B2C media is another attempt to B2C online mall nuggets

recently, a Shenzhen show car network auto supplies mall announced that from the beginning of March 4th and to carry out the cooperation channel china.com, the website media official said, this is a show car network media in an attempt to operate, is a domestic Independent E-commerce mall, the first such attempt online shopping mall is also in the e-commerce website for the first time, if we contact Taobao had some action, whether this means that the domestic online shopping mall began media line? This cooperation has much upside read more

MyScript Calculator direct handwritten mathematical formula calculator

for the average user, the phone with a calculator for simple addition and subtraction is very convenient, the number of the keyboard will soon be able to knock out the results. However, if it is a bit more complex multiplication and division operations, this time your heart may want a good mathematical formula, but you don’t know how to use the keyboard to input formula calculator.

MyScript Calculator (handwritten calculator) can solve your troubles above. The App interface is a whiteboard, as long as you use your finger on the whiteboard to write the formula to be calculated, it is not a moment to write a little skewed. read more

A5 the first phase of business public lecture the secret behind the explosion

A5 webmaster network launched the first phase of the Taobao Tmall business public lecture, the first phase of the lecture content for the explosion behind the secret.

is mainly to explain how the shop explosion is created, to create the method of blasting method, etc..

a, the lecture registration object and method:

registration object: Taobao Tmall merchants (non businesses banned)

YY channel number: 63002 A5 webmaster network Taobao business public lecture

quota: 200

– A5 business application thread join the exchange group, plus group note business shop name, looking for the river (QQ:836002635) registration — the group sent entry password read more

A5 business service department at the end of the feedback 2014 calendar for free

suddenly came to the end of 2013, in the past year, maybe we want, maybe we bid farewell to a single, maybe we harvest the barrels of gold and silver, perhaps we in Amoy road harvest experience, in short, thanks to 2013, let us grow up.

thank you for our A5 business services, A5 station network, A5 transactions, or for each of our webmaster support this year, A5 business service department in order to thank you sincerely, hereby solemnly to say: Thank you! No, maybe we are still afraid of rolling down; without you maybe we can get today, so the result; without you, maybe our growth speed is not so fast; thank you A5, because your company is more wonderful!!! Thank you earnestly teacher, thank the selfless dedication of the net friend, thank all the way with our guest, thanks for the support and support of all the people our read more

Hao Hongfeng don’t talk about entrepreneurship brewmaster network being intimidated by the descripti

introduction we have a dream, I hope everyone in the world, it can be a wine from the brewmaster online choose to his love. The business history brewmaster network CEO Hao Hongfeng in oral oral, he spoke about their careers, brewmaster network was born, and entrepreneurs to put forward 7 proposals.

Internet brings us changes and wonders

in 2008, we first proposed a 10 billion plan, when we put billions of planning when we think, what kind of measures can be used in the 10 billion scale, in the study of the path we find that traditional wholesale business is not white billion scale that is, we want to have two ways of the future can do 20 billion, or go to do retail, the second way is to do a winery, a winery cattle like Moutai Wuliangye. I want to run a ten billion winery. Retail looks easy. read more

Taobao issued new regulations lock up fuel card service value

Taobao can buy one thing less.

Taobao once again hit dishonest buyers

yesterday, Taobao released "without Taobao licensing rules" lock up stage return goods change notification, explicitly ban Sinopec, PetroChina gas card, except Tmall has further implementation of business access measures.


rules, to adjust the range of goods banned refueling card, such as the issue of common oil and gas distributor gas class quota card coupons, cards, or other related operators released gas stored value cards service, stage return marketing activities are included in the scope of the ban. read more

WAL MART’s acquisition of the remaining 1 stake in the realization of a wholly owned subsidiary

WAL-MART acquisition of the remaining 1 stake in the realization of a wholly owned subsidiary of

[TechWeb] July 23rd news, WAL-MART today announced that it has acquired 1 of China’s electricity supplier circulation shares, will have the full ownership of the company. Wang Lu, President of WAL-MART’s global e-commerce Asia will take charge of shop 1.

WAL-MART has had 1 store nearly 51% of the shares, from the financial services group Chinese peace and shop 1, co-founder and former chairman Yu Gang and former chief executive Liu Junling bought the remaining shares. The two founders in the earlier this month announced that they decided to leave the shop No. 1, Yu Gang and Liu Junling respectively as honorary chairman and strategic management consultants to ensure a smooth transition and to continue to shop 1, the future development of output. read more

Chinese CN domain name by the end of the registration climax

users increased by 3 times the number of

Microsoft to give up IE7.0 genuine verification program not only brings a new impact on the browser market, but also for the Chinese CN domain name market has brought a new round of registration climax. IE7.0 give up genuine verification, the size of the Chinese CN domain name brings at least 3 times more market growth. Growth in the size of the user, the value of the Chinese CN domain name doubled, directly brought the end of the Chinese CN domain name registration volume blowout." The face of a new round of registration tide, industry analysts believe that. read more

Different forms of network marketing

1) enterprise website

since the late 90s of last century, the establishment of enterprise website has become a common practice. Almost every company, even some couples wife shop, have their own website. The main purpose of establishing an enterprise website is to provide the public with information about the enterprise, products and other relevant information. Enterprise website has the following characteristics.

A (company) official website

today almost every company has an official site, which does not need too much explanation. In many occasions, books and meetings, the establishment of the company’s official website methods and tools are widely discussed. Keep in mind, however, that the use of some of these tools will have an impact on the site’s relevance and marketing. For example (seamless steel tube manufacturer www.gangguan-hx.cn) read more