Barça DNA conquers India

first_imgThe Hindu Super League welcomed 2020 by celebrating its first coaches forum in Mumbai, which was attended by the technicians of the 10 teams that make up the most media football competition in India. Half, Lopez Beans (ATK), Antonio Iriondo (Jamshedpur), Carles Cuadrat (Bengaluru), Sergio Lobera (FC Goa) and Josep Gombau (Odisha), they are Spanish. “The Spanish coach assures you maximum professionalism and modern football. We have an excellent training and, compared to other countries, we have seen a lot of football with very flexible tactical solutions and adaptable to different situations,” says Cuadrat, current champion of the tournament with Bengaluru.The five Spanish coaches who make the Indian Super League an Eden of associative football will join next season Albert Roca, European champion with Barça in 2006, when he was part of Frank Rijkaard’s coaching staff, and finalist of the AFC Cup with Bengaluru. In his second experience in Asia, Catalan will lead Hyderabad, which could raise the number of Spanish technicians in the ISL to six. “The presidents sign what they think is going to give them better performance. After several years of experience they decide to continue signing both Spanish soccer players and coaches, they speak very well about our football,” says Sergio Lobera, who considers it essential that, in a country where the one that the king sport is cricket, “the viewer has fun during the 90 minutes“.” I am proud that people talk about the football proposal of FC Goa. Enjoy watching the team is wonderful, “adds Zaragoza.It is no coincidence, therefore, that three of the five Spanish technicians of the Indian Super League have passed in FC Barcelona, ​​recognizable by their associative and aesthetic football. “They want to have the ball and always attack. I am one of those who think that everything is football, that it is very important that each coach has his way of doing, but the other, direct football, of second plays and low block, have already lived it “, analyzes Josep Gombau, coach of Odisha. Cuadrat, for his part, believes that “the global success he has had Barça de Messi For so long, together with a way to compete and live the sport, it has made our methodology highly valued. The culé coach is appreciated because he wins and how he wins. “ The ISL clubs have focused on Spanish coaches, but two do not get together if one does not want to. “It is a league that has a lot of appeal. It is young and very well organized. Every major city has its club, there is no big difference between the teams and the stadiums are top notch. There is a lot of hobby, too. In Goa you can reach to have 25,000 people at the stadium and we, who are a small team, gather 10,000. All these factors make you want to come, “says Gombau.” In Spain there are many coaches and a limited number of teams. It is not easy to train professionally and Going outside and living these kinds of experiences help you grow as a coach“, completes the Odisha preparer. “The culé coach is appreciated because he wins and how he wins” Improving in each and every one of the aspects surrounding the ball will be much easier with the collaboration of the Spanish coaches of the competition. “It’s the idea we come with,” reveals Lobera. “Investing to win titles is important, but leaving a better competition than we are in is the best trophy we can get,” completes the former UD Las Palmas. “It is very nice to help develop football in other countries. Seeing how players grow up who have no knowledge of football from the base is very rewarding,” adds Gombau, which chains 11 consecutive seasons abroad.Barça from a distanceCarles Cuadrat, Sergio Lobera and Josep Gombau share the past at FC Barcelona and, although from India, they follow the current news of the Blaugrana club. The first understands the recent change in the bench as “a motivation for the decisive of the season.” “That Ernesto Valverde is the first coach stopped in 17 years says a lot about the stability that has surrounded the club in recent years. Signing Quique Setién seemed an intelligent decision“, completes the coach of Bengaluru. Gombau, meanwhile, is critical of Barça and the way in which the operation was carried out:” I found it unpleasant. The fact seemed wrong and the ridiculous forms. Valverde did not deserve a way out like the one he had. He is an excellent person and the way the board was acting was embarrassing. “Lobera, meanwhile, is delighted that it is Quique Setién who currently occupies the bench of FC Barcelona: “I know him personally and I am very happy that the work, the effort, the years of dedication and the commitment to an idea lead to a person from Quique’s profile to train a team like FC Barcelona. ” The style, not negotiable even in India.center_img Carles Cuadrat Times of changeIn addition to bringing together all the coaches of the competition, the forum held in Mumbai served the ISL to know what are the points to improve to grow in Asia. “We talked about different formats of League and Cup, the number of foreigners allowed per team and the arbitration problem and the possible application of the VAR,” says Cuadrat. “The referees do not have the best means to work. They need training courses and greater dedication. Arbitration is not their main job and that shows in the field,” Lobera values, while Gombau locates the problem in which the members “they haven’t played football “. “When the ISL was born, they were taught the rules, but to make certain kinds of decisions you have to have been there. The Federation will seek to improve it by bringing outside referees to ring matches and help the locals to place themselves and improve in decision-making,” Add.ISL ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Carles Cuadrat (center) and Sergio Lobera (right) during the Indian Super League coaches forum.ISLlast_img

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