Website does not necessarily rely on P to make money

see this title, will say is soft ~ but soft, see what ~ before where I saw an article on the IP twenty, a month can earn thousands of dollars, at that time I also feel unbelievable, finished only after the original " not all sites have to rely on IP eat "

sites do not rely on IP to eat? No traffic without IP can make money? Oh, it depends on your site is what, if your station is the kind of popular entertainment website, navigation, news, download and so on that way, by the IP want to make money, it is almost impossible, of course, all people are not all websites just can do… Well, the crap… My station is not popular is that, like marketing, now I understand it, is to sell products, I rely on the customer to eat, not by IP. IP is not equal to money! read more

Baidu launched a new business model Baidu TV began trial Battalion

in addition to PPC advertising promotion model, Baidu began to incorporate new elements into the business model to explore. August 21, 2007, Silicon Valley power reporter was informed that Baidu has been promoted in its alliance system called Baidu TV products for the development of the value of the flow of the site to diversify the union website.

"If the

alliance website each page as a wall, Baidu to do is to choose the most appropriate wall, in the above on display, allowing users to enjoy the Internet advertising like watching TV." Baidu alliance, a project leader Xiao Min said, which is also known as the origin of the project Baidu TV. read more

Collar NO5 Christmas Charm ceremony gifts

dear affiliate member:

on Christmas Day 2007, NO5 Fashion Square makes you charming "gift"! Let’s say: Merry Christmas!

carefully prepared for you, Christmas gifts to send non-stop


1, the amount of the order in 100-199 yuan to send:

crystal jewelry box (trumpet)

fruit series timer


cream blush

beauty mouse pad

(more than four gifts to send a random)

2, the amount of the order in 200-399 yuan to send:

crystal jewelry box (large)

portable multifunctional stainless steel tableware combination read more

The most effective way to apply for GG Adsense

by the end of 2007, Google implemented a new account audit policy, from then on, apply Google Adsense becomes very difficult. Now apply for Google Adsense account, you need to meet 4 conditions.

1 domain name. No longer support Sina blog, such as free, non independent web site application.

2 rich in content.

3 domain name registration time more than 6 months.

4 domain information and Adsense account information the same.

more than 4 conditions, refers to the use of independent web site applications, in addition, can also be through a number of third party sites (also known as GG cooperation website) to apply for Adsense account. Through the GG website to apply, you only need to meet second conditions, that is, the requirements of the site (or blog) rich content. read more

Join the brand more tricky slip by the pit

brand to join the tricky industry very much, this is also a consensus in many people’s minds. Center of some domestic small brand chain enterprises will be developed on how to find more franchisees will join the brand out after no, take the franchise form just in order to reduce the independent operating cost pressures, will risk to the franchisee. While this model did not join the brand mistakes, just by being part of a small brand from the industry trend. As a small business capital, infrastructure is poor, weak, less experienced entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to join is still the best choice, but how to choose to join the industry, choose to join the brand requires careful consideration, to avoid paying money for risk. read more

A graduate of the college students who start the wind and electricity business grassroots

in 2010 after graduating from University, it did not like the other students through the interview into an Internet business. But embarked on a self – employment this painful and happy road.

because the university is a professional e-commerce learning, of course, is also the choice of entrepreneurial projects electricity supplier.

started with a C store on Taobao. From Wuhan, Hanzheng Street wholesale market popular women’s wear. From the first day of business will be neither hot nor cold. 1 or 2 bills a day. A good time to have 4, 5. But it’s hard to make a breakthrough. Finally, the credibility of the drill, you can drive. But the effect is not as good as imagined. Later learned to optimize the key words, and finally in the store to open half a year, through the search and the train to the flow, every day can be transformed into 8 to 10 single. But from this time on, the state began to maintain the six months. This road go like this year, gesture, a chicken ribs. read more

Raise the public to return to the age of the hardware industry to fight the father Era

I dark horse: after ten million people in China to raise the public, but it means that the road to raise the public to raise the full range of Chinese intelligent hardware. "Raise the dead" may be an exaggeration to describe, but for most of the hardware entrepreneurs or the project team, the public to raise, has not played the necessary, both at home and abroad.


said, a mere four months to raise the public to raise all kinds of science and technology practitioners, jumped out of the public to raise the dead can not convince people. You see, people do not say that all the chips have been dead Zhang You – well, people say is named as the time of the product online exclusive agent network, look forward to working with you in depth". read more

The U S version of runaway comic the history of Entrepreneurship nobody saw behind entrepreneurs sm

author Cheezburger, CEO, Huh, an online entertainment humor company in the United States, Ben. He believes that entrepreneurs often only share the good news of new products and proud, and deliberately hide those "stumbling block" like to "spare none" of the difficulties, it seems that this is the common understanding that the celebration had no time to confess these. In fact, each new product has its own history of bitterness.

Hello everyone, I am Ben Huh, is also the online entertainment humor company Cheezburger CEO. In 2007, we founded the company, while the introduction of related I Can Has Cheezburger humor site, a large number of online adorable cat pictures also captured a number ". At present, we operate dozens of humorous sites, and not long ago, we also officially launched a iOS application. At this moment, I am very proud, I want to share with you the next story, it is not for the application of offbeat campaign. read more

enjoy the soft monthly income of million

wrote the title and he felt sick — even though it was true.

but has been looking at the webmaster of other people send the soft Wen comments – a large part of the webmaster is with a kind of think smart tone: AD or soft. For this kind of webmaster I have some hate, because they can’t see others send soft Wen, but he especially want to send.

beauty like to see ads, because advertising represents the standard of beauty;

look ugly hate ads, ads more because of her ugly


enjoy advertising is also a kind of realm, will not enjoy the school to enjoy it. read more