Lessons of the Week! Matthew Morrison, Tituss Burgess & More

first_imgMatthew Morrison, Jane Krakowski, Tituss Burgess, Jennifer Simard, Derek Hough & Rachel Tucker View Comments Happy Friday! Whether your weekend plans involve listening to Tom Berenger or staying in the boudoir, let’s kick things off with the Lessons of the Week. A lot went down on the Great White Way, from a Tony-winning silk act reprise to some more chart-topping Founding Fathers. Take a look below and study up!Matty Fresh Pulled the Wool Over Our EyesWe’re definitely Matthew Morrison/Matty Fresh fan club members. With that said, we will not be able to look at him the same way again after this week’s episode of Younger, in which the Broadway.com Audience Choice Award winner, uh, ravaged a sheep. Morrison’s not the first person who comes to mind when casting a The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia revival, but hey, if the shear fits. Just stay away from Lea Michele the goat.Hamilton’s Getting A-List RevolutionariesLove Hamilton but tired of listening to the cast recording? One, how dare you—that’s impossible. Two, soon, you can listen to some A-list Hamilfans putting their spin on the tunes. Lin-Manuel Miranda recently spilled some details about the upcoming Hamilton Mixtape. Among the stars involved are Queen Latifah and Sia. We are more than ready for Queen Latifah as The Wiz as George Washington. Here comes the General…indeed!Derek Hough’s Singin’ in the Rain (Again)Dancing with the Stars champ Derek Hough is set to headline Singin’ in the Rain on the Great White Way. If you’re experiencing déjà vu, you’re not alone. Last year, Hough sang the title song—water effects and all—in Radio City’s New York Spring Spectacular. That makes Radio City one of the largest casting studios in New York. Harvey Weinstein doesn’t mess around!Rachel Tucker Is Not Ill, MTA PatronsWe all have our dream subway encounters, e.g. a texting-savvy Christine Baranski or an absurdly courteous Helen Mirren. Let’s add a green-eared Rachel Tucker to the list. The current Wicked star said on Show People that strangers occasionally approach her on the train to ask why her ears are green. It’s not a disease, people. It’s just part of the job, along with levitating high and belting even higher.Boq Can Tweet Better Than YouZachary Noah Piser may break your heart (and lose his) as Wicked’s new Boq, but that’s not all: he’s also an award-winning bird caller. He even demonstrated his Irish red-billed chough for us. This marks Piser’s Broadway debut, but we’re sure this talent will launch all sorts of opportunities. Like a musical adaptation of The Birds. Or a revival of Bye Bye Birdie. Or It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman. We’ll stop now.Always Play Elton John Live. Always.You know something’s wrong when a composer walks out in the middle of his own show. Unfortunately, that’s what happened when Adam Pascal was on stage during Aida years ago. The Disaster! star shared how upset Elton John was when he realized portions of the orchestra were pre-recorded. Don’t worry; it was very quickly reconciled and everyone moved on. After all, the past is another land. Right, Sir Elton?Tuck Has Everlasting EmotionsTuck Everlasting has yet to begin previews, and it’s already a giant sob fest (for the cast). At a recent press event, numerous cast and creative team members likened the rehearsal experience to a group therapy session with plenty of emotions and (happy) tears. Is it too late to arrange a sponsorship with Kleenex? Tuck-monogrammed tissues for sale in the lobby seems like a failsafe business venture.Disaster!’s Nun Can Throw a PunchWe all have heroes, and some people’s heroes punch sides of beef. On this week’s episode of Help!, Disaster! favorite Jennifer Simard revealed her (literal) card-carrying status in the Sylvester Stallone fan club. His resilience inspired her to get through a rough two-show day when she was all but K.O.’d on the Nederlander stage. Is it too soon for a Rocky revival? It’s 2016, people; it’s about time we had a female Rocky Balboa.Krakowski’s Still Defying GravityJane Krakowski’s currently taking a trip to the library in She Loves Me, but in her last Broadway venture in 2003, she was making a particularly sexy midair call to Antonio Banderas in Nine. At the Roundabout Theatre Company’s 50th anniversary gala, Krakowski proved she’s still got it. As it turns out, descending on silks is like riding a bike: both are fun to do while hitting a high A sharp.Tituss Burgess Has Gone Full TitusWe all know the best wine to drink while going down a Tituss Burgess YouTube spiral is Pinoooot noir. On top of his comedic timing and belting chops, the Broadway favorite and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Emmy nominee is now a wine peddler. Say “Yassss” to PinotByTituss.com. Pinot noir. Wunderbar. Drink before seeing the new Bright Star. Or enjoy with sex party host Debi Mazar. Au revoir! last_img

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