The Nth Power And Turkuaz Go Back-To-Back For Powerful Denver Performance [Gallery]

first_imgTurkuaz Load remaining images Turkuaz and The Nth Power are two of the most potent forces in the soul-rock genre today, with each band packing a powerful punch in each performance. Last night, the two shared the stage at Denver’s Bluebird Theater, rocking the venue with a back-to-back display of spellbinding music. Each band has a recently released album in their back pocket, with Turkuaz’s Digitonium and The Nth Power’s Abundance, and there was no shortage of music new and old for fans to enjoy last night.Take a look at some stunning shots, courtesy of Phierce Photo:The Nth Powercenter_img A full gallery from Phierce Photo can be seen below:last_img read more

Watch Anna Kendrick & Jeremy Jordan in First Look at Last Five Years Movie

first_imgIt’s what we’ve been waiting for! Hot on the heels of the news that Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years will be released to movie theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015, we now have our first look at stars Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in action. Check out below as Kendrick sings her heart out to Jordan while he somehow maintains enough concentration to keep the car he’s driving on the road. Trust us, the experience of eating prosciutto will never be the same again. The Richard LaGravenese-helmed film premiered at the Toronto film festival on September 7. View Commentslast_img read more

Hotter than Normal

first_imgSummer began in Georgia with warmer than normal temperatures throughout the state and shows no signs of relenting before fall. The hotter than normal temperatures with low rainfall led to an expansion of drought over the month and the introduction of extreme drought to two regions in northern Georgia by June’s end. Because of the hot temperatures and lack of rainfall, drought expanded across the northern half of the state. By the end of the month, nearly half the state was in abnormally dry conditions or drought. Severe drought increased from 4 to 25 percent of the state, and two small areas of extreme drought were added. The last time Georgia had any extreme drought was in February 2013. The dry conditions had many impacts on agriculture. Pastures essentially shut down in northern parts of the state, and cattle farmers were feeding cattle hay because the grazing was so poor. Dryland crops suffered from the lack of moisture and the hot conditions, particularly corn in higher locations. Some areas were so dry that late soybeans and other crops could not be planted. Some farmers reported having trouble producing enough vegetables for local markets. Urban landscapers reported that lawns were getting “crunchy” and required extra irrigation. Wine producers, however, noted that the wine grapes this year are almost free of fungal diseases due to the low humidity, and there are less mosquitoes than usual due to the lack of rain. Georgia temperatures were well above normal in June, ranging from one to almost four degrees above the 1981-2010 average. The hottest areas were in the northern part of the state.In Atlanta, the monthly average temperature was 81.0 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.7 degrees above normal; in Athens, Georgia, 80.7 F, 3.2 degrees above normal; in Columbus, Georgia, 81.2 F, 1.4 degrees above normal; in Macon, Georgia, 81.3 F, 2.4 degrees above normal; in Savannah, Georgia, 82.1 F, 2.2 degrees above normal; in Brunswick, Georgia, 81.9 F, 1.6 degrees above normal; in Alma, Georgia, 80.6 F, 0.9 degrees above normal; in Augusta, Georgia, 80.5 F, 1.9 degrees above normal; in Albany, Georgia, 81.9 F, 1.4 degrees above normal; in Rome, Georgia, 79.4 F, 3.4 degrees above normal; and in Valdosta, Georgia, 80.9 F, 1.5 degrees above normal. Macon set a new record high temperature of 101 F on June 17, breaking the old record of 100 F set last year. Brunswick also set record highs of 98 F on June 13 and June 17, breaking the old records of 97 F set in 1998 and 1964, respectively. Alma set record high minimum temperatures on June 13 and June 16 with 77 F and 76 F, topping the old records of 76 F and 74 F set in 2013 and 1976. Several other high temperature records were tied during the month. The highest monthly total precipitation recorded by the National Weather Service was 8.40 inches in Valdosta, at 2.34 inches above normal, and the lowest was in Macon at 1.87 inches, 2.17 inches below normal. Atlanta received 3.26 inches of precipitation, 0.69 inches below normal; Athens received 4.09 inches, 0.09 inches below normal; Columbus received 2.15 inches, 1.57 inches below normal; Savannah received 6.96 inches, 1.01 inches above normal; Augusta received 2.87 inches, 1.85 inches below normal; Alma received 5.20 inches, 0.18 inches below normal; Brunswick received 5.69 inches, 0.85 inches above normal; Albany received 4.41 inches, 0.53 inches below normal; and Rome received 2.28 inches, 1.82 inches below normal. The southeastern part of the state was the wettest, where rainfall from Tropical Storm Colin fell June 6 through June 7. In those areas, that single day of rain made up 30 percent or more of their monthly total. Conditions were even wetter in Florida, where the center of the storm passed. The highest single-day rainfall, according to Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network volunteers, was 5.62 inches, measured north of Boston, Georgia, in Thomas County on June 7, followed by 5.27 inches at Thomasville, Georgia, on the same date Colin passed. The highest monthly rainfall, 11.23 inches, was measured northwest of Savannah in Chatham County, followed by 10.75 inches southwest of Bloomingdale, Georgia, in the same county. Volunteers in Thomas County reported almost 10 inches for the month. Severe weather was observed on 16 days during the month. The most notable was a brief tornado touchdown, identified by videotape, in Reed Bingham State Park in Adel, Georgia, in Cook County, on June 26. Widespread wind damage also occurred throughout the state on June 17. The outlook for July shows a continuation of above-normal temperatures, starting with a very hot week. The month will start dry, but rain may pick up in the last two weeks. The outlook for July through September shows that above-normal temperatures are likely to continue. The best chances of rain will be near the Gulf of Mexico due to tropical activity, which is expected to be more active than usual this season.For more information, see the Climate and Agriculture in the South East blog at,, or visit Email weather and climate impacts on agriculture to be shared on the blog to read more

Avian flu reported in European Russia and China

first_imgOct 19, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – New avian influenza outbreaks were reported today in European Russia, China, and Vietnam, as experts said recent outbreaks in Turkey and Romania have strengthened the suspicion that migratory birds are spreading the H5N1 virus.In addition, avian flu was suspected in a Thai man who died of a lung infection after killing and eating chickens that might have had the disease.In Russia, H5N1 has been found in birds south of Moscow, according to a Russian report filed with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). PCR testing found H5N1 in poultry from Jandovka village, roughly 250 kilometers south of Moscow. The outbreak apparently marks the virus’s first appearance in the European part of Russia, west of the Ural Mountains.About 3,000 birds have been destroyed, the report said. An online report by APK-Inform Information Agency said 220 birds initially died. The OIE report said the village is near a lake where migratory birds were seen a week before the die-off began.A report on an OIE fact-finding mission to Russia said that 163,000 birds had died or been culled between July’s initial outbreak and Oct 7.In China, 2,600 poultry died at a farm in Tengjiaying village in Inner Mongolia, according to United Press International in Beijing today. A Chinese government report submitted to the OIE today said it was a highly pathogenic H5 virus, but the strain had not been fully identified. The report says that 91,100 birds were destroyed and 166,177 birds in Inner Mongolia have been vaccinated with H5N2 vaccine.China’s state-controlled news agency, Xinhua, said culling had controlled the outbreak and that there were no reports of human infections.In Vietnam, about 110 ducks died in the southern province of Bac Lieu, according to Xinhua news agency. The flock, which totaled 300 birds before the outbreak, was culled yesterday.In Thailand, a man from Kanchanaburi Province who was suspected of having avian flu died while being treated in a local hospital, The Nation reported online today for its Oct 20 edition. Thailand has had no confirmed human cases this year.Physicians said Bang-orn Benpad died of a lung infection brought on by common flu, the Bangkok newspaper reported. However, family members said he fell ill after butchering several chickens on his farm that had died of apparent avian flu.Officials at Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital asked family members for permission to conduct an autopsy, but they declined, saying it was unnecessary if the official cause of death was lung infection, The Nation reported.An Oct 19 story in The Nation said Benpad, 48, had suffered a high fever, bronchitis, and rapid deterioration of his lungs after he cooked and ate sick chickens.Laboratory tests didn’t find H5N1, the head of the medical science department at the hospital said, adding that Benpad once had tuberculosis. (The story in The Nation didn’t say whether that infection had been cured.) H5N1 outbreaks in poultry continue in that region of Thailand.The spread of H5N1 to Russia, Romania, and Turkey has reinforced the theory that migratory waterfowl are spreading the virus, an OIE spokesman told Reuters news service.This week the OIE wrote, “The existence of known migration flyways of several bird species connecting Southeast Asia, Siberia and Europe shows a possibility of the introduction of the H5N1 virus to both eastern and western Europe.” The organization recommended increasing surveillance in the Caspian Sea region.”To assess the risk posed by migratory birds in transporting HPAI [highly pathogenic avian influenza] it is necessary to assess and monitor occurrences of AI in key species at strategic sites and at different times during the migration and breeding cycles of the respective species,” the OIE said.More than one species may be carrying H5N1, Dr. David Swayne, director of the US Department of Agriculture’s Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory in Athens, Ga., told the Canadian Press in a story published today.”It could be several different bird species that can be infected and possibly fly far distances and shed virus and transmit the virus,” he said. “It’s just a matter that no one has found that species yet. The only thing they’ve found has been the dead birds when an outbreak has been found in wild birds.”Recent sampling in Russia and Thailand has detected the H5N1 virus in a surprising number of bird species. In Thailand it has been found in the common Eurasian tree sparrow, pigeons, and mynas, according to a story in, the Malaysian national news agency. The report on the OIE fact-finding mission to Russia says the virus has been found in a variety of birds there, including buzzards, coots, cormorants, garganeys, green sandpipers, oyster catchers, phalaropes, pochards, rooks, sandpipers, sparrowhawks, starlings, teal, and white-headed plovers.”One of our major concerns is now the potential spread of avian influenza through migratory birds to North and Eastern Africa,” said Dr. Joseph Domenech, the chief veterinary officer at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, as quoted in an International Herald Tribune story today. If the disease reaches those areas, it could become widespread in the environment before it is even detected, he said.Also, because people in poorer African nations live in close contact with animals, such a situation would provide plentiful opportunities for bird and human viruses to mix, increasing the risk that the avian virus could gain the ability to spread easily among humans, the story said.”The close proximity between people and animals and insufficient surveillance and disease control capability in eastern African countries create an ideal breeding ground for the virus,” Domenech said.See also:Chinese report to OIE read more

These are the Gold Coast’s top five streets

first_img103-105 Hedges Ave, Mermaid Beach, sold in April for $11.6 million.IT’S long been known as Millionaire’s Row for its stunning mansions and the A-listers who live in them, but now it has a new claim to fame.Hedges Ave at Mermaid Beach has been dubbed the Gold Coast’s best street in a vote by the city’s leading real estate industry identities.The Bulletin asked 20 prominent agents to nominate the best five streets on the Glitter Strip.They were then rated from one-five with the top picks achieving five points down to the fifth choice getting one point.Using this method, the beachfront street came out tops with 63 points and 16 votes.Monaco St at Broadbeach Waters was second; followed by Commodore Drive in Surfers Paradise; Albatross Ave, Mermaid Beach; and Admiralty Drive, Surfers Paradise. 75-77 Monaco St, Broadbeach Waters, sold in March 2017 for $9 millionJohn Henderson Professionals Mermaid Beach director Luke Henderson rated Hedges Ave the best street.“It’s probably the most well-known street in Queensland,” he said.“There’s a lot of high-profile identities that live on the street and a lot of the properties have been under the same ownership for decades.”Mr Henderson said it was the street’s prominent beachfront location with easy access to restaurants and cafes that made it so popular.He thought Albatross Ave would have been rated higher than Monaco St and Commodore Drive for this reason.“One thing that diversifies the Gold Coast from Brisbane and Toowoomba is the beach,” Mr Henderson said.“My view is that the beach is certainly more a destination location than the river.”Kollosche Prestige Agents managing director Michael Kollosche rated Hedges and Albatross avenues equal best, mainly because of the beachfront lifestyle they offered. More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa17 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days ago185/12 Commodore Drive, Surfers Paradise, sold in March 2018 for $2.6 million“It’s also a low-density suburb which means they don’t have significant high-rises, which some other beachside suburbs do,” he said.“It’s an area that’s always going to remain tightly held.”However, he argued the riverfront lifestyle of Monaco St, which he voted second best, also had a lot to offer.Ray White Surfers Paradise chief executive Andrew Bell chose Monaco St as his top pick.“I think it’s a magnificent street with some of the best homes on the Gold Coast,” he said.“They’re really quite different architecturally. None of them are the same.”He argued that the properties were what made Monaco St so popular, which wasn’t necessarily the case with Hedges and Albatross avenues.“It’s lifestyle that drives property values and demand,” Mr Bell said.“It’s the beach that drives Hedges Ave, not the houses.”He wasn’t surprised with the results of the vote but said there were plenty of other areas that would rival them in coming years.“It’s wonderful to see the city is getting greater diversity, that there are now more and more up-and-coming streets that are offering people fantastic properties,” Mr Bell said. Gold Coast top five streets: 1. Hedges Ave, Mermaid Beach2. Monaco St, Broadbeach Waters3. Commodore Drive, Surfers Paradise4. Albatross Ave, Mermaid Beach5. Admiralty Drive, Surfers Paradiselast_img read more

Lead Institute to introduce associate degree in computer science

first_img 264 Views   2 comments EducationLocalNewsTertiary Lead Institute to introduce associate degree in computer science by: – July 17, 2012 Share Share Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Share David VitalDominicans wishing to pursue an Associate Degree in Computer Science will have the opportunity to do this September at Lead Institute. The fully accredited CXC/CAPE Associate Degree in Computer Science will be introduced to Dominican students for the very first time in September when the 2012/2013 academic year begins. Lead Institute will offer the two year programme to both its fulltime and part-time students. “Not only will the Associate Degree in Computer Science benefit and provide a solid foundation for further studies for the traditional IT or Computer Science student wishing to specialize in the field, but it is also an excellent solution for the non-traditional adult learner seeking to upgrade his o her qualification” says David Vital, Director of Lead Institute. The CXC/CAPE Associate Degree in Computer Science carries a total of 70 credits and is accepted as normal matriculation to full degree programmes at regional universities, and colleges in Canada, the US and the UK. It is also highly recommended and widely accepted throughout the OECS, CARICOM and the wider Caribbean for employment purposes.To be awarded the Associate Degree in Computer Science, students must perform at Grades 1- V in at least seven CAPE Units. Course Units include Computer Science Units 1 & 2, Pure Mathematics Unit 1, Information Technology Unit 1 or 2, Management of Business Units 1 or 2, Communication Studies and Caribbean Studies.Alternatively, students may choose to register and write exams only for the individual CAPE Units available under the programme. Addition of the Associate Degree in Computer Science brings to four the total number of CXC CAPE Associate Degrees offered at Lead Institute. The others are Business Studies, Humanities and General Studies. Students wishing to be given priority consideration for the Associate Degree in Computer Science or any other of the Lead institute programmes may pick up an application form at Why Knott Tool Rental & Accessory on Kennedy Avenue close to the Financial Center or call 276 8548 or email for further information. Deadline for receipt of applications is August 15, 2012. All other applications thereafter will be processed normally.Press Releaselast_img read more

Salah prompted by Messi’s claim to stun the world

first_img Apart from Salah not being Klopp’s first choice last summer (his credentials were continually pushed by the sporting director Michael Edwards, the head of recruitment Dave Fallows and the chief scout Barry Hunter after Bayer Leverkusen’s Julian Brandt opted to stay put), the Egyptian was expected to contribute from wide areas after his arrival from Roma but not emerge as a talisman. In a season containing nearly as many superlative descriptions as goals scored, Mohamed Salah continued to write his own Liverpool destiny with four superb finishes in a personal performance at Anfield that was as complete and as ruthless as anything this famous stadium has seen down the decades. Watford will have returned home last night wondering how they were on the end of such a sobering scoreline. They were by no means a shambles. Yet, in sport, ability generally finds a way of shining through and Salah’s class is so clearcut, so emphatic and so enjoyable that he is comfortably the Premier League’s most attractive sight at present. The really frightening thing was he barely broke sweat – his goals completely dismantled Watford yet he maintained a relaxed, smiley air throughout. Two of his goals carried the same jinking manner and positional nous as that displayed by Lionel Messi, and Jürgen Klopp noted that Salah’s form this season is making comparisons between the two increasingly valid. His record, this season at least, is better than Messi. Mohamed Salah has now scored more times in a debut campaign than any Liverpool player in the club’s entire history. He reached number 36 here via a four-goal haul, surpassing Fernando Torres in the record books and surpassing Messi’s total, albeit in two fewer games. Surely only Sergio Agüero can stop Salah now from topping the Premier League charts come May when you take into account Harry Kane’s injury. It is worth remembering too Salah did not arrive from Roma last summer as a forward. For his recruitment at a fee that now feels like loose change, you have to credit Michael Edwards, Liverpool’s sporting director. For Salah’s subtle repositioning, you have to credit Jürgen Klopp and commend his vision. For delivering, you can only credit the player, who is currently in the process of redefining expectations on wingers in this country. They played Ken Dodd’s signature tune ‘Happiness’ at half-time as a tribute to the legendary Liverpool comedian who died last week. Read Also:Salah Beats Mane To Liverpool Goal Of The Month Award As a great entertainer and close friend of Bill Shankly, Doddy would have appreciated what the club have in Mo Salah. Salah hits new heights each time he plays. His first hat-trick for Liverpool on Saturday night ended up as a four-goal haul; two worldies and two poacher’s finishes. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The Liverpool superstar bagged 44 goals across all competitions in his opening campaign and went on to win a plethora of awards for his simply incredible efforts. Four of those strikes came during one match against Watford when the Reds thumped the Hornets 5-0 on this day in 2018. Those watching on were left stunned at how one player could produce such a performance and here’s what the media made of the Egyptian at the time. Mohamed Salah last week starred in an acclaimed advert featuring some of Liverpool’s most historic sights. Anfield, though, remains the perfect stage on which to showcase his own outrageous talents. The Egyptian continued to set new standards as Liverpool responded to Jurgen Klopp’s call by overcoming both the weather and Watford to strengthen claims for a top-four finish. Given Premier League defences have struggled to contain Salah, it was perhaps no surprise the wintry elements proved no barrier. A sensational four-goal haul – with an assist for Roberto Firmino thrown in for good measure – moved him on to 36 goals in 41 games during a remarkable first Liverpool campaign in which he shows no signs of relenting. Salah now has the most amount of goals scored by a Liverpool player during a debut season, surpassing the previous best of 33 by Fernando Torres. Indeed, Torres, John Aldridge, and Luis Suarez never netted so many in a single term for the Reds. No player in Europe’s top five leagues has scored more goals this season. In a season of so many highs, so many spectacular goals, this was something special from Salah, made all the more memorable by it being achieved amid constant snow flurries. The images from the evening will resonate for years to come. And, whisper it quietly, that Egyptian Messi tag does not look misplaced on this evidence. There are various ways of measuring the jaw-dropping impact that Mohamed Salah is having at Liverpool, but one message in particular scribbled on his first souvenir match ball served to encapsulate his feats succinctly. “I just kept it simple for him,” said captain Jordan Henderson. “I just wrote, ‘Well done superstar.’ ” And in those three words, he summed up the phenomenon that Salah has become; a clinical goalscorer whose penalty-box prowess does not simply astound his opponents, as Watford’s bamboozled backline could testify, but also his manager. Jürgen Klopp confessed afterward that he was not expecting this. Not 36 goals by mid-March certainly and, in truth, probably not half that amount by this stage of the campaign. Mohamed Salah transported football standards into a different stratosphere during his first season at Anfield as he lived up to his nickname ‘Egyptian Messi’. 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Robert Allen Hueseman

first_imgRobert Allen Hueseman, 69, of Dillsboro, Indiana, passed away Monday, May 15, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio.He was born December 15, 1947 in Milan, IN, son of the late Irvin George Hueseman and Martha Marie Pittman Hueseman.Robert served his country as a member of the United States Navy.He worked in maintenance for Cincinnati Incorporated, retiring after over 25 years of service.Robert enjoyed photography, nature walks and Sunday drives. He loved to travel with his wife, and has been to all 50 states.Surviving are his wife, Margaret “Marge” Hueseman of Dillsboro, IN; children, Jeffrey Hueseman of Dillsboro, IN, Jennifer (Charles) Breen of Cincinnati, OH, Jim (Katie) Hueseman of Jenison, MI; brother, Jerry (Linda Sue) Hueseman of Salyersville, KY; grandchildren, Joshua, Caleb & Levi Hueseman.Friends will be received on Saturday, May 20, 2017, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm at the St. John Lutheran Church Aurora, 220 Mechanic St., Aurora, Indiana.Memorial Services will be held at the Church, immediately following the memorial visitation, at 6:00 pm with Pastor Edward Davis officiating.In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Home for Our Troops. If unable to attend services, please call the funeral home office at (812) 926-1450 and we will notify the family of your donation with a card.Visit: www.rullmans.comlast_img read more

Arsenal legend approves move for Lille defender Gabriel

first_imgArsenal legend, Nigel Winterburn, has given his tick of approval over the signing of Gabriel from Lille. The Brazilian centre-back is expected to complete a switch to Arsenal this week after the two clubs agreed on a £27m fee. Speaking in an interview with, Winterburn said: “When someone gets linked with Arsenal I tend to do a bit of research on them and have a look at what they’re about. “For me, it’s all about the type of personnel you’re getting as much as the ability. But he’s highly regarded, a left-sided centre-half who is supposed to be very powerful.Advertisement “Arsenal have got problems at centre-half and they can’t seem to get a consistent pairing together with the players they already have in that position, so it’s quite obvious that that’s a position Arteta feels he must strengthen.” Winterburn continued: “It looks like a really positive signing. read also:Atletico Madrid ‘willing to offer Arsenal three players for Lacazette’ “The one slight worry I have is that it seems to be taking a very long time, even though he’s been linked for a while and Arsenal seem to be the main contenders for his signature, but I’m always a bit weary of Arsenal signings when they don’t get done quickly. But I still hope he signs for the club in the next few days.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content10 Greatest Disney Female Villains We Love Anyways5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks8 Things That Will Happen If An Asteroid Hits Earth8 Scenes That Prove TV Has Gone Too Far8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?The Adorable Model For Simba In The Lion King RemakeWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Yearcenter_img Loading… last_img read more

McDowell heroics ended

first_img “It was a great day,” said Dubuisson, who is guaranteed US dollars 510,000 for reaching the last four to add to his winnings from the Turkish Airlines Open at the end of last season. The 23-year-old is now all but assured of making Paul McGinley’s European team for Gleneagles and added: ” The key was my short game. I have been really practising hard here from the high rough and at the end it paid off because my chip on 17 was unplayable but I managed to make a good up and down.” Another up and down on the last left McDowell with a birdie putt to force extra holes, but for once the Northern Irishman was not able to hole the vital putt. Dubuisson will play Ernie Els in the last four, the seven-time Volvo World Match Play champion beating a demoralised Jordan Spieth 4&2. Spieth admitted he was “embarrassed” at his behaviour on the course as he looked out of sorts throughout, but commendably admitted his failings just minutes after the match had ended. “I didn’t have my stuff today but at the same time, mentally I didn’t handle it very well,” said the 20-year-old, who was the PGA Tour rookie of the year in 2013. “Wanting it so bad I just didn’t let things happen and you can’t show weakness to Ernie, he’s going to take advantage of it and that’s what I did today. “I was dropping clubs; I played a round like I was 14 years old and you can’t do that on this level. I’ll look back and learn from it.” Els, at 44 looking to become the oldest winner of the event, admitted he had taken full advantage of Spieth’s meltdown, adding: “I was also young once. Graeme McDowell’s brilliant run in the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship finally came to an end on Saturday as Victor Dubuisson booked his place in the semi-finals – and with it a likely Ryder Cup debut. Press Association “I could see he was a little frustrated because he wasn’t quite playing the way he played the rest of the week and that happens, under pressure you have to adapt. He’s going to learn it’s not always going to be rosy and nice, sometimes you’re going to have to work for it.” In the other half of the draw, Australia’s Jason Day beat an ailing Louis Oosthuizen to set up a semi-final with Rickie Fowler, who came through a rollercoaster clash with compatriot Jim Furyk. Oosthuizen received lengthy treatment for a back injury before play started and needed more out on the course before eventually losing 2&1 to Day, who reached the last four for the second year running. “I was disappointed to start on the range this morning not feeling too good,” former Open champion Oosthuizen said. “It got better, the last four or five holes I felt I could get through the ball better. It’s a bit painful that it always happens when I’m playing well and I need to address it big time and get it sorted. “I felt I played really well but you can’t give away holes to a guy like Jason. I had a tough start and it was really tough to get back from that.” Fowler looked to be cruising to victory when he was three up with six holes to play, only for Furyk to birdie the 13th, 14th and 15th and then take the lead with a par on the 16th. However, Furyk then bogeyed the last two holes – as he did at Medinah in 2012 to lose his crucial Ryder Cup singles match to Sergio Garcia – including a fluffed chip on the 18th, to gift Fowler the victory. “I just had to try and stay patient,” Fowler said of going behind on the 16th. “I had to make two pars but tough pars in the situation. It was unfortunate to see Jim hit the chip the way he did on the last hole. I really thought he was going to hit one up there like he did on the second one.” McDowell had played 58 holes to reach the quarter-finals and had remarkably never stood on any tee with the lead, producing miraculous comebacks to edge past Gary Woodland, Hideki Matsuyama and Hunter Mahan. And although the former US Open champion needed just two holes to finally get his nose in front against Dubuisson, the Frenchman fought back superbly and after taking the lead for the third time on the 16th – McDowell three-putted it for the second day running – held onto it with brilliant par saves on the last two holes. last_img read more