Financing freeze nternet entrepreneurs don’t want to knock the alarm overnight

in recent years, with the decline of traditional industries such as real estate, entrepreneurs have eyes on the internet. The influence of multiple factors in the "good Internet plus" concept popular, good policy support, investment market, Internet business increasingly popular trend. Not only the surge in the number of entrepreneurs, and the total amount of financing has also hit a new high. However, from the second half of 2015, a sudden turn for the worse situation.

in addition to the capital market into the winter period of this factor, the most important thing is some Internet business has become the "show" of the show, only a gimmick no real business projects. Boasted that he would become the next Ma entrepreneurs, continue to participate in various names of the Internet conference…… Such an Internet venture, but also how long? read more

Shandong allows college students to drop out a maximum length of 8 years of entrepreneurship


newspaper in Ji’nan on 9 May, (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Xing Ting) Shandong will implement flexible educational system in Colleges and universities, allowing college students to leave school business, the duration can be extended to a maximum of 8 years to complete the required academic students timely issuance of certificate, according to the term audit qualification, degree granting for the employment registration formalities. This reporter learned from the Shandong provincial government held a press conference on 9. read more

Li Qiuxiang escape out of the millions of Fujie

is a rural migrant to the chairman of an enterprise, from the company’s chairman to hundreds of companies to the president of the chamber of Commerce, her excellent non ordinary people can imagine, I was in Dongsheng, I have the honor to interview Ms. chairman Li Qiuxiang Xi Mu appliances today, let him to share her experience, the following articles are our interviews and.

suffering shaping character, the dream of life

is a kind of thing, it carries people hope this kind of thing does, it can not be seen or touched, but it can produce a great power in the heart, it is called a dream. Human beings are great because of their dreams. People who don’t have dreams will never have a successful day. Some people want to have a luxurious car…… With a dream, life will be full of vision, full of passion. For the purpose of striving for a lifetime. read more

Li Kaifu in Silicon Valley to see these trends in science and technology perhaps the opportunity fo

tiger sniffing note: This article is the beginning of Li Kaifu’s WeChat public number obtained, he reproduced the sina science and technology finishing this article, Li Kaifu: I saw the forefront of technology trends in Silicon Valley. Li Kaifu said that he was at the beginning of this year, with more than and 100 people, spent 15 days on apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Tesla, twitter, YC incubator and other 18 well-known companies in the United States to visit Silicon Valley, Google, YAHOO, YC Yang Zhiyuan leather guess incubator SAM, Milner, DST father Andy Rubin Andrews 26 science and technology circles. read more

The incubator of 90% this year will die because entrepreneurs keep up the quality 2

Abstract: the incubator can more entrepreneurs in place, it will produce more entrepreneurial opportunities, this perspective, located around the surrounding schools and relatively large enterprises, is a very important condition.

incubator is the first element of success

With the vigorous development of

business incubator, now also began to rise because the general bamboo shoots after a spring rain, I got a teahouse in Hangzhou inadvertently wanpiao nature, also have a rather baffling more than 7 thousand and 100 shareholders, inadvertently become a so-called incubator. Although, I never thought of becoming an incubator, the process, I have had a lot of thinking. So take it out to discuss with everyone, I think the incubator is very easy to start, but it is difficult to get to the last thing, because he is ultimately to hatch a good project to ensure survival. read more

The public record space clouds the next 10 months will die a large

"love each other" or in human nature. The public record this threshold is not high in the industry now crowded crowded competitors, founded at the beginning of this was the opposite of differences are beginning to move towards convergence.

According to the authoritative

research data show that the first half of 2015, China is the size of the public record space is less than 70, and with the national and local policy support and a series of "hit" boom, now has more than 1.6 million public record space flowering in the country". The special tracking of the trend of public data on the Deskmag site shows that China has a number of years of development in the joint office area has exceeded the total number of the world. read more

Snap will be held March 2nd PO two founder net worth nearly 4 billion

to burn after reading for the characteristics of mobile phone chat Snapchat (Snap parent company) is the listing procedures, according to the price range of the latest, the two founders will become billionaires, the protagonist Spig wealth of up to $4 billion 200 million.

Snapchat’s two founders were Spig, 26, and, aged Murphy (Bobby), respectively, in. Spig served as chief executive officer, as chief technology officer, Murphy’s personal wealth is expected to reach $3 billion 630 million. read more

100 million Angel round Fresh electricity supplier Liu Jiangfeng venture how to play


| technology NetEase Wang

gorgeous published "time" is still not old, ideal resignation letter before the president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng, officially announced in April 28th a new trend: his entrepreneurial fresh business platform!! has received $100 million in Angel round of investment.

$100 million, angel round, IDG collar cast, a consumer investment fund with investment. Even if the valuation of start-up companies soaring in 2015, an angel round only in millions of dollars level below. Liu Jiangfeng announced the $100 million Angel round, once again hit the ceiling of venture financing. Interview the NetEase of science and technology in April 28th, Liu Jiangfeng said: "now what is not" to create a new company called Dmall, located in O2O near life business platform, even his name card company address is not printed, only H5 pages at the beginning of test, the number of users, DAU (day) and other data no reference value. read more

Li Ruigang the real quality of the content with the idealism of the eternal light

Abstract: the 3 major points of concern: Ruigang head content, media iteration, on-site experience.

"true quality content, always with the idealism of the light……"

2017, CMC will continue to focus on the content of the head, so idealism, professionalism, professional ethics to become the industry’s basic value appeal."

The evening of January 9th

CMC, head of Mr Li first public speech on 2017 in Shanghai, and talked about the Chinese culture in the 3 focus in 2017: the head media content, iteration, on-site experience. read more

China partner meeting to see how Liu Bang and partner with unified hegemony

Han Emperor Liu Bang as China history China truly unified people, which, with a thoughtful look far ahead from a high plane, a commoner to beat a strong opponent, so just under the Qin Dynasty II perish, created a Chinese more than and 400 years of inheritance, Han Gao Zucheng hegemony behind except for historical reasons, less Zhang Liang, Han Xin and Xiao He can’t help Liangchen hero. This is also in today’s society, Liu Bang as the best model of entrepreneurship recognized by enterprises more and more, so that a lot of person Liu Bang is the world’s most people can become the boss. read more

China entrepreneurial love electricity supplier young candidate energy

"Forbes" magazine recently released the 2015 version of Chinese "China 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" list, and that "Forbes" American version released "the 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" comparison, entrepreneurial environment difference between the two countries a lot of young entrepreneurs. Why do entrepreneurs continue to maintain the creation of the United States in the face of a new generation of passenger growth trend, what is the university with these questions, the reporter walked into the University and a number of passenger space, find the answer. read more

O2O winter difficult to start financing difficult to subsidize how to live

capital cold winter, entrepreneurship difficult, which seems to be the consensus view of the current industry; for this dilemma, the industry heavyweights, star entrepreneurs and top investment people have a kind of cognitive?

in the last week of 2015 NetEase NetEase sponsored by the science and technology of future technology summit, the Internet and venture capital circles star studded, at the top of the O2O field, several entrepreneurs in the field and the star company CEO to now O2O attention in the field of hot topic: "O2O not subsidies how to live?" "O2O financing?" one by one to answer. read more

Push BOY overbearing President 94 years of entrepreneurial boy three times even a success

Abstract: from primary school to university, monitor, sports committee, Student Council Secretary, chairman of the student union and the name stuck with him, he is now working in a much larger than their own management staff. There are more than and 300 people in the United States to push the team, and these people are not buying.

an hour earlier to around to the meeting place made 100 copies of leaflets

!94 years

has pushed the small meat attributes of Boy and overbearing president, it is easy to think with founder Gao Yu. read more

Entrepreneurs have the college entrance examination college entrance examination is like today’s nt

Abstract: college entrance examination has been eight years, the Internet is also the age of four degrees. The college entrance examination, choose the "test" word for contempt; University, choose the "big" word can spread to the world also. This article only in the name of the college entrance examination to write the reality of College students.

college entrance examination, choose the "test" word for contempt; University, choose the "big" word can spread to the world also. read more

Chinese Entrepreneurs small and medium sized cities enthusiastic half of users want to venture 19% u

[Abstract] entrepreneurship has caused a lot of unwilling to present town youth, they decided to change themselves, even to change the world. At present, almost all of the research on the entrepreneurial market, are about the entrepreneur. For China’s Internet age and the potential needs of entrepreneurship and energy, we have until today, there is still a lack of a valuable research data.

entrepreneurship in today’s China, in the end only a few people, or has inspired more people deep in the hearts of the impulse? read more

We released four small WeChat program and you want to talk about the development process of small pr

as TGIDEAS technology research and development team, we like the other technical team focus on new technologies, new business form time, facing the new application form, combined with the actual business team, came out the following four small applications at the end of the year:

, which is the glory of the king race only after 1 months of development time, in a small program on the line when released; King glory official website, followed by the on-line in the second day, also released. read more

Data analysis what kind of character is the founder of success


This paper from the "

" from 0 to 1, author Peter · Till, founder of PayPal Facebook, the first outside investors. Known as the Silicon Valley, "Paypal Mafia" (The PayPal) boss, to talk about his entrepreneurial experience that year, the godfather of entrepreneurs, worth a visit.

Of the six founders of

PayPal, a bomb was made in high school in the past four years.

at that time, five of them were only about 23 years old and younger. The four person is not born in the United States, three of which were from socialist countries or former socialist countries: Pan Yu from China, Luke · nosek from Poland, Marx · Levchin from Ukraine. It wasn’t a kid’s time to make a bomb in those countries. read more

23andMe development history the medical and health sector is a kind of entrepreneurial experience

the last two years in the field of health entrepreneurship suddenly fire up, the temperature and the weather in Beijing these two days. Many people confused in a year or so after suddenly toss my voice: not ah. In the medical field with the original entrepreneurial pioneer almost, technology is not mature, the market is invisible, users of damages, there are a bunch of people throwing stones do supervision on the shore, Zezheng? Today we have approached an encounter such predecessors, look at the people is exactly eight years time to get through. read more

Entrepreneurs say like to talk about the subversion of the entrepreneur you really understand innova

Abstract: for a new company, innovation but may put myself down. The risk of innovation is big? First, innovation requires a lot of money; second, innovative things need to have a gradual acceptance of the process of the user; finally, the company also needs to overcome many technical difficulties.

first, innovation is difficult to achieve. May be due to the misunderstanding of entrepreneurial innovation of two words, this point, founder of NetEase founder Sun Taoran Ding Lei and Kara are saying: read more

How to sell a 200 yuan dumplings the master is still in the civil

[Abstract] how to sell 2 yuan of dumplings to one of the 200 important is not the answer, but the way you think?


a, do a PPT, the dumplings of raw materials from the species to the harvest and then to the processing of all demonstration again, how to emphasize how hard, and then change a gold packaging, this is the focus.

PS: Wanda electricity supplier CEO fan children.

two, but also a year of graduation season, coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival season. Today in the restaurant to buy dumplings are popular grass root community, a hard to find millet mobile phone to send. This is not a simple dumplings, this is a magical intelligent dumplings, in your morning rush to work without breakfast, just took out our gift dumplings on the smart mobile phone millet mobile phone back, playing three minutes of the game, the sweet dumplings cooked reeky. Environmental protection, safety, time saving, labor saving, fashion, is home to travel, and rob the essentials. Not 9999, not 5999, not 3999, celebrate double as long as 1999, intelligent home dumplings. read more