) He hopes to continue volunteering in London in a clinical patient setting to get a better feel for a physician’s duties.“I think the Marshall will be very helpful in terms of figuring out what I want my role to be in shaping the health care system,” he said.Kenzie Bok: “I realized that to understand what a thinker meant, you have to know what they were reading and what they were responding to, rather than approaching their work as timeless.” Photo by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff PhotographerBok — no relation to former Harvard President Derek Bok — became engrossed in the history of ideas early in her Harvard education.“I realized that to understand what a thinker meant, you have to know what they were reading and what they were responding to, rather than approaching their work as timeless,” she said.Despite her love of intellectual history, Bok doesn’t plan to stay in academia. A native Bostonian and a born political junkie, she hopes to pursue a career in public service. She sees her Marshall years as an opportunity to gain “a deep conceptual grounding, and really spend some time grappling with ideas.”She will study theology during her first year at the University of Cambridge, and will complete an M.Phil. in intellectual history and political thought during the second year.“The two best places in the world right now to study intellectual history, in terms of their faculty, are Harvard and Cambridge,” she said.Her future studies are a natural outgrowth of her senior thesis, which looks at the intellectual evolution of the 20th-century American political philosopher John Rawls from his early, more theologically oriented work to his later secular writings on moral philosophy.“We forget how recently it was that theology and philosophy were so closely intertwined, especially in the academy,” she said. “You have these traditions that are extremely closely related. But by the time Rawls and his generation were publishing their major works, those departments had diverged.”Bok’s personal interests tend toward religion and politics, too. In addition to being president of the Episcopal Students at Harvard, she serves as student president of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics (IOP), sits on the executive board of her local Democratic ward committee, and is one of four college members of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. A former Obama for America campaign volunteer and White House intern, she admitted that a second term for the current president could lure her back to Washington after her Marshall fellowship.“I didn’t expect to be pursuing this,” Bok said of the Marshall. “I just got so caught up in this project and these studies. I don’t feel ready to end it.”Including Bok and Warsh, 249 Harvard students have won Marshall Scholarships, which were created in 1953 to commemorate U.S. aid to Europe after World War II under the Marshall Plan. As many as 40 promising scholars and likely future leaders in their fields are selected from eight regions of the United States each year.last_img read more

The most powerful action most credit union leaders don’t take

first_img“If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.” ~ W. Edwards DemingIf I’ve learned anything from over 30 years of working with leaders in businesses, government agencies, and non-profits, it’s this: Nothing is more powerful than asking the right question at the right time.Here are five reasons why I say that…The right question can lead to the discovery of new insights that previously seemed irrelevantThe right question can force confrontation of difficult issues that are being ignoredThe right question can change the context of the conversation and invite more participationThe right question can get the discussion back on track when it’s getting into the weedsThe right question can break the pattern and shift the thinking to reveal new ideas and insightsThe list could go on, but the point has been made. And that’s why the most powerful act of leadership is asking more questions.But sadly this powerful action is one that most leaders don’t take.Instead they engage by answering questions, sharing their knowledge and experience, and seeking solutions.It’s a natural tendency because people come to leaders with questions all the time, so it’s easy for leaders to see their job as answering questions. And most leaders are very good at it. In fact many leaders derive much of their satisfaction and worth from their ability to know the answers (or where to find them) and solve the problems that are brought to them.But that approach is shortsighted…If you become the source for answers then your team is not being developed to lead when you are no longer there. Even worse, you’re ensuring that the best possible results are not being achieved, because as leadership guru Ken Blanchard says: “none of us are as smart as all of us.”So how do you become a more powerful (aka effective) leader?Step One. Never respond to a question with an answer—ask questions to clarify and understand the situation, then ask the person what they think should be done. Listen and ask more questions to guide them toward the best solution, and then support them taking action. For example, if the question is about how to apply a policy to a situation, ask a series of questions that allows the person to review the situation in their mind as they answer, then ask them what they think is the right next step.Step Two. Always start a conversation with a question—instead of sharing your insight, opinion, or experience ask a question that invites others to share theirs and be patient in listening and learning (avoiding the temptation to step in with your story until you have really heard what they are saying). For example, start your next leadership team meeting by asking “What went well in your area of the business last week?”Step Three. Don’t accept the first answer—few first responses are the best responses, especially when you are developing your team and asking them to do things they have not done before. Be patient, but keep asking questions to encourage deeper thinking, even if that means asking the same question multiple times. For example, sometimes simply asking “Why?” as you listen to successive responses can drive the conversation toward the real issue.The Bottom Line: Your job as a leader is two-fold: (1) You are there to lead the business or the area of the business you are responsible for and to achieve the target outcomes; and (2) You are there to develop the people you lead so that when you are no longer there they can take the business to a level beyond what you envisioned possible. The more time you devote to the second task the more you will succeed with the first. And it starts by asking more questions every day! 52SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Michael Hudson Dr. Michael Hudson started his first business when he was just 7 years old…riding his bicycle from house to house selling greeting cards and holiday gifts. Since then he … Web: michaelhudson.com Detailslast_img read more

A brief refresher on credit card penalty fees

first_img continue reading » Over the past several months, credit unions have been working diligently to help members work through any financial challenges the pandemic has posed, including allowing members to skip credit card payments. But what happens when a member skips a payment without the credit union’s prior approval? Well, most credit card agreements allow credit unions to impose penalties, such as a late payment fee. When doing so, the credit card agreement is not the only place a credit union should look as section 1026.52(b) puts limits on the dollar amount of fees a credit union may charge as a penalty.The general rule is the penalty fee must “represent a reasonable proportion of the total costs incurred” by the credit union for the violation. In determining the costs incurred for a late payment, the commentary to this rule explains a credit union may look at the costs of collecting a late payment, notifying members of delinquencies and processing delinquencies in order to determine the appropriate amount of the late fee. The rule also provides a safe harbor for the dollar amount of penalty fees. For 2020, these amounts are $29 for the first violation and $40 for a second violation within six billing cycles. These amounts are adjusted annually for inflation but will remain unchanged for 2021.Even if a penalty fee complies with the safe harbor amounts, section 1026.52(b)(2) prohibits a credit union from imposing a fee in excess of the “dollar amount associated with the violation.” For late fees, the commentary explains this is “the amount of the required minimum periodic payment due immediately prior to assessment of the late payment fee.” For example, if the minimum payment due is $25, the late payment fee cannot exceed $25, even if a higher fee would be permitted under the safe harbor. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

MINTS publishes a questionnaire on project proposals in tourism for a seven-year period of using funds from European funds

first_imgIn this way, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports collects project proposals of entrepreneurs, craftsmen, family farms, associations, public institutions, cooperatives, local and regional governments, tourist boards, clubs and other legal entities for the tourism and sports sectors that could be funded primarily in within the Mechanism for Recovery and Resilience, but also later within the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027. In addition to the alignment of needs with funding opportunities, information is also needed on the readiness of project proposals, which are stated since EU funds are available under certain conditions, ie for a limited period of time. “At this moment, it is crucial to identify project proposals that are in a mature stage of preparation and their implementation can be launched in 2023 at the latest.”Emphasize from the Ministry. Namely, based on the agreement reached on the European Recovery Plan and the Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2021-2027, Croatia has 22 billion euros at its disposal for co-financing programs and projects.  The project proposal should contribute to sustainable, innovative and resilient tourism and sport by focusing on challenges and priorities that will generate long-term impact on the competitiveness of your companies, as well as the tourism and sports sector as a whole, job creation, economic and social resilience. and regional cohesion of the Republic of Croatia, with an emphasis on contributing to the green and digital transition.It is important to provide general information on the project proposal, so that through the process of preparation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Republic of Croatia as well as operational programs for EU funds in the period 2021-2027. envisage the financing of activities in accordance with the needs, but also the above-mentioned goals to which the programs to be financed from EU funds should contribute, the Ministry points out. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is in the process of preparation strategic documents, plans and programs for which will be in the following to use funds from European funds over a seven-year period. “With the new strategic document for tourism, we want to set clear and enforceable guidelines for tourism in Croatia. The interested public is invited to contribute to the achievement of this goal via a link. First of all, Croatian tourism must be sustainable in the long run, with an emphasis on quality and products that encourage the development of the entire economy and the recognizability of Croatia as a country of numerous tourist potentials.”, Said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac on the occasion of the publication of the questionnaire. All interested through the MINTS questionnaire at connectors can contribute to a better and more comprehensive preparation of documents on the basis of which future investments will ensure that Croatia remains among the leading European tourist destinations in terms of safety, quality, added value, sustainability and innovation.last_img read more

Villa Park prepared for a play-off

first_img The play-off will only take place if results on Sunday mean the two London clubs are equal on points, goal difference and goals scored. A Premier League statement said: “Should a play-off be necessary the Premier League has made arrangements for a single match to take place at Villa Park on Sunday 26 May 2013. The match will take place early afternoon with a kick-off time to be confirmed should results require the match to go ahead.” The Premier League has announced that a possible third-place play-off between Chelsea and Arsenal will take place at Villa Park on May 26 – a move which could jeopardise the Blues’ tour match against Manchester City in the USA scheduled for the day before. Chelsea are due to play City twice in the USA – with the second match at New York’s Yankee stadium on May 25, the day before the play-off date. The Premier League statement says both the clubs have been consulted. It states: “In the event of results in the Chelsea v Everton and Newcastle v Arsenal Barclays Premier League matches being a Chelsea draw, and an Arsenal win by a single-goal margin having scored two more than Chelsea, both teams would be level on points, goal difference and goals scored.” Under Premier League Rules this would lead to a play-off being required to decide which club finishes third and fourth, thereby determining which club enters the UEFA Champions League at the group stage and which at the play-off stage. Tickets will be allocated equally between each club and will be priced at £20 and £30 with concessions for children and senior citizens priced at a 50% reduction. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Cricket News Six, Run-Out, Wicket! Barbados Tridents Lose By One Run, St Kitts And Nevis Patriots Enter CPL Knock-Outs

first_imgNew Delhi: Shakib Al Hasan was batting brilliantly for Barbados Tridents in their Caribbean Premier League encounter against St Kitts and Nevis Patriots. At 85/2 in the 12th over in pursuit of 150, it seemed Barbados Tridents had a great chance. However, a collapse of five wickets for 14 runs in three and a half overs saw St Kitts and Nevis roar back into the contest. The equation boiled down to 12 runs off the final over. Dominic Drakes was bowling it and he started off with a wide. The equation became five runs off five balls when Raymon Reifer hit a six over deep extra cover. However, when Reifer was run-out in the process of a second run, Barbados Tridents needed four runs off four balls but they had one wicket remaining. Harry Gurney and Chemar Holder hung and they needed two runs off one ball. However, Drakes got the perfect delivery on off stump and Gurney was cleaned up as Barbados Tridents lost by one run. The result meant that St Kitts and Nevis Patriots joined Guyana Amazon Warriors in the Caribbean Premier League knock-outs. Also Read | 19 In Final Over And Super Over – Carlos Brathwaite’s Fascinating Contribution In CPL T20 WinThe credit for St Kitts and Nevis Patriots’ win went to Carlos Brathwaite, who took three wickets in the middle overs, which included Shakib (38) and JP Duminy (18) and was named the Man of the Match. Brathwaite’s effort ensured Shamarh Brooks fifty for St Kitts and Nevis Patriots did not go down in vain. Also Read | Trinbago Knight Riders Smash Highest Score In Franchise T20 Cricket, Beat Jamaica TallawahsSt Kitts and Nevis Patriots chose to bat and the entire innings revolved around Brooks’ fifty, who took control after Evin Lewis struggled to get going. Brooks shared a partnership of 43 with Devon Thomas but St Kitts and Nevis Patriots lost momentum heading into the final overs as they lost three wickets for 10 runs. A brace of cameos from Fabian Allen and Keron Cottoy helped St Kitts and Nevis Patriots reach 149/7, with Gurney and Hayden Walsh picking two wickets each.In response, Johnson Charles fell to Sheldon Cottrell while Alex Hales fell to Rayad Emrit. Shakib held the key but Brathwaite’s burst in the middle overs dented Barbados Tridents. This loss might hurt them significantly. With two games to go, they are in fifth position and three points behind Trinbago Knight Riders and one behind St Lucia Zouks. A win against St Lucia Zouks could seal their play-off spot while a loss could eliminate them. St Kitts and Nevis Patriots have played all their league games while Trinbago Knight Riders have played just seven, the same as Guyana Amazon Warriors. Guyana are currently undefeated in the tournament and they look set to finish on top of the table.RELATED  For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

National Sports Festival: Okowa Rewards Delta Athletes with N403m

first_imgOmon-Julius Onabu in AsabaFor emerging the overall winners at the last National Sports Festival in Abuja, Delta State athletes were on Monday rewarded with over N403 million by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for being worthy ambassadors of the state.Okowa noted that sports have become a window of opportunities and empowerment for young talents the world over and urged youths in Delta State to put their God-given talents to positive use, including sporting activities. On hand at Stephen Keshi Stadium Asaba to honour the athletes who participated in the 19th edition of the National Sports Festival tagged ”Abuja 2018”, were relatives of the athletes as well as the wife of the governor, Dame Edith Okowa, sports and government officials.Also rewarded were medalists at the 2018 edition of National Youth Games which took place at Ilorin, Kwara State.Delta State won with 163 gold, 88 silver and 101 bronze, totaling 352 medals at the National Sports Festival, to beat its closest rival, Rivers State, which had 194 medals.In an address, the governor said, “Today’s event is very special to me, because I have the privilege of being able to fulfill my promise to reward not only the medalists, but everyone who represented our dear State. I therefore wish to reassure our young people, especially those with talents that the State government will continue to encourage sportsmen and women.“Sports has become a vital tool of empowerment and accomplishment both at the national and international levels and I urge all of you (sports men and women) not to relent; aim at attaining higher standards and glories both for the State and our country.“Facilities have been made available and they will be continually upgraded to meet the demands of modern training.”Whatever the state government is offering you today, it is not necessarily payment or compensation for winning laurels for your State. Rather, it is a token of appreciation for your commitment and patriotism while competing for your State.”The governor also offered Miss Precious Okafor scholarship to the university level for competing and winning medals at the National Youth Games at a time she was mourning the loss of her mother.National Sports Festival gold medalists got N1 million while silver medalists were given N500, 000. Bronze medalists were also rewarded with N250, 000.Medalists at the National Youth Games received N100, 000 for gold medals while silver and bronze medalists got N75, 000 and N50, 000.The team leader, Mr Ifekachukwu Paul, thanked Dr Okowa for keeping his promise of rewarding the athletes with cash gifts, observing that the governor has provided first-class sporting facilities in the state and encouraged the athletes to bring out their best.He assured the governor that the Team Delta would continue to strive for more laurels in future sporting events.Chairman of Delta State Sports Commission, Mr Tonobok Okowa, had in an opening address, thanked the governor for inspiring Delta State athletes to victory, noting that Team Delta spends more than two weeks in camp before any competition.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

A Long Walk To Freedom: Buju Banton Delivers Historic Performance in…

first_imgCredit: Ryan Mattis After being incarcerated for eight years, Reggae superstar Buju Banton delivered a historic performance at the first stop on his ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ Tour in Kingston, which was said to be one of the most anticipated reggae shows to ever be held in Jamaica. On Saturday, March 16, 2019, Buju Banton kicked off his ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ Tour at the National Stadium in Kingston. It was pandemonium as locals, as well as tourists and international celebrities, flocked to see his first show since his release in December 2018. At full capacity, the national stadium seats approximately 35,000 people, but the number of patrons at this first show exceeded capacity, leaving many persons to stand in walk-ways or sit in aisles.The gates opened at 4:00 PM and early performances included Ghost, LUST and Buju’s son Jahazeil Myrie. As the night went on, other reggae artists gave stellar performances; namely, Agent Sasco, Chris Martin, Romain Virgo, Etana, Cocoa Tea who was joined by reggae newcomer Koffee, and Chronixx.At about 11:20 pm, the man of the year graced the stage. Dressed in all white, with his locs long and flashing, an almost-spiritual Buju Banton began his performance asking “have mercy on me”.The crowd erupted, in one of the loudest roars ever to be heard from the National Stadium, as Banton opened with his hit song “Not an Easy Road”.Although there were a few glitches an technical difficulties relating to mic and sound, that still did not put a damper on the celebration. Buju was in his element, and it was clear. In his two-hour set, the superstar did not miss a beat as far as connection, energy and stage presence.Soul-wrenching classics like “Destiny” and “Untold Stories” had an emotional effect on many patrons in the audience, while the dancehall hits like “Too Bad”, “Champion” and of course, “Driver A” put the crowd in a frenzy.And he brought even more artists to share his moment. British-Jamaican rapper Stefflondon; Marcia Griffiths, whom he said was like a mother to him, Wayne Wonder; and the legendary Beres Hammond all joined Banton on stage.Buju’s performance ended much like the way it started, in a spiritual fashion. He shared the stage, for his last performance of the night, with Gramps Morgan, collaborating on “Psalms 23”.The historic night came to an end, shortly after 1:00 am, with fireworks that lit up the national stadium.last_img read more

BetVictor ups player security installing two-factor authentication

first_img BGC: Charities win big as bookies take beating in Britannia Stakes June 19, 2020 StumbleUpon BetVictor boosts casino portfolio with EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine June 25, 2020 Submit EveryMatrix ups CasinoEngine gamification tools with CompetitionLabs June 29, 2020 Related Articles BetVictor has deepened its commitment to safeguarding players by introducing a two-factor authentication as it looks to protect all new and existing customer accounts.The in-house-developed ‘multi-factor authentication’ will safeguard against compromised account details and significantly reduce the risk of a customer becoming the victim of fraud or identity theft.With 81% of hacking-related data breaches resulting from weak or stolen passwords (Verizon, 2017), this extra layer of security from BetVictor seeks to ensure customer accounts are secure before their initial deposit and during all future transactions.BetVictor has introduced 2FA via SMS, meaning every new and existing customer that opts-in will receive a unique code on their mobile device to authenticate their registration. BetVictor joins a handful of industry operators currently offering this technology as part of its commitment to prioritising customer security.Jonathan De La Rosa, Chief Technology Officer at BetVictor, commented on the importance of the new technology: “Online crime and internet fraud are on the rise and businesses with an online presence are targets,” he said.“Thus, it’s crucial for our company to have effective security systems in place to mitigate the risk of security breaches. A large number of cyber-attacks are password related and integrating multi-factor authentication on our platforms, demonstrates our continued efforts to safeguard our customers’ data.“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far with our products and we’ll continue to develop this service as part of our commitment to our customers and our mission to provide best-in-class technology solutions.” Share Sharelast_img read more