Entrepreneurs reflect why do we fail to do C2C used car

2013 we began to pay attention to the second-hand car industry, the car is also very interested in, want to do a website or app, can provide ease of cheap second-hand car trading services, there is a lot of traffic, but more than 58 city classified information more assured.

because the second-hand car on the 58 city, some car dealers, and some are posing as individual car dealers selling cars, as well as some people selling cars. From the top of the car, even with a car, such as vehicle age and mileage close to fit the price difference is still very large, a second-hand car how much money is reasonable price? Then find the vehicle information value from the website, then contact the seller, for those of US car white, even after the car is still not how reassuring, this car is not the car accident, fire, water car, car? Maybe, after buying the car found this car several times, resold several times, but the seller does not lie to be ignored. So we hope to be able to solve these problems and pain points in our website or APP can be a good solution to help buyers can buy cheap vehicles. read more

We really love winter capital is a good thing for me

One of the starting points of the

Party’s love choice project sounds a little emotional – "see if I want to eat with him / her.". "But in real before she was completely rely on the data to analysis judgment of investment bank.

has been evaluated, saying that women are not suitable for investment, because men are more conservative. According to Fang Aizhi, at present the proportion of Chinese female investors at least more than 20%, but for the sex label that she was not willing to accept: "I will not because of an entrepreneur is a woman will pay more attention to her, I don’t think I will know more women as girls than boys in the market. " read more