Foster keen on parts of Port Mourant Club ground being named after West Indies players

first_imgBERBICE Cricket Board (BCB) president Hilbert Foster said he is aiming to rename parts of the Port Mourant Cricket Club ground after five of their first marquee West Indian players.Foster told Chronicle Sport yesterday that following the recent passing of Basil Butcher, it is his hope to have parts of the Berbice venue named after the first quartet of players from the club to represent  Guyana and the West Indies; John Trim, Ivan Madray, Joe Solomon, Rohan Kanhai and Butcher.The five Guyanese icons were among the elite few to put the club as well as the country on the map and Foster identified the side screens, two dressing rooms and stands as potential parts of the venue which could be given new aliases.With the BCB elections set for Sunday, Foster said that should he be re-elected, he will push harder for the renaming of Port Mourant ground. He stated that the objective, should he be given a chance to rule another term; will be to continue the work he has been committed to over the past 22 months.Regarding the passing of Butcher who died in Miami on Monday, Foster said should the legendary player’s body be sent back home to Guyana, BCB will then seek to arrange tributes in memory of the 86-year-old cricketer.Foster also noted that no decision will be made regarding hosting of matches and tournaments until after elections. He said the pair of 1st division finals; Ivan Madray T20 and Busta Champions of Champions, which were postponed due to the weather will have their new dates confirmed after Sunday.The BCB head explained that should a new executive committee take office, that body will have to designate a competition’s chairman who will then set dates for the pair of matches.In closing, Foster said the year was good for BCB as they achieved much in terms of their goals while a lot more cricket competitions were played this year compared to the drought a few years ago. (Clifton Ross)last_img read more

State Unemployment Agency Reports Data Breach

first_imgShe says the agency is making free identity protection services available to affected individuals “in an abundance of caution,” and advises them to immediately report any unauthorized activity on their financial accounts.“At this time, we have not received any reports of malicious activity,” Landrum reiterates.She did not specify how many people were affected by the breach.The U.S. Department of Labor reported on Thursday that an estimated 223,927 initial claims were submitted in Florida during the week that ended May 16. The state agency responsible for overseeing unemployment claims said Thursday that a recent data breach affected some applicants for reemployment assistance.A statement from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity explains that residents who were impacted by a “data security incident” have been notified.DEO spokeswoman Paige Landrum adds that the issue was addressed within an hour of staff becoming aware of the incident.last_img read more

Inside Conditions…Baby Steps

first_imgAubrey BruceHey there friends, I was once part of an ABA (American Basketball Association) ownership that included introducing the ‘Carolina Cats’ to the world of professional basketball.  Last Saturday shortly after the “crack of noon” I was watching the Pitt Panthers men’s basketball squad being barbecued better than a slab of Carolina ribs by North Carolina State.N.C. State had a 17-2 advantage within the first five minutes I think; it was all such a blur. At that point that I began to channel surf.  For the next 10 minutes I began to view a political program on Fox News and they had the whip out for President Obama so I moved on from there.Suddenly without any warning whatsoever, one of my former colleagues from “North Cackalackee” gave me a ring-e-dingee with gloating being the first thing on his agenda.“See I told you and I kept tellin you and tellin you Pitt should have stayed put in the Big East.  The ACC is just too strong.  Look at ’em, they look like boys’ against men trying to stay with N.C. Yaw’ll better call and beg the Big East and pray that they allow Pitt to come back. Pittsburgh is in way above their heads.”Pip, said the rabbit, pap, pap said the bear, well it looks as if Pitt ain’t going nowhere.AS I said previously, Pitt fell behind 17-2 and trailed by eight at halftime, but dominated the second half by shooting 63% to build a double-digit lead that caused the “cat” to scratch the tongues of the many of the “tea party” crowd.Pitt faced a 34-28 deficit but planted a few “trees in the paint” scoring  26 of their 34 points in the second half.  N.C. State  however could only shoot a measly 30% (8-for-27) in the second half after a sizzling first half.Pitt’s Lamar Patterson (21), Talib Zanna (42) and James Robinson (0) react towards the end of an NCAA college basketball game against North Carolina State in Raleigh, N.C., Jan. 4. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)I called my “boy” back when it appeared that Pitt had the game in hand.  “Maybe” I said, “just maybe, N.C. State should be the ones calling the Big East begging them to force Pitt back into competing in their former conference.Where there’s smoke, there may be fire.On January 3, 2014 the Pittsburgh Steelers announced the termination of the contract of offensive line coach Jack Bicknell, Jr. With the numerous injuries and inexperience it is my opinion that Mr.  Bicknell didn’t do such a bad job but when you flip the coin, someone has to go and “dats the name of dat tune.” Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin issued a statement saying;  “I have decided to go in a different direction with respect to the coaching of our offensive line. I want to thank Jack for his contributions during the 2013 season, and I wish him well in the future.”ittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, left, watches from the sideline in the second half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Gail Burton)First the Steelers Nation was hoodwinked into thinking that Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin was the problem.  When that notion was dispelled, the yoke was placed around the neck of the Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley.  Finally the yoke was placed around the neck of the perfect “scapegoat” that could be “sacrificed ” without much fuss and that was Offensive Line Coach, Jack Bicknell.The offensive production of the Steelers increased significantly not because of better coaching by the staff, it became more productive because the players executed the plays correctly.By the very nature of the “no huddle” offense the quarterback can get rid of the ball faster and the defense often reacts slower because they don’t have the full complement of time to set up an adequate defensive scheme that will be fully effective.  If this was not so then there would be a “no huddle” defense. There may be fewer blitzes, game playing and stunts by the defensive line, linebackers and secondary’s because oftentimes new calls from coaches “upstairs in the box” cannot be relayed to defenses on the field in a timely fashion to affect the offensive calls and plays. Unless a wide receiver is “wide open” any quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers should be penalized if a ball thrown more than 40 yards is intercepted.Todd Haley’s playbook is just not tailored for downfield, low percentage pass plays.  This offense is not equipped with jet engines to be “air Roethlisberger.”  The only vehicles that the Pittsburgh Steelers offense should be using in route to the end zone are trains, trucks, busses and maybe a few “puddle jumping” twin engine propeller aircraft only to be used in “extreme emergencies.Again, Todd Haley has the perfect offense for the sometimes slow reacting, even slower defense reading Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  If you hand off the ball faster and throw passes even faster; it is my guess that there will more than likely be less turnovers because defenses will not be as close to the ball or the action as they would normally be.  Who says? “Dr. Peanut” says, dats who!All the friggin pundits seem very happy, even almost giddy that Ben Roethlisberger has finally “bought in” to the Steelers “new,” well almost new offensive philosophy.  “Big” Ben has turned over a new leaf, but as far as 2013 goes, it is too little and maybe too late; well at least as far as the Steelers current personnel grouping is concerned.  Pittsburgh is on shaky ground as far as their wide receiver corps is concerned.  don’t forget that wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders will be an unrestricted free agent this year.  Will he be back? Only the creator knows whether the “crik” is going to rise. You digg.. One thing is for certain and two things are for sure.  Will the Steelers be issuing a statement in 2014 or 2015 about the terminations of any of their current  coaches? Well as far as I am concerned and I am not really concerned; the only thing will sometimes and I do mean sometimes guarantee continuity in sports coaching is winning….period.Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: or 412.583.6741last_img read more

Holmdel 2020 Plan Approved

first_imgBy Jay Cook |HOLMDEL – Sixty percent of participating voters checked the “yes” box on Tuesday afternoon to approve the Holmdel 2020 Initiative, a $40.3 million school project designed to upgrade the district’s four schools with 21st century amenities and academic offerings.“Everybody’s really, really excited and energized,” Holmdel Schools Board of Education president Joseph Hammer said Wednesday morning. “We can’t wait to really get into some of these things.”Since March, the Holmdel school district had been pushing the Holmdel 2020 Initiative as a necessary upgrade to the district’s four public schools – Village School, Indian Hill School, William R. Satz School, and Holmdel High School. The project will focus on academic, athletic and infrastructure improvements.Unofficial results tabulated by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office showed the final count as 1,020 – 675, in favor of the project. Nine of the 10 voting districts in Holmdel had a majority approval. Of the 12,747 registered voters in town, 13 percent came out to vote.Hammer said the voter turnout was greater than anticipated, between 700 and 800 voters was his guess.“Considering it was a Tuesday, on an off-election day, in a four-hour window that had to be done after school, I think it was actually higher than expected,” he said.For Robert McGarry, Ed.D, Holmdel Schools superintendent, it’s a noteworthy accomplishment. McGarry moved into the superintendent’s office on July 1, 2016, and over a year later has provided his new school district with the means for a major overhaul.“I am pleased that the community agreed with our position that our community can’t allow aging and outdated facilities to place limits on what our students are capable of achieving,” he said in a statement.Nearly 90 percent of the $40.3 million is dedicated to Satz School, grades seven and eight, and Holmdel High School, grades nine through 12.Although acting as separate entities, the two schools are actually connected on adjoining properties on Crawfords Corner Road. Satz School’s front office and main entrance will be moved off to the side of the school and those offices will be turned into an expanded media center. Four new science labs will be introduced through construction and repurposing of existing classrooms. An existing health/music classroom will become space for a new robotics program to be introduced into the curriculum.In addition to new science labs, Satz School’s entrance will get a new light-filled front entrance. Illustration courtesy Holmdel BOEAt the high school, the TV Production studio will be relocated to a larger space and a former shop classroom will become a graphic arts and engineering lab.Major renovations to turn existing libraries into fully-functioning media centers at both schools are planned. TVs, private working spaces, collaboration rooms, and lounge areas will all be included.Village School, housing pre-k through third-grade students, would add onto its full-day kindergarten service by providing three new classrooms. A computer classroom would change into a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) lab, and another classroom would become an art room.Both Village School and Indian Hill School, grades four through six, will replace interior doors, security cameras, old heating and venting units with HVAC systems, and upgrade public address systems, as well as curbing and walkway repairs.Athletic upgrades are also are set at the high school. Roggy Field will receive new turf and new track surfacing, as well as ADA compliant seating and modern lighting. The existing tennis courts will become grassy areas, and the tennis area will move to the main athletic complex behind the school.Because Holmdel 2020 was approved in a special referendum, the school district has $9.5 million in state debt service aid available to help lessen the burden on taxpayers.A Holmdel resident with an average assessed home value of $657,228, would see a $159 tax increase, according to the district.In a statement, McGarry said the school district will work in the coming months to finalize a detailed timeline for the various projects. Construction is expected to begin when the schools close for summer vacation in June 2018. McGarry anticipates all work to be complete by the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.This article was first published in the Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 2017 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more