Algeria Appoints New Ambassador to Morocco

Rabat – Interim president Abdelkader Bensallah recalled the Algerian ambassador to Morocco, Mohamed Salah Dembri, on Thursday, August 22. Dembri had been Algiers’ envoy in Rabat since 2009.Algerian news outlet Ennahar Online reported that the interim president replaced Dembri with Abfelazi Benali Cheri as ambassador to Morocco.Benali Cherif served before as the spokesperson of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition to Dembri, Bensalah recalled several other ambassadors, including Abdelkader Msdoua, who was posted in France. Bensalah replaced him with Abdellah Ba Ali.Algeria also appointed Milat Toufik as a new ambassador to Spain and  Tououahria Abdlekrim as ambassador to the UAE.Read Also: Khaled Nezzar: Gaid Salah Wants to Eliminate All Opposition FiguresAlgeria also recalled and replaced its ambassadors to Tunisia, the US, and the UK.The purge of Algerian diplomats came suddenly without explanation from Algeria. It is not the first time, however, that Algeria has sacked a slew of officials after the resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Gaid Salah, the chief of the Algerian army, has sacked many military officials recently.Khaled Nezzar, the former minister of defense in Algeria, accused Salah of “eliminating all” opposition figures.“Gaid Salah prides himself on having a double cap and believes he can afford anything. This arises from a sick mind that should be reduced at all costs and quickly,” Nezzar recently said. read more

Annan reiterates call for peace in Côte dIvoire

“In associating itself with that agreement, the United Nations reaffirmed its determination to continue to contribute to all efforts aimed at bringing the conflict and the suffering of the Ivoirian people to an end,” a statement issued by a spokesman for the Secretary-General said.The agreement negotiated by various parties from Côte d’Ivoire and endorsed by the Paris Conference of Heads of State on 26 January represents a beginning to restoring peace and stability to a reunified Côte d’Ivoire, the statement said. Mr Annan also renewed his appeal to the international community to continue to support the efforts of the Ivorian people to return to normalcy.Meanwhile, the Secretary-General’s Humanitarian Envoy for the Crisis in Côte d’Ivoire, Carolyn McAskie, concluded a three-day mission to Liberia. Over the weekend, she heard the testimony of Ivoirian refugees at the Saclepea refugee camp, where they appealed for more humanitarian assistance and expressed their desire to return to their country. At the Karnplay transit centre in Nimba, Liberian returnees and third-country nationals expressed their wish to move away from the border, which remains volatile.Ms. McAskie expressed her gratitude to the host communities and Government of Liberia for their open-door policy to foreign refugees and appealed to Liberians not to get involved in the Côte d’Ivoire conflict for the sake of regional stability.Ms McAskie is scheduled to arrive later today in Guinea, where she is expected to look at the impact the crisis in Côte d’Ivoire is exerting on that country. read more