The number of landings and take-offs of aircraft in growth

first_imgThe largest passenger traffic was realized by Zagreb Airport with 189 thousand passengers (a decrease of 0,8% compared to January 2018), followed by Split Airport with 35 thousand passengers (an increase of 8,4% compared to January 2018) and Dubrovnik Airport with 26 thousand passengers (an increase of 18,6% compared to January 2018). In January 2019, Croatian airports recorded 257 thousand passengers, which is an increase of 2,1% compared to January 2018. The most significant international passenger traffic was realized with German airports, 75 thousand passengers, which is an increase of 6,2% compared to the same period in 2018.center_img The total number of aircraft landings and take-offs at airports in January 2019 was 4, an increase of 692% compared to January 3,8.last_img read more

MVEP and MINT: No Thomas Cook guest in Croatia will be harmed or neglected

first_img“We are extremely sorry to hear the news of the closure of the tourist company Thomas Cook, which has a long tradition and experience in dealing with tourism. What is extremely important is that none of their guests who are currently in Croatia will be damaged or neglected. The British government will take care of flights that will take all tourists home, while the insurance agency of the British government will cover the costs of tourist accommodation, point out in a joint statement from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism regarding the collapse Thomas Cook. RELATED NEWS: “When it comes to the current and future impact of the shutdown of Thomas Cook on the arrival of British tourists in Croatia, we want to emphasize that there are a number of quality British tour operators offering their offers for Croatia, ie we believe that this situation will not significantly change the situation in the UK as an emitting market.”, They point out in a joint statement sent to us by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. In the current part of the tourist year, Croatia has been visited by about 800 tourists from the United Kingdom, who spent about 4,1 million overnight stays, which is an increase of 4 and 3 percent compared to last year. Also, the Ministry of Tourism is in communication with the hotel houses so that all guests are informed in time about the current situation and to ensure that they can continue their stay in Croatia without hindrance. Although there were indications that even the blackest scenario could happen, it was expected that Thomas Cook would be able to stabilize, ie raise enough capital to continue the day’s work. But one of the oldest and most famous travel agencies in the world realized late and in the worst possible way that it must change and adapt to new circumstances and market trends. Unfortunately, it is now too late for a new direction, and this situation will certainly support the entire air transport well. Of course, the big hole will certainly be filled by competition, but this will certainly be a cold sobering shower and the last warning sign for all airlines. Source: MVEP Photo: “The Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian National Tourist Board, as before, will continue to intensively promote Croatia on the UK market, one of our most important markets, and carry out activities related to strengthening air connectivity. That is why we believe that in the coming years Croatia will be one of the most popular destinations for guests from Great Britain”, Conclude in a joint statement MVEP and MINT. THE DESTRUCTION OF THOMAS COOK: 190 BRITISH TOURISTS STUCK IN DUBROVNIKlast_img read more

Varaždin County has launched a project of free bicycle transport by train

first_img“Varaždin County, in cooperation with HŽ Putnički prijevoz, was the first in Croatia to launch a project for free transport of bicycles by train with passengers. Citizens thus, in addition to purchasing a transport ticket for a passenger, also exercise the right to free transport of bicycles in trains running in the area of ​​Varaždin County.”, Said Martinčević. By combining transport by bicycle and train, tourists who visit Varaždin County, but also the local population, get wider travel opportunities, which results in a better and more meaningful offer. Better accessibility of the beauties of our County, and practicality in performing everyday tasks, result in an increase in the quality of life, strengthening the development of a new tourist offer, but also better sustainability of the transport system. “Varaždin is currently the last point on one of the most beautiful and longest cycling routes from the source to the mouth of the Drava. Over 200.000 bicycles pass through this route and a good part of them use integrated transport, which enables their much wider radius of movement. This is important news for tourists, but also for the local population”, Said Miran Bojanic Morandini, director of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County. This is one of the many measures implemented by Varaždin County in order to achieve sustainable transport. Some of the goals are to increase the share of bicycle transport and to increase the share of rail passenger transport. This opens up new opportunities for sustainable travel for our citizens and tourists, which greatly contributes to reducing pollution, but also traffic safety. Source / photo: Varaždin County Tourist Board At the railway station in Varaždin, the chairman of the Tourist Board Natalija Martinčević and the director of the tourist board Miran Bojanić Morandini presented a unique project – free transport of bicycles by train. “In the two years of our mandate, through projects, we have provided more than 1.700.000,00 kuna for the development of cycling tourism and bicycle routes in Varaždin County. Varaždin County is one of the three counties in Croatia that has introduced the quality standard Cyclist Welcome Quality, and as many as 30 accommodation and catering facilities from the area of ​​Varaždin County have become part of it.”, Natalija Martinčević, the chairwoman of the Tourist Board of Varaždin County, emphasized at the end.last_img read more

#DayOne presents: The story behind the phenomenal brand HeadOnEast Croatia

first_img“What makes me extremely happy is that our small but creative and playful” guerrilla “team enjoys creating a new image of Slavonia and Baranja in cooperation with equally willing external partners. We do not lack ideas and inspiration, and fortunately many years of experience in implementing EU projects and organizing various events, helps us to overcome the chronic lack of original funds available to us to create competitive tourism products. But without the support provided by the Osijek-Baranja County through the Office for Continental Tourism, Sports and Culture, our work would be far more difficult. We hope that the new laws will bring measures and instruments that will finally treat the sector on the coast and the continent differently. The turn in the direction of destination management is great, and with instruments adapted to the continent, we can make serious strides, ” in the end, director Jurić said. Prior to DHT, they also conducted a campaign in the Hungarian-Serbian border area under the symbolic name “Hedonism without Borders”, promoting a group of wine events that took place in September and October. This was followed by several more promotions, and soon a new destination brochure and a website called and will see the light of day. The slogan is accompanied by an extremely interesting visual identity, a mosaic that represents the values ​​of Slavonia and Baranja, and which was created in collaboration with the Osijek studio Symbol, run by excellent designers Marko Jovanovac and Ante Vekić. The concept of visuals leaves room for any event, micro-destination or tourist product to be presented with a recognizable but customized variant of the visual. HeadOnEast Croatia with hedonist @ Slavonija and hedonist @ Baranja is a platform with the potential of branding the entire area of ​​eastern Croatia. For a start, this is the area of ​​Osijek-Baranja County, and the OBŽ Tourist Board is open to spreading the story to the rest of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. The first activity we are looking forward to is presenting their new brochure and website at DayOne conference 02.04. in Zagreb. “This is how we came to the concept that calls for a tour of eastern Croatia, and phonetically resonates as hedonism, which is basically the kind of experience that Slavonia and Baranja offer. Good food, good wine, surprisingly beautiful scenery located along the great European rivers, widely known good hospitality, in other words hedonism that recharges the batteries. We used to be the “Far East”, and today, thanks to the long-term work of hard-working entrepreneurs and the support provided by Osijek-Baranja County, we are mentally becoming a closer destination that surprises with the offer of every first visitor. “, emphasizes Jurić.   The Days of Croatian Tourism served as a great opportunity to test a potential new slogan and visuals of the destination. The extremely positive reactions after the three-day premiere of several events in the Osijek Fortress under the HeadOnEast brand actually convinced the County Tourist Board in the best way that it is well on its way to building a new destination brand. You can buy tickets directly on our portal at connectors.  HeadOnEast Croatia or in translation – head to the east of Croatia, discover the hedonism offered by Slavonia and Baranja, a very interesting play on words and meanings that are really connected to Slavonia and Baranja in many ways. For Earlybird registrations, which last until March 20, the ticket price is 750 kuna, or 40% of the total ticket price. Namely, after March 20, the ticket price will be 1250 kuna. Buy tickets at Earlybird price, number of seats limited This year they have a lot of work to do, because they have been approved two EU projects funded through the Interreg Hungary-Croatia Cross-Border Cooperation Program, along with all other activities they have introduced such as providing technical assistance to event organizers through rebranding services or training for wine promoters in Osijek-Baranja County. . After the first Days of Croatian Tourism held in the continental part of the country, in five Slavonian counties, with the approach of tourism workers from all over the country to Slavonia, there was one really valuable product or more precisely a brand platform. HeadOnEast Croatia. The number of places is limited, so hurry up, secure a place at the conference of the year for the B2B tourism sector where you will hear how to position yourself in the tourism market, where Croatian tourism goes, you will learn concrete examples of how to develop a good tourism story, hear examples of good practice. tourist products are created outside Croatia.  Instagram: Visit.slavonija.baranja Ivana Jurić, director of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board The team of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board came up with the slogan after a long deliberation on how to differentiate the destination on the foreign market in relation to Slovenia and Slovakia, and at the same time use the strength of the Croatia brand in the tourism market. “At the ITB fair in Berlin, several visitors asked us what Slovenia was doing at the stand of the Croatian Tourist Board. It was a serious alarm after the first laugh. We struggled to say eastern Croatia without it sounding appealing. We were thinking about the option “Slavonia, Eastern Croatia”, but we were looking for a solution that intrigues with the name “, says Ivana Jurić, director of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board, and adds that in preparation for the Days of Croatian Tourism in Slavonia, they should have devised the name of the program in Tvrđa in May. SAVE THE DATE / OneDay Or DayOne, 02.04.2020. , Forum Congress Center, Zagreblast_img read more

HZJZ issued recommendations for the program of tourist animators

first_imgThe Croatian Institute of Public Health has issued recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 infection during the activities and programs of tourist animators. More details attached: Although the very essence of animators in tourism is direct contact and interaction with guests, in accordance with the “new normal” CNIPH recommends avoiding physical contact, and for activities where it is not possible to maintain physical distance, it is recommended that the same people always do rehearsal and activity. Attachment: HZJZ: Recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 infection during the activities and programs of tourist animators When organizing the program, eg the election for Miss and Mr. Hotel, adhere to the Recommendation for the Prevention of COVID-19 Disease during cultural programs and events available on the CNIPH website.center_img Photo: Valamar Riviera When activities of children’s groups in various creative-educational contents or games (for example treasure hunts or games without borders), pay special attention to maintaining physical distance. The same is true for maintaining programs with people over the age of 60 to minimize the possibility of disease transmission among vulnerable groups. Activities such as morning gymnastics, aerobics, tournaments in various sports (basketball, football, table tennis, beach volleyball, tennis), cycling tours, swimming pool activities are performed according to the currently valid Recommendations for swimming pools and water parks during the epidemic of COVID- 19, Recommendations for training and sports-recreational activities in indoor sports facilities and Recommendations for trainings, preparatory matches and sports-recreational activities in outdoor sports facilities during the COVID-19 disease epidemic, which are available on the CNIPH website.last_img read more

Vouchers for travel agencies came into force

first_imgThe Ordinance on the manner of using vouchers for unexecuted travel contracts in a package deal was published in the Official Gazette on 22 May 2020 (NN 60/2020) and entered into force on the first day of publication. This Ordinance prescribes the manner of using vouchers issued by travel organizers for unexecuted package travel contracts that were to be executed after March 1, 2020, and were not executed due to special circumstances caused by the COVID-19 disease epidemic. The voucher is issued by the travel organizer within 14 days of the passenger’s request for a refund for the unexecuted package travel contract, and no later than 90 days from the day the trip was to begin. The voucher must be valid at least one year from the date of issue, within which period the traveler can arrange a replacement trip, excursion or other service, and can use it to pay for all new reservations even if the payment or service is made after the voucher expiration date and agreed before the voucher expiration date.center_img The voucher can be used to conclude a contract for a replacement trip in a package deal of equal, higher or lower value and / or quality, a trip or other travel service, in agreement with the passenger. Side dish: Official Gazette / RULEBOOK ON THE MANNER OF USING VOUCHERS FOR UNFINISHED TRAVEL CONTRACTS IN A PACKAGElast_img read more

Tell the world that the “a la Croate” later tie was made by Croats

first_imgTHE ROOT OF THE WORD – it was worn “a la Croate” translated into Croatian The young French King Louis XIV. he began wearing a tie in 1646 when he was only seven years old and thus in some way set the fashion standard of all French nobles. They soon adopted this new garment to be worn a la Croate (‘in the Croatian way’), which also became the new root of the French word cravate. And so somehow the story about the tie began. Ties shown to the world by Croats. Every man in the world will put a tie on himself at least once, and whenever someone receives a pen in his hands, he must remember Croatia. Pens and ties must be our main symbols, at least when we talk about congress tourism, as well as the branding of Croatia. This weekend is World Tie Day (October 18), and I can’t help but get the impression that, despite all the power of this “symbol”, we still haven’t used the fact that the tie is a Croatian product enough. / / / THE BOOK “WHAT ARE CROATS LIKE” IS A MANDATORY READING FOR ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE TOURIST EMPLOYEES Be proud every time you put on a tie, be ambassadors of our tourism and tell the story of how a tie is a Croatian product. Back in 2013, after two years of preparations, Academia Cravatica made one of the most beautiful postcards from Croatia, when they set up a large tie installation around the Arena, the world’s best-preserved Roman amphitheater, which symbolically connected past and future, antiquity and modern civilization. The tie was long 808 meters, and the maximum width of the lower part of the tie is 25 meters. The knot of the tie itself is 15 meters long, 16,5 meters wide in its greatest width, and 5,4 meters wide in its narrowest part, and more than a billion people according to the interpretation of Academia Cravatica was introduced to our story of the tie. How to stand out in a sea full of fish? How do the “small” survive among the big ones? We have something to be proud of, praise and stand out. We have true and credible stories with which we can and must be different. We have The “holy grail” in the world of marketing and branding, not one but hundreds of them.  Shift of the Guard, Association of Historical Troops with a Tie led by the Cravat Regiment / Academia Cravatica Could it be better than branding and associating with one such symbol? Tie = Croatia – the homeland of the tie. But let’s start from the beginning of the story that began as a scarf around the necks of Croatian soldiers, and today is the most widespread fashion detail in the world. God save us from plague, famine, war and Croats Without going deeper into history, but in the 17th century, thanks to many battles won, even against the Swedes, who until then were considered the best warriors in Europe at the time, the Croats became synonymous with light cavalry. Why is this very important, precisely because as warriors at the time who were not ordinary mercenaries or bandits, as evidenced by their neat and carefully adorned uniforms, it was the Croats who stood out with a previously unknown fashion detail in Europe – with a red scarf around his neck tied in a knot. One of the oldest stereotypes about Croats in Europe is that of Croatian belligerence, courage and cruelty. As Božo Skoko writes in his book “What are Croats like? in the 17th century, German and Swedish mothers allegedly threatened their mischievous children “ If you are not good, the Croats will come and take you away”, And that is exactly how the prayer was created centuries later” God save us from plague, famine, war and Croats “. Zrinski defended Europe by stopping the Turks under Siget of Hungary, and even Napoleon himself said of the Croats that he had never had braver and better soldiers. ” If he had only one hundred thousand Croats, he would conquer the whole world”. Croatian inventors are responsible for great discoveries, discoveries that the world must know are from Croatia, especially if we talk in the context of Croatia as a tourist destination and branding the country. Why doesn’t the world know about the connection between Croatia and Tesla, Penkala, Faust Vrančić and others, our innovators who indebted us.  PEN AND TIE – MAIN SYMBOLS What is the image and perception of Croatia in Europe? Are we recognized with something other than the sun and the sea, famous athletes and Dubrovnik? Is that all we can offer and show? CROATIAN GIANTS – TESLA, PENKALA, FAUST VRANČIĆ DO YOU KNOW HOW PETER MIŠKOVIĆ INVENTOR steam bath, AS Tomislav Uzelac invented the first MP3 PLAYER AND THE M-PARKING, AS IVAN VUČETIĆ FATHER dactyloscopy – METHOD Fingerprinting, A MARIN SOLJAČIĆ is the first carried out experiments WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY, WHILE JOSIP BELUŠIĆ INVENTED THE SPEEDOMETER. THE LIST IS MUCH MUCH LONGER. The tie is a symbol of men and the business world. And the fact that every man in the world will put a tie on himself at least once in his life speaks volumes about the strength of the tie as a brand.  ADOBRAN, TORPEDO, TIE, ZEPELIN, ROCKET ENGINE, MARINE COMPASS… Tomorrow is (August 18) World Tie Day. Happy World Tie Day to you. What will make us stand out in the crowd?  However, we can freely expand this story to the question: Why is a pen not our Croatian souvenir? The pen is used by people from all over the world every day, imagine that we have branded it well and whenever someone receives a pen, remember Croatia. Well that’s marketing and branding! Fortunately, awareness of the origin of the tie is proudly promoted by the institution Academia Cravatica, which is also the organizer of the only and first European festival dedicated to the phenomenon of necktie today. Photo: Academia Cravatica Photo: / Lana’s DuckAss Why doesn’t the world know that Croats are deserving for parachute, torpedo, tie, Dalmatians, airship, rocket engine, ship’s compass… Where are the theme museums, amusement parks… for each of our prominent innovators visited by thousands of tourists? Where are the themed evenings celebrating the achievements of our innovators? This is how the tourist season is extended! Tie, lazo, slips, Krawatte, ネ ク タ イ, 领带, cravate or in Croatian tie is a garment that everyone knows and knows. World brand, right? Cover photo: Academia Cravaticalast_img read more

MINTS publishes a questionnaire on project proposals in tourism for a seven-year period of using funds from European funds

first_imgIn this way, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports collects project proposals of entrepreneurs, craftsmen, family farms, associations, public institutions, cooperatives, local and regional governments, tourist boards, clubs and other legal entities for the tourism and sports sectors that could be funded primarily in within the Mechanism for Recovery and Resilience, but also later within the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027. In addition to the alignment of needs with funding opportunities, information is also needed on the readiness of project proposals, which are stated since EU funds are available under certain conditions, ie for a limited period of time. “At this moment, it is crucial to identify project proposals that are in a mature stage of preparation and their implementation can be launched in 2023 at the latest.”Emphasize from the Ministry. Namely, based on the agreement reached on the European Recovery Plan and the Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2021-2027, Croatia has 22 billion euros at its disposal for co-financing programs and projects.  The project proposal should contribute to sustainable, innovative and resilient tourism and sport by focusing on challenges and priorities that will generate long-term impact on the competitiveness of your companies, as well as the tourism and sports sector as a whole, job creation, economic and social resilience. and regional cohesion of the Republic of Croatia, with an emphasis on contributing to the green and digital transition.It is important to provide general information on the project proposal, so that through the process of preparation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Republic of Croatia as well as operational programs for EU funds in the period 2021-2027. envisage the financing of activities in accordance with the needs, but also the above-mentioned goals to which the programs to be financed from EU funds should contribute, the Ministry points out. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is in the process of preparation strategic documents, plans and programs for which will be in the following to use funds from European funds over a seven-year period. “With the new strategic document for tourism, we want to set clear and enforceable guidelines for tourism in Croatia. The interested public is invited to contribute to the achievement of this goal via a link. First of all, Croatian tourism must be sustainable in the long run, with an emphasis on quality and products that encourage the development of the entire economy and the recognizability of Croatia as a country of numerous tourist potentials.”, Said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac on the occasion of the publication of the questionnaire. All interested through the MINTS questionnaire at connectors can contribute to a better and more comprehensive preparation of documents on the basis of which future investments will ensure that Croatia remains among the leading European tourist destinations in terms of safety, quality, added value, sustainability and innovation.last_img read more

Columnist is wrong about infrastructure

first_imgThe Feb. 12 column, “Fear not, America: Our infrastructure is not ‘crumbling,’”by David Harsanyi is fraught with inaccuracies. The writer claims “crumbling infrastructure” is an inaccurate characterization of our roads and bridges. He states that the Minneapolis bridge collapse in 2007 was a result of a design flaw. While the NTSB did attribute part of the failure to an undersized plate, Harsanyi omits key facts referenced by the investigators. The bridge had been resurfaced with 2-inch of added pavement – a 20 percent increase in load — and 262 tons of stone were piled on the bridge in a concentrated location as part of a repair. Notably, the bridge had functioned adequately for 50 years when it was overloaded. Stating that only 2 percent of bridges are structurally deficient is counter to the American Society of Civil Engineers, which finds the total to be 10 percent.A structurally deficient bridge is one which must be restricted for speed or weight. How many of us want to cross bridges that are unsafe?  Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion Harsanyi mentions poor runways. The runway isn’t the problem. It’s terminals, and access that are issues.Further, he conflates infrastructure investment with social engineering, claiming “no evidence infrastructure creates jobs.” Harsanyi ignores the fact that 11 percent of jobs in America — more than 14 million — are in infrastructure. Stating “the majority of infrastructure is built by the private sector” is untrue. Roads, water systems and airports are public sector efforts, not private investment. Further, recent outcomes with private sector funding have been disappointing — the bankrupt Indiana tollway being one example. Healthy infrastructure is critical to a safe nation and economy.  We can fund it or we can continue to postpone the work.  If we ignore it, it costs more later and it crumbles.Scott StevensBurnt HillsMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Planning: impact of car parking restrictions and residential demand

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