Experienced about two months from zero to 3000 of the monthly income of Wangzhuan Road

for a long time did not share the article on the forum, as a result of the past few days joined the working group to complete the task assigned by the devil teacher. Oneself also is a part-time job, so time is more nervous. The second camp is about to begin, the brothers were eager to see the group, or psychological pressure.

write the benefits of the original article is immediate, there are a lot of acquisition stations will give you an automatic collection of the past, and then there are some people active dissemination. Invisible to achieve the effect of personal marketing. Share a little of his own do Wangzhuan these years today’s personal experience. I is not a successful Internet entrepreneur, see hard to avoid become shallow, and the reference for the novice brothers. read more

DJ56 network music CEO Xu Wei readme create original DJ music platform

mentioned the original DJ song, I believe many people will think of DJ56 www.dj56.com, this is the first to sing the DJ song high streets and back lanes let people see the network DJ song power, and our DJ56 is the DJ digital music products consumption.

DJ56 network has become the largest DJ original music platform, has more than 50 thousand songs of the original music, was excavated from the DJ56 network and DJ56 network platform music music original song contest and to the public, in the field of wireless music created a very high value. read more

How to earn from 1000 to 10000 Alliance is the best way out

Like attracts like., although each webmaster Birds of a feather flock together., strange, but I believe there are common interests and common pursuit. How to become bigger and stronger, this is every webmaster to consider the issue, like hao123, such a successful personal stand, after all, a few, we have to think of a good way out.

is now a lot of people are facing a problem, hard work, day in and day out to do boring repetitive site management work, there are still too many owners not only can’t earn money, even the website traffic are not do not go up, confidence will be greatly reduced, or even give up. There are a lot of traffic flow, more painful, the road ahead is not spacious, can not give up, after all, we have to pay the sweat, time, energy, youth and money. It’s a relief to see thousands of visitors every day, but the income from the website is still few and far between. At first to encourage themselves: as long as there is traffic, the site will have value, income will increase, but the long-term in a low-income stage, will inevitably be sad. read more

You need to have entrepreneurial Douding network

in 2010 the new year, some people grow up, grow need to feed themselves. (it seems embarrassed) venture is a never outdated topic, there are a bunch of people out of business every day, but you should ask me where the best business, where is the most profitable, Douding will still tell you the "Internet" to everybody below it so Douding network business you need to have.

1 hobbies

interest is the best teacher. If your entrepreneurial way is your own hobbies, so I think you very good poineering road. Some people have such statistics, the job is their own interests, then the job turnover rate is the lowest. It can be said that the program is the soul of a website, then your hobby is the soul of your business, so choose your interests, is the root of your network entrepreneurship. read more

Yu Minhong four elements of entrepreneurship emotional intelligence breakthrough thinking busine

I dark horse: the rapid onset of entrepreneurial tide on the occasion, Yu Minhong, chairman of the New Oriental Group, Peking University students have poured a pot of cold water. Recently, Yu Minhong in the "Chinese entrepreneurs summit 2014" said: "don’t think entrepreneurship is easy for those of us who succeed in business, always talk about success and benefits of this wonderful, like a love of successful people tell you, love is not difficult, you try. Is every woman playing a slap in the face. Successful people are always good at telling their own stories of success, so they want to pour cold water on entrepreneurs. read more

The experience of college students entering the nternet for two years

from the beginning of the 10 year officially entered the Internet, today has more than two years later, in the past two years time and I set up 6 websites, and today there are two successful websites, experience such a long time I have to share my experience of building web sites.

entering the Internet, inexperienced

What all don’t understand when

has just entered the Internet, just to see other people’s website is also very simple, then every day in the forum, learning some of the station, about 1 months now, I feel the accumulated rich site knowledge, then according to the knowledge of a domain name register then, in the Taobao rented a small space, but this time also met the first thing, I will not resolve the domain name, or Taobao sellers step by step under the guidance of DNS completed this process, and finally to choose the network station program, this process is quite troublesome, then I chose a Dede site program, this is the status of just entering the Internet, at that time I was a little knowledge, but no practical experience. read more

Download and install uuskype software activities on line

dear Webmaster:


uuskype software download and install CPA advertising promotion: Download and install UUskype chat software,

registered and successfully logged in as a valid user, please the majority of owners in accordance with the provisions of the normal advertising,

issued a strict supervision of the data will be strictly prohibited cheating.

Yiqifa alliance marketing platform


if this advertisement for you, please visit the official union address: Yiqifa alliance platform read more

You can not think of the mad money type of web search site

the Internet because of the low threshold to attract more and more people have engaged in this industry, the result often is not satisfactory, the real money is not much. Novice webmaster due to lack of experience and not willing to use their brains and are often heard of drift, what others do stand to make money, then follow like a swarm of bees do, do most also rely on a large collection of garbage station. In fact, the Internet is a huge gold mine, there are many areas to be developed, but you did not expect it. Here is a list of the types of crazy money I’ve found. read more

Shanghai Zhike network technology and Tianjiao advertising alliance officially reached a cooperation

Zhike network by Shanghai Zhike network science and technology limited company to invest 10 million yuan to build e-commerce platform, is the first Chinese intelligence products and human resources transactions, will gradually become the world’s intangible assets trading center. The project aims at providing about wisdom, creativity, contacts and other intangible assets transactions of tens of millions of small and medium enterprises and hundreds of millions of Internet users, by the famous American Internet research company Pew Internet called "China wisdom and eBay trading network". read more

Depth analysis of the conflict between BBS habit and blog and Digg

" —BBS in the top 1 top; " ", I think this is the top; " the content is better than digg " " Digg, the top; form more gorgeous, why? In BBS " in addition to the first list of top " it also released the function. Contribution to the content, while Digg is the expression of the " ". Posted to the list of likes and dislikes; head is a " utility; " demand, and the contribution of content is the self realization. So in this respect, I think Digg is a bit of curry favour by claptrap. read more

Entrepreneurial story how to buy electricity supplier Amazon Zappos 1 billion 200 million

Zappos.com once closed a door to reduce the profit of 25%, but the rapid development, and eventually was Amazon.com for more than $1 billion price acquisition.

Zappos.com, like many Internet companies, released in 1999 when the technology bubble. Zappos.com sells shoes on the web, the customer selects the shoe styles on the website, the Zappos.com sends the customer requirements to the supplier, and the supplier sends the goods from their own warehouse.

CEO Tony Hsieh said, "in theory, it’s a perfect idea." But the reality is not, after the company was founded four years still no profit, unable to get VCs favor, and shoes retail market just from 2001 recession. In order to survive, the company must explore more valuable products: quality customer service, unless it is shipped to customers or it will not be achieved, which means that they have to build their own logistics system. read more

FeedBurner RSS advertising revenue analysis

      a few days ago, FeedSky launched the latest display advertising service, this service and Feedburner Ad Networks (FAN) is very similar, the operation mechanism is similar, because I have joined the FAN in September last year, the use of the advertising service has almost a year’s time, this ad the effect also has some understanding, today, I combine my FeedBurner last month with advertising data to talk about Feedburner Ad Networks advertising effect.

ad type

      FAN is divided into two types of advertising, one is put on the Feed RSS advertising, display an advertisement in the Feed content behind, the other is put in the blog on the website of Site advertising, the advertising from the perspective of the form and common web banner advertising similar. At present, I see these two types of advertising are based on pictures, of which the size of Feed advertising is 468× 600 of the picture, the site Site advertising for 300× rectangular image of 250. read more

mprove the online advertising hits

    today’s Web, a variety of network advertising (Banner) overwhelming. Although web advertising is a way to build brand awareness, it is not the best way. Web advertising is initially a way for advertisers to fully display information in order to guide people’s consumption behavior, but this is not equivalent to the interaction between manufacturers and consumers. A lot of web advertising content is annoying, and did not use the unique technology of the web page to inspire potential consumers click on the desire of advertising, and interactive network advertising can improve the click through rate.

have merit read more

After the decline in the rankings a master’s exit and a rebirth of the webmaster

from Baidu Scindapsus algorithm on the line, most of the site in the sandbox, the website is Baidu drop right, some web site directly by K off, resulting in most of the webmaster panicked, before using the black hat techniques are not used to, are earnest to write some the original article, pay attention to the user experience, while doing so, ranking fell, because some owners just know not to send spam links, not to hang black chain, not to trade links, the content is not to excessive optimization. But there are some hidden factors will cause website ranking drop, so Lin Jianhui suggested that we should search engine from the point of view to analyze what cause website ranking drop, Lin Jianhui today to tell you about all the factors, the decline in ranking websites. read more

Taobao customer first quick guide to share

this period of time I recently made Taobao and has earned money to sort out the experience to share with you, but also willing to make more friends. In fact, this is my rookie level, you can see Ali mother’s income rankings, a weekly income of tens of thousands of expert is a lot there, I will do every day hundreds of.

the first step: how to choose high-quality promotional products

reference to the main parameters: the promotion of high profit merchandise 30 days to promote the amount of credit rating of the store buyers. These are the details of things, for example if you choose the user evaluation evaluation commodity pages are different, will affect the customer’s desire to buy, or even abandon the purchase, master wasstressed details. read more

Angel investor Wang Lijie and the Human effort is the decisive factor the most expensive

millions of investors have recognized this sentence looks very Bullshit, but in the course of the implementation of the project investment is often the focus of attention on the matter rather than entrepreneurs who. Any final success of the project, it is bound to go through the test of a close call, the middle of each valley, is a test for entrepreneurs, but also a test for investors; intermediate every peak, or for entrepreneurs to test, test entrepreneurs how to understand this crest, will not go the mind will not rise; it is a test for investors, investors can continue to test whether the support team, rather than by cash and leave read more

Lianmeng no Jihad Ranger advertising expired please note that the seller stopped running

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

ad number: 2725. Advertising content: no holy paladin. Effective since January 2008 4, will expire on in 00:00:00.

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date (ie before March 1st) remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. End of the contract at the end of March 1st, the effective user generated within 0 hours, will still be normal billing. March 1st 0 when the effective user generated will no longer charge. Your statistics in the contract can be found in the "advertising information" – "statistical report" – "advertising statistics". read more

Website does not necessarily rely on P to make money

see this title, will say is soft ~ but soft, see what ~ before where I saw an article on the IP twenty, a month can earn thousands of dollars, at that time I also feel unbelievable, finished only after the original " not all sites have to rely on IP eat "

sites do not rely on IP to eat? No traffic without IP can make money? Oh, it depends on your site is what, if your station is the kind of popular entertainment website, navigation, news, download and so on that way, by the IP want to make money, it is almost impossible, of course, all people are not all websites just can do… Well, the crap… My station is not popular is that, like marketing, now I understand it, is to sell products, I rely on the customer to eat, not by IP. IP is not equal to money! read more

Baidu launched a new business model Baidu TV began trial Battalion

in addition to PPC advertising promotion model, Baidu began to incorporate new elements into the business model to explore. August 21, 2007, Silicon Valley power reporter was informed that Baidu has been promoted in its alliance system called Baidu TV products for the development of the value of the flow of the site to diversify the union website.

"If the

alliance website each page as a wall, Baidu to do is to choose the most appropriate wall, in the above on display, allowing users to enjoy the Internet advertising like watching TV." Baidu alliance, a project leader Xiao Min said, which is also known as the origin of the project Baidu TV. read more