Visitors Thank Residents of Meat Cove

first_imgTourists are expressing their gratitude to the community of Meat Cove and the people of Nova Scotia for their quick and generous help after being stranded by torrential rains last weekend. Some have even extended their stay in the province. Dina Waik and her partner Debb Bertazzon are visiting Nova Scotia from Toronto and were in Meat Cove when the storm caused the devastation. They praised the residents for their willingness to help. “Our needs came before their own,” said Ms. Waik. “A large part of their community had just been destroyed but they looked after us first.” “We can’t say enough about how well Nova Scotians treated us. Helping others is clearly a big part of their character and they are justifiably proud of that fact.” Ms. Bertazzon also commended the volunteer fire department and residents of Bay St. Lawrence who ensured they were cared for when they arrived in that community on Monday. Members of the community treated the tourists to music and entertainment to raise their spirits. “Nova Scotians believe in helping others in times of need,” said Deputy Premier Frank Corbett. “The residents of Meat Cove, facing difficult circumstances, and of Bay St. Lawrence, showed the strength of their communities by providing care and shelter to neighbours and visitors, and I want to thank them for their outstanding efforts. “We are proud of the determination to help shown by Nova Scotians and the rapid action of first responders and government officials that assured the safety and comfort of all those affected by the storm.” In addition to residents, 26 visitors were cut off by the storm damage in Meat Cove. The community ensured that shelter and food was available with support provided by a local business. The restaurant at Meat Cove Campground provided meals to campers at no charge and the Meat Cove Community Centre organized food and medical care. Six visitors have decided to stay in Meat Cove until road access is restored. They are continuing to receive meals from the local campground and support from residents. Provincial government representatives, local emergency officials and community leaders arranged transportation by boat from Meat Cove to Bay St. Lawrence on Monday. With the support of local accommodation operators, airlines and car rental agencies in Sydney, emergency managers and provincial staff helped to coordinate transportation for 17 of those tourists to their final destinations. Construction of a temporary bridge to restore road access to the community continues by Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. A team of government officials, co-led by Economic and Rural Development officials and George Muise, eastern emergency management officer with the Emergency Management Office, will co-ordinate efforts to help the Meat Cove community recover from last weekend’s devastating rain.last_img read more

Thonda and Sonia discuss 13A

According to Tamil media reports, the Indian government had assured Thondaman that houses will be built with Indian support for the estate workers. Minister and Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) leader Arumugam Thondaman and India’s Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi have had discussions on various issues including on the 13th Amendment to the constitution.Thondaman met Gandhi in New Delhi yesterday and discussed issues faced by the estate community in Sri Lanka, most of who are of Indian origin. An Indian government delegation will also visit Sri Lanka to meet with teh estate community to look into their well-being. Thondaman had also met Indian Union Minister V. Narayanaswamy during his Delhi visit yesterday. read more