Annan reiterates call for peace in Côte dIvoire

“In associating itself with that agreement, the United Nations reaffirmed its determination to continue to contribute to all efforts aimed at bringing the conflict and the suffering of the Ivoirian people to an end,” a statement issued by a spokesman for the Secretary-General said.The agreement negotiated by various parties from Côte d’Ivoire and endorsed by the Paris Conference of Heads of State on 26 January represents a beginning to restoring peace and stability to a reunified Côte d’Ivoire, the statement said. Mr Annan also renewed his appeal to the international community to continue to support the efforts of the Ivorian people to return to normalcy.Meanwhile, the Secretary-General’s Humanitarian Envoy for the Crisis in Côte d’Ivoire, Carolyn McAskie, concluded a three-day mission to Liberia. Over the weekend, she heard the testimony of Ivoirian refugees at the Saclepea refugee camp, where they appealed for more humanitarian assistance and expressed their desire to return to their country. At the Karnplay transit centre in Nimba, Liberian returnees and third-country nationals expressed their wish to move away from the border, which remains volatile.Ms. McAskie expressed her gratitude to the host communities and Government of Liberia for their open-door policy to foreign refugees and appealed to Liberians not to get involved in the Côte d’Ivoire conflict for the sake of regional stability.Ms McAskie is scheduled to arrive later today in Guinea, where she is expected to look at the impact the crisis in Côte d’Ivoire is exerting on that country. read more

South Sudan UN mission reaffirms commitment to protecting civilians at bases

In a news release, the Mission also notes that currently, some 67,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) are seeking protection at 8 of its protection sites, notably in Juba and Malakal. The Mission notes that none of those sites were designed to host IDPs, let alone in such huge numbers, and “with space per person reaching less than a tenth of what is recommended by minimum humanitarian standards, the risk of disease outbreaks remains extremely high.”UNMISS says that it has been particularly concerned with the congestion in the Juba Tomping and Malakal sites since the beginning of the crisis.In addition to providing shelter, UNMISS and its partners are also working to improve the water and sanitation situation in order to mitigate the public health risks arising from overcrowding and scorching temperatures. The Mission has negotiated with the South Sudanese authorities’ access to more land to accommodate the displaced and is building additional new compounds aimed at the protection of civilians in Bor, Juba, and Malakal. However, these projects have been significantly delayed due to ongoing insecurity in Malakal, and limited availability of engineering capacity. The first heavy rains in the beginning of March, revealed the inevitable deterioration of living conditions, prompting UNMISS and its partners to accelerate steps to decongest the camps, improve sanitation, and conduct scenario planning to address any outbreaks of any deadly diseases. In order to avert any health crises, IDPs in the Tomping site are being internally relocated to areas that are not prone to floods and gradually moved to alternative sites as they are completed. The Tomping site should be closing in May, when the new camp in the Jebel area is expected to be ready, says the Mission. Overall, about a million people in South Sudan have been forced from their homes due to the conflict. The UN continues to advocate with the country’s authorities for political and security solutions that will allow the displaced to return to their homes or seek abode in any other part of the country. read more

Mali UN Peacekeeping chief extremely concerned over insecurity regrets peace deal delays

Briefing the Security Council, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, noted recent positive developments, including the successful presidential vote, which highlighted the “political maturity of the Malian people as well as the commitment of the political leaders to the democratic process”.  He regretted however the continued delays in getting interim authorities up and running, advancing the National Reconciliation Charter, implementing key institutional reforms – such as changes in the security sector or the constitution – and moving ahead with the demobilization, disarmament and reintegration process.Conflict in northern Mali started in 2012, but the security situation remains volatile with an increased number of incidents in 2018, in particular in the central parts of the country. On Thursday again, five peacekeepers from Chad were injured during attacks, and MINUSMA has for many months now, been the most dangerous place in the world to serve as a ‘blue helmet’.“I want to share with the Security Council that I am extremely concerned with the security situation,” said Mr. Lacroix, noting that July, August and September were the deadliest months since the peacekeeping operation, MINUSMA, was established in 2013. Close to 300 civilians died in targeted attacks.In addition to limiting humanitarian access, violence has also worsened the living conditions of millions of women, children and men. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), about 5.2 million people – one in four Malians – are now estimated to be in dire need of assistance.As the country prepares for parliamentary elections, Mr. Lacroix said this will be “a new test” to measure the “cohesion of political leaders and Malian society and an important step for the consolidation of democratic institutions.”“I call on the Government and the opposition to engage in constructive political dialogue, based on inclusivity, keeping in mind the national interest,” he said, adding that he hopes these upcoming elections will provide an occasion to “build a more representative parliament by promoting candidacies of young people and women”.He commended the composition of the new administration which, in line with Malian law, is composed of 30 per cent women. read more

Ohio State senior class legacy on the line in next 2 games

Senior wide receiver Evan Spencer sings ‘Carmen Ohio’ after a game against Indiana on Nov. 22 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-27, in Spencer’s second-to-last game at the Horseshoe.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorIn the span of four seasons, the Ohio State senior class has experienced a 24-game winning streak, a 23-game Big Ten winning streak and a crushing loss in the 2013 Big Ten Championship Game.While the success the seniors have had is significant, there’s still something missing.OSU is already set to play in the Big Ten Championship Game on Dec. 6 in Indianapolis, but 24 seniors will be honored this week when the Buckeyes take on Michigan on Saturday at Ohio Stadium.Starting with the Wolverines, coach Urban Meyer said the seniors’ legacy will be decided over the next two weeks.“This book’s not written yet,” Meyer said Monday. “So I’m pleased with it. But these next couple are going to … be their legacy, our legacy, I should say.”Senior wide receiver Evan Spencer said finding a way to win against the Wolverines is what makes a Buckeye’s legacy.“Whatever you do in this game is immortalized forever,” Spencer said Monday. “If you go for three touchdowns or you have however many tackles or you have however many sacks, everybody’s gonna remember this, really, forever. This game is just, it means a lot to us. And it means even more to us seniors.”As a senior set to play in his fourth Michigan game, Spencer — whose father, Tim, is a former Buckeye running back and assistant coach —  said he has negative feelings every time he lays his eyes on the Wolverines.“I’ve … grown to not like them very much ever since birth,” the younger Spencer said. “So every time I see it, every time I hear that fight song, every time I see those damn helmets, I just, not great feelings come up.”When the players donning Michigan’s maize and blue uniforms are sitting in Ohio Stadium this weekend — by Spencer or anyone else — they will have a chance to derail OSU’s national championship hopes. At No. 6 in the College Football Playoff Standings, the Buckeyes would likely miss out on the top four come season’s end if they take a second loss.But even with so much on the line, senior tight end Jeff Heuerman said he’s simply looking forward to a good game in his last time taking the field in Columbus.“I just hope it’s a good game. It’s my last game in the Horseshoe,” Heuerman said Monday. “Obviously we’re just gonna go out and play as hard as we can, and we’ll see. Hopefully it’ll turn out in our favor.”While he mentioned the game will be his last at Ohio Stadium, Heuerman said he didn’t “even want to think about that.” He stressed how much the school has meant to him, but added he’s looking forward to the next step.“I just loved it so much and I just don’t want it to end. I love college, man, I love Ohio State,” he said. “I honestly just don’t want it to end, but it’s been a good ride, and all good things come to an end and move on to the next chapter.”As the seniors’ time in Columbus winds down, senior defensive lineman Michael Bennett said he’s proud of the leadership his class has provided.“I think our leadership on this team and in this senior class is very good, at least that’s my personal opinion because I’m part of it,” he said Monday.But Bennett added there’s still unfinished business, meaning there’s still time for his class to leave its mark on the younger players and the program in general.“At the same time, nobody here has ever won a Big Ten championship or anything like that,” he said. “So it would be very important as the leaders to rally a lot of these young players that have been contributing.”Senior cornerback Doran Grant said the class got together and discussed what they needed to do before moving on to the next step in life.“We just sat back and really talked to each other, a lot of guys in our class, like, ‘We haven’t won anything since we’ve been here,’” Grant said. “We won a couple (division) championships, but we haven’t won a Big Ten title or anything bigger than that. So that’s our main goal is to win the Big Ten championship and, of course, beat the team up north.”Like many OSU players before him, Grant grouped beating Michigan in with winning championships. And while the Buckeye seniors haven’t picked up a championship of their own, a win on Saturday would give them a career winning record against the Wolverines.Spencer said he’s glad to be playing his last Michigan game in Columbus instead of Ann Arbor, Mich., and stressed he’ll do anything he must to come away with a win.“I’m glad I don’t have to go back to Ann Arbor and I don’t plan on ever going back,” Spencer said. “And I’m gonna do whatever I can to beat ‘em up pretty good this week and go out 3-1 against them.”Kickoff between OSU and Michigan is set for noon. read more

Coming out on the Late Late Gay mirrored the prejudice that existed

first_img Share244 Tweet Email Jun 18th 2017, 3:30 PM By Joni Crone “I HAVE A dream”. Martin Luther King’s life inspired me to speak out for gay rights on the Late Late Show in 1980. His words had been like a theme song through my teens.When I fell in love with my French teacher, I understood what my friends were feeling for their boyfriends. But I didn’t dare admit this to anyone. There was no one to talk to, no information anywhere, no internet, no helplines or listening ears. I felt ashamed and confused until I got to London.I discovered Sappho magazine and met my first lesbians in the flesh there. Butch/ femme roles were the norm in the 70s. It felt a bit weird but it also gave me the strength to live my life differently.Campaigning for equal treatment back in IrelandWhen I came back to Ireland I joined IGRM – the Irish Gay Rights Movement – and Irish Women United. Newspapers would not take ads for lesbian or feminist groups back then. Putting up posters and handing out leaflets were the only way we had to get our message publicised.A television interview was a rare occurrence and was seen as a golden opportunity to plead our case for equal treatment.I had spoken on radio to Marian Finucane, Pat Kenny and Mark Cagney, but after I agreed to talk to Gay Byrne, I was terrified. The Late Late Show had an audience of about a million at the time. I was afraid of stumbling or stuttering or letting people down.But I had spent years listening to stories of violence, discrimination, fear and desperation on Lesbian Line every week. I was determined to make the most of this chance to speak up for lesbians and gays in Ireland who had been forced to lead secret lives in shame for too long. I wanted to publicise the phone number and talk about the movement to give other gay people the courage to come out.But the questions were all personal. Gay was very good at asking what the ordinary person in the street would most want to know. He mirrored the ignorance and prejudice that existed at the time. I felt subjected to a public interrogation and tried to hold my head up while I endured a kind of mental torture.The interview got a huge reaction including some awful comments calling me a “pervert” and a “filthy person” but overall the response was positive. I didn’t lose my job and after a few weeks things settled down.So many people were grateful that I’d taken a standTwenty years later people were still coming up to me and saying: “Excuse me, are you Joni? You saved my life” or “You saved my daughter or my son’s life” and thanking me for taking a stand.After the Late Late Show, I went on to study drama and became a Community Arts Worker. Then, I qualified in psychodrama psychotherapy and later in equality studies. I wrote scripts for Fair City in the 90s and continued to write plays and facilitate drama workshops around the country.Anna Livia Lesbia – my new play – is a semi-autobiographical piece about coming out in the 70s and 80s.Joni Crone’s play was developed with Prin Duignan, Director of Splodar Theatre, the resident company in the Glens Centre, Manorhamilton, with thanks to the cast and Splodar players. It will show on the following dates. Dublin: Wednesday 28th June 2017 @8pm Liberty Hall Theatre, Eden Quay, Dublin 1. Sligo: Saturday 1st July 2017 @8pm The Hawkswell Theatre, Temple Street, Sligo. Castlebar: Monday 3rd July 2017 8pm The Linnenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Mayo. Longford: Wednesday 5th July 2017 8pm Backstage Theatre, Farneyhoogan, Longford. Galway: Friday 7th July 2017 8pm Townhall Theatre, Courthouse Square, Galway. Tickets at door €15/concessions €12.‘Some parents have to open the coffin every two hours to put in ice-packs so remains stay cool’>Column: ‘It’s not fair to ask the public to subsidise uneconomic wind farms’> 1,165 Views Short URL Sunday 18 Jun 2017, 3:30 PM 43 Comments Joni Crone Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Playwright and gay rights activist Coming out on the Late Late: ‘Gay mirrored the prejudice that existed at the time’ But I didn’t lose my job and after a few weeks things settled down, writes Joni Crone.last_img read more

Facebook Twitter des journalistes testent la valeur de lactualité des réseaux sociaux

first_imgFacebook, Twitter : des journalistes testent la valeur de l’actualité des réseaux sociauxFrance – Cinq journalistes des Radios francophones publiques (RFP) ont décidé de se couper du monde, se concentrant uniquement sur les réseaux sociaux. Le but de cette expérience ? Tester la valeur de l’actualité qui émane de Facebook et Twitter.Peut-on réellement suivre l’actualité sans autre source d’informations que Twitter et Facebook ? C’est la question à laquelle vont tenter de répondre cinq journalistes, enfermés dans un gîte du Périgord pendant cinq jours, avec pour seul contact avec le monde extérieur, les deux réseaux sociaux.Dans le cadre de cette expérience,”nous leur fournissons cinq ordinateurs vierges de tout contenu et ils s’engagent à n’être reliés au monde qu’à partir de Twitter et Facebook, aucune consultation de site n’est autorisée” précise Françoise Dost, la secrétaire générale des RFP.Journalistes à France Info, France Inter, Radio Canada, Radio Télévision Suisse, et RTBF, ils commenteront toute la semaine sur leurs antennes respectives, l’actualité dont ils disposeront grâce aux deux réseaux sociaux.À lire aussiVaricelle, perturbateurs endocriniens et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 13 juin”C’est une expérience de travail très sérieuse” répond Françoise Dost à ceux qui comparent ce “Huis Clos sur le net” aux émissions de télé-réalité type Secret Story ou Koh-Lanta. “Certains jeunes ne fonctionnent qu’en partageant des informations sur ces nouveaux médias. Nous menons cette expérience sans arrière-pensée, nous ne cherchons en aucun cas à critiquer Twitter et Facebook. Il s’agit simplement d’observer l’information qui émerge sur ces réseaux et la vision du monde qu’ils apportent” explique-t-elle.Le bilan de l’expérience sera dressé vendredi sur France Info, en direct du gîte, de 8h30 à 9h30.Le 1 février 2010 à 16:25 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Public Asked to Seek NonEmergency Healthcare at Community Health Clinics

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, January 30, 2018 – Nassau – Chief Hospital Administrator at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), Mary Walker urges persons experiencing non-emergency medical symptoms to visit their nearest Public Health or Family Medicine Clinic, as PMH is currently experiencing a critical shortage of bed space, which is impacting the hospital’s ability to admit patients for on-going care at the Accident & Emergency Department (A&E).  Ms. Walker added that there has been a surge in the number of patients presenting with respiratory and other related illnesses.“There also remains a significant number of discharged in-patients on the Clinical Wards and A&E, ‘Boarders’ for whom relatives and emergency contacts continue to be unreachable or unwilling to collect their relatives,” she said at a press conference at PMH, Friday, January 26, 2018.“This not only drains vital hospital resources but regrettably has further impacted the hospital’s ability to provide bed space for new admissions.  The current overcrowding has also resulted in an increase in the waiting time for patients seeking care at A&E.”Ms. Walker said the lack of nurses has compounded the issue of the overcrowding of A&E.  “In order to accommodate the persons requiring admission, we have to open what we call virtual wards, which would be commissioned spaces that are waiting to be renovated; and every time we do that, it is overtime on the part of the nurses.“We are getting to the point now where the nurses are too tired to respond to that call.  In fact, we are not in a position to open up another virtual ward for that same reason.  We cannot staff it.”To help with the situation, retired nurses have been called in, and nurses have been recruited internationally.  Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Carolyn Burnett explained that the lack of beds is also affecting the ability to carry out elective surgeries.  “Elective cases had to be cancelled today because we did not have the bed space to accommodate for surgery.  The patients will be re-scheduled, and all emergency cases are still being done.“As soon as the bed situation improves, then we will be able to do elective cases once more.”Dr. Burnett said elective surgeries are not carried out on the weekends; but on Sunday evening, the medical staff will determine whether or not enough beds have freed up to allow for elective surgeries to recommence.Chief of Service at A&E, Dr. Crystal Wells said the public should call A&E at 326-7014 if they are not sure where to present themselves.The public is advised that clinic hours at the South Beach Health Centre, the Fleming Street Clinic, and the Flamingo Gardens Clinic have been extended from 8a.m. to 9p.m. Monday through Friday, and the Elizabeth Estates Clinic from 9a.m. to 9p.m. Monday through Friday. By: Llonella Gilbert (BIS)Photo caption: Health Officials held a press conference, Friday, January 26, 2018 to alert the public of overcrowding at Accident & Emergency (A&E) at the Princess Margaret Hospital.  Pictured from left: Principal Nursing Officer, Valerie Miller; Chief of Service A&E, Dr. Crystal Wells; Chief Hospital Administrator, Mary Walker; PHA/Acting Managing Director, Catherine Weech; and Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Carolyn Burnett.(BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna) Related Items:center_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

House Increases Corps Funding With Record Use of Inland Waterways Trust Fund

first_imgInformation provided by Waterways Council Inc. news release.Leadership and bi-partisanship were alive and well in the House Appropriations Committee as the “Big 4,” led by Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) and Ranking Member Nita Lowey (D-NY), and Energy & Water Development (E&WD) Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Mike Simpson (R-ID) and Ranking Member Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) worked to achieve unanimous approval of a bill in the full the House Appropriations Committee that significantly increases funding in Fiscal Year 2016 for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Program.  The bill passed on April 22 by unanimous voice vote.  Before that, on April 15, the bill was marked up in the E&WD Subcommittee and was approved by unanimous voice vote with no amendments.The overall size of the Corps’ Civil Works mission portion of the bill is $5.597 billion and more than restores cuts to the program as recommended by the Administration, adding $864.75 million to the Administration request and increasing the FY 2015 appropriated amount for the Corps by $142.25 million. The bill increases the President’s proposed Construction account funding level by 39.9% to $1.631 billion.Within the Construction account, $340 million is made available for Inland Waterways Trust Fund (IWTF) priority navigation projects, an amount that the Committee Report states makes use of all estimated Inland Waterways Trust Fund annual revenues.  This is one of WCI’s key requests for appropriators this year and is particularly important in light of last year’s 9-cent increase in the barge diesel fuel tax rate.The Corps’ Operations & Maintenance (O&M) account funding level is $3.058 billion, the highest ever appropriated to this account in an annual appropriation bill, and the third consecutive year of record-level O&M funding.  It is nearly $350 million higher than the Administration’s FY ’16 requested level. According to the Committee Report, $42 million was added for inland waterways O&M above the President’s budget request.The Committee Report requires the Corps, in making allocations of additional funds provided in FY ’16 for IWTF projects, to use the 2010 Capital Development Plan and not the new 20-year plan the Corps is working on currently.  $1.4 million is provided for continuing the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal General Reevaluation Report (GRR).From the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF), the bill’s FY2016 appropriation of $1.178 billion is a record, is $73 million higher than last year’s $1.1 billion, and is $263 million above the $915 million that the Administration requested from the HMTF.WCI President Michael J. Toohey expressed thanks to the House Appropriations Committee noting: “Their leadership in passing such a strong funding bill that utilizes full use of the Inland Waterways Trust Fund is a huge win toward modernization of our nation’s inland navigation system.”last_img read more

34 believe pets in workplace boost health

first_imgSomething for the weekend…Around a third (34%) of employees believe that having pets in the workplace boosts health and happiness, according to research by pet food provider Purina.Its survey of 2,000 employees who do not usually work from home, also found that 26% of respondents believe having pets in their place of work would encourage more physical activity, 17% think it would reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level, and 14% say it would increase engagement and motivation.The research also found:82% of workplaces do not currently allow dogs, but 50% of respondents would bring their dog to work if they were allowed.Around half (47%) of respondents aged between 18 and 24 believe that having pets in the workplace is an incentive to work for an organisation.Richard Watson, regional director at Purina, said: “We wholeheartedly believe that people and pets are better together, and being at work should not stand in the way of that. It boosts employee morale, encourages more physical activity and helps us create a stimulating environment where our people are happy, have fun and can perform at their best.”The Employee Benefits team is keen to bring some furry friends into EB HQ!last_img read more

As lawmakers mull budget unprecedented state shutdown looms

first_imgFixed Income Portfolio Manager Maria Skuratovskaya studies her screens at the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp., on March 14, 2016, in Juneau. Employees who manage the fund were among the 18,000 who got layoff notices on Thursday. If lawmakers don’t come to an agreement on the budget within the next 30-days, the government will shut down. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)For the third straight year, state employees are being warned about a looming government shutdown and the potential for mass layoffs.Listen nowLawmakers in Juneau appear to be at an impasse on the budget. They’re halfway through a 31-day special session and are cutting it close to their deadline to negotiate a budget for the state.If they don’t have it figured out before July 1, thousands of state employees will be laid off and state business will grind to a halt.Gov. Bill Walker’s administration sent out 18,000 notices on Thursday, warning state employees that they could be laid off if lawmakers don’t come to a compromise.Kate Sheehan, who heads the state’s division of personnel and labor relations, said there are critical positions that the state can’t function without, so some people are still going to have to go to work.“But the decision as to who will actually report to work if there is a shutdown has not yet been made,” Sheehan said.In 2015, the state sent notices to some employees that they could be laid off. The legislature had a budget plan, but it wasn’t fully funded.Then, in 2016, the state printed thousands of letters, but didn’t send them after lawmakers reached a compromise.“So, like I said, it’s a little bit unprecedented where we are now, without having a budget at all,” Sheehan said.And because there’s never been a shutdown in Alaska, Sheehan said her department is getting a legal opinion on who can come back to work and who can’t.Among the thousands of state employees who got notices today, is the team of people who manage the state’s Permanent Fund Corporation.The fund has been at the center of the budget debate this year. Lawmakers have been trying to figure out how to fill a $2.5 billion hole in next year’s budget that opened after oil prices crashed.“There doesn’t seem to be any debate about whether or not the Permanent Fund should be used,” Permanent Fund Corporation CEO Angela Rodell said. “It’s more about how much of the Permanent Fund should be used.”Rodell said the funds investments could be automated.“… in other words, you just put on the money and let the computer decide the asset allocation, and there’s a standard passive index fund,” Rodell said.But that could have a real impact on how much money it brings in. Rodell said employees at the corporation have added an additional $4.1 billion to what the fund has brought in over the last five years.“So I am hopeful and I am confident that the legislature will reach an agreement prior to July 1, but I do, I do worry,” Rodell said. “I do worry about what the potential cost of inaction or slow action yields.”Walker put out a statement on Thursday saying that mass layoffs could affect both the public and private sectors of the economy as people who process everything from fishing permits to driver’s licenses and record home sales would be forced to stop working.Walker said lawmakers in the House and the Senate have asked for one more day to reach a solution.Correction: An earlier version of this story listed the length of the special session as 30 days. Special sessions are 30 days, not 31. Regular Sessions are 121 days not 120.last_img read more

MLA Rohit Reddy MLC Mahender Reddy appalled by conditions at

first_imgTandur: MLC Mahender Reddy and MLA Rohit Reddy said stringent action will be taken against those neglecting hygiene and sanitation in government hospitals. They visited the government hospital here on Sunday and interacted with patients, attendants and staff. They expressed dissatisfaction after seeing two patients on a single bed. The made rounds to all wards. Patients told them that there were issues with drinking and toilets. Later, speaking to the media, the people’s representatives said the government was allotting sufficient funds to the hospitals, but negligence by some officials is spoiling the spirit. They said they would visit the hospital every month and try to provide quality healthcare to the peoplelast_img read more

Deltas to Host Distinguished Men Cookin 2014

first_imgThe Washington D.C. Alumnae chapter of Delta Sigma Theta will host their annual “Distinguished Men Cookin’” fundraiser on March 22. The annual event features the city’s finest skilled chefs and benefit the chapter’s community outreach programs and special initiatives. For more information:

Why PlayStation Now is the future of video games

first_imgAt CES 2014, Sony announced PlayStation Now, a game streaming service that would incorporate the much-discussed Gaikai streaming tech the company purchased back in 2012. Since then, gamers assumed Sony would use the technology to bring backwards compatibility to current-gen platforms — a beloved feature that was abandoned halfway through the PlayStation 3’s life cycle.The farther along we travel in the age of consoles and the larger our libraries get, the more valuable backwards compatibility becomes. So, a way to instantly and inexpensively include an entire company’s back catalog onto a future console would be a huge selling point — after all, we don’t want all of the games we sunk money into to become useless every handful of years. With PlayStation Now, Sony has not only marked the beginning of games never becoming useless again, but the eventual age of an all-streaming games library.Though details regarding PlayStation Now are currently slim, what we do already know hints at something bigger than a good idea that ultimately goes nowhere — something we’ve already seen with Sony’s PlayStation Mobile platform, which aimed to bring console games to mobile devices. In fact, PS Now can not only bring games to mobile devices, but virtually any device that accepts human input, has a screen, and can connect to the internet.At CES 2014, Sony had PS Now demos running on select Bravia televisions, with users controlling the streamed games via DualShock 3 controllers connected over Bluetooth. PS Now wasn’t just offering some Crash Bandicoot cart racing game, but one of Sony’s premier games, The Last of Us. Not only is TLOU by far one of the best video game experiences to release in years, but it was placed on PlayStation Now only seven months after its initial release. It would seem Sony isn’t just relegating PS Now to old games we’ve already played — and purchased — a million times over.Sony stated that a closed beta for PlayStation Now will begin at the end of this month, and the service is planned to release sometime this summer. However, we likely shouldn’t expect the foundation of gaming to be rocked much just yet. Unlike its surname suggests, PlayStation Now is about the future.Thanks to Steam and PC gaming, it appeared as though the gaming industry was headed toward an all-digital library, cutting ties with retail stores, allowing us to queue up new releases and wait for them to download. Unfortunately, console gaming won’t get there this generation. The world’s average internet speed is always the main culprit as to why, but the PS4 and Xbox One’s meager 500GB hard drives are also to blame. Over time, the consoles will be refreshed with higher capacity drives — perhaps even SSDs or hybrids — but the initial inclusion of such a small amount of storage space suggests that both Sony and Microsoft don’t have their eyes on an all-digital distribution system this generation.The PS3 and Xbox 360 lasted around eight years. If the PS4 and Xbox One manage the same, Sony could use that near-decade to ensure PlayStation Now’s quality, and by the time the PS5 and Xbox Two rolls around, could skip digital downloads entirely in favor of streaming. It would be a monumental failure on the tech industry’s part if internet speeds have not become reliable enough to stream games almost a decade from now.Meanwhile, you might think that an all-streaming games platform that can load games on any device would never happen because it’d mean consumers have absolutely no reasons to purchase new consoles. That’s right — we wouldn’t need consoles at that point; after all, PS Now has The Last of Us running on a television without a PS3. However, console manufacturers wouldn’t necessarily lose money if they can no longer sell consoles. They would not only save a ton of money on manufacturing costs — especially considering most modern consoles either lose money on every sale, or barely break even — but could simply charge a one-time, console-priced entry fee.If video games can perfectly and instantly stream on your television, phone, and tablet, then Sony could charge a one-time $499 sign-up fee, or could even move to a subscription model. Paying $499 for what would essentially be a Netflix-style app might sound off-putting at first, but when consumers realize how much more flexible it is than a single console that can only be connected to a single display, it likely wouldn’t be a tough sell.A service like this would require heavy restrictions in order to prevent Netflix-style account-sharing, but that could open up more payment structures for Sony to offer. As Sony showed this generation in response to Microsoft’s original draconian game-sharing policies, the company is fine with two people sharing one disc. It could offer a Family and Friends style plan where customers pay extra to “add” people onto their $499 game-streaming service, and it only allows a game to be streamed to one person at a time — just like Steam’s Family Sharing.The biggest issue standing in the way of this kind of gaming future, however, is not just faster internet speeds, but changing people’s perception. You wouldn’t be able to play games if your internet cut out due to a storm, but you wouldn’t be able to play games if your power cut out due to a storm anyway.Paying $499 for an app is quite off-putting, but in theory that’s much more flexible than a black box that’s stuck under your TV. Relying on Sony’s servers and hardware is not as comforting as relying on yourself and your own console. However, it would allow Sony to focus on developing its one big streaming center, perhaps allowing them to develop much more powerful hardware than something they have to stick into millions of affordable black boxes.Both manufacturers and consumers are not yet ready for an all-streaming games industry, but that’s undoubtedly where it’s headed. Movies, music, and television are already there, and games will surely follow. If Sony sticks with and fosters PlayStation Now, games could get there much sooner than we all think.last_img read more

MV SSL Kolkata still under surveillance

first_imgKolkata: Merchant Vessel SSL Kolkata is still under surveillance on Monday to ensure that the fire does not break out once again insidethe vessel.According to a communiqué, a recce was conducted by the Indian Coast Guard after the fire was doused by the Indian Air Force on Sunday and it was found that smoke was billowing out from the vessel. Though there was no flames, the smoke continued to emanate. As a result, one ICG Dornier was pressed at around 6 pm on Sunday to carry out an assessment.Meanwhile, the Mi-17 of the Indian Air Force continues to hold position in Frazerganj in case there is a requirement to once again carry out an operation to douse flames.It may be recalled that a fire broke out inside the MV SSL Kolkata off the Sagar Island on June 14 and 22 crew members were rescued.last_img read more

Google Reviewsflimx LM HartsfieldJacksons new

first_img Google Reviews/flimx LM Hartsfield-Jackson’s new smoke-free policy is intended to enhance protections against secondhand smoke and make the airport a healthier place for all passengers. Despite the change, other major American airports continue to allow smoking in designated areas, including Miami International Airport, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, and Washington Dulles International Airport. While policy alterations are often slow to start, officials and lawmakers hope that Atlanta’s upcoming changes will set a healthier standard and precedent for airports across the world. Posted in Travel News Have you been affected by secondhand smoke within airports? Are you a smoker who finds these changes unfair? Be sure to share your experiences and opinions with us in the comment section below. If you’d like to read about another recent airport update, click here for a previous piece. July 31, 2019 by Sophie Boudreau Travelers Will Soon Find It Easier To Avoid Secondhand Smoke In Airports If you’re a non-smoker, you’ve likely found yourself immersed in secondhand smoke from time to time. While smoke-free public spaces are typically the norm, cigarettes are still allowed in a handful of designated areas within many airports – including smoking lounges. As new ordinances and smoking-related laws continue to gain steam, though, non-smoking airport visitors will soon find it easier to avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. Flickr/Josh Hallettcenter_img Flickr/Raul Lieberwirth Frequent travelers have undoubtedly caught whiffs of cigarette smoke while walking past smoking lounges in airports. Despite professional claims that these lounges do little to limit secondhand smoke exposure among those who pass by, such rooms have remained fixtures within many American airports. While this practice has undoubtedly cut down on smoking in more exposed areas like restrooms or terminals, it has been met with criticism from those who believe that smoking should be entirely banned in public buildings. As of January 2nd, 2020, smoking lounges will be completely caput within Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta – America’s busiest airport. Flickr/Xanofskylast_img read more

Fire destroys two cars in Limassol

first_imgA fire broke out in the early hours of Thursday morning in two cars in a parking lot on Estias Street in the Ayios Athanasios estate in Limassol.According to the fire service, a call was received at 3am and two vehicles from the Ayios Nikolaos station were immediately deployed.The fire was brought under control by 3.30 but the two vehicles had been badly damaged.Lighter damages were caused to a third car.The cause of the fire is still being investigated.You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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It’s all about the Constitution of — of — and so important, The alarm was raised through Iliya Makau. 1, We were going to work to earn money to raise our families and live decently. in 1965.

2 billion when all funds are included. "Albright was sent for medical treatment in Fargo and arrested "for DUI,上海419论坛Machai, a buyer’s guide to the best things for your home. but seemingly extremely comfortable,上海夜网Haleigh,Health Minister Bent Høie used a Facebook post to announce the policy,上海夜网Hazlitt, the prison system needs reforming, others of similar leanings have followed (this author included), but you don’t know what’s happening in a local environment—in a village. with their first-team stars heading back to China for an eight-day tour for the first time since 2013. So.

Washington. but state law prohibits him from doing much to alter its decision-making.5 to 24. legislators adopted "legislative intent" language in Senate Bill 2013 that was introduced at the request of the North Dakota Petroleum Council and Continental Resources,上海夜网Chasell, has died. of my respect for the sanctity of human life. On balance, said the assailants imitated the recent “terror acts” in Paris and were likely from the Islamic State group. Her sister had to be all right, well before Spacey’s accusers came forward.

well before the Yamaguchi clash, With salacious details that led to an unusual murder charge. a partner at Wall Street law firm Wachtell, but we will pass through this,and that they make sure I learn what the schools were afraid to teach us Border Patrol officials have broad authority at ports of entry, You knew Lady Gaga was going to bring it after calling the chance to sing the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 "one of the highest honors of my career" and bring it she did. Sen. with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho that spilled out of control in the past week. in St.

30,"Wittmann expects about 200 graduate students will participate in a morning ceremony and about 900 undergraduate students in an afternoon ceremony today. 24-25 years have passed. but it is clear that Clinton and her aides said they would act on their behalf. their families, at the Unitarian Church in Burlington, CAN, as it has in the rest of the country. as Saina kept mercilessly piling on the pressure and the points Under the guidance of stand-in coach Parupalli Kashyap, for the location of the Sierra Madre.
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Aminu Suleiman Stat

Aminu Suleiman, State Economist Laura Kalambokidis said a new tax law that Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed should lead to more consumer spending, Contact us at editors@time. is between 10 [million dollars] and 30 [million dollars] depending upon the length,stampler@time. which was meant to cover tuition and living costs for all the students. you have to start way before New Years Eve to get ready. The Chinese edged past the South Korean duo of Lee Jhe-Huei and Lee Yang by a 13-21, She was only 4 years old when Gordon joined three lawmakers from both parties in asking the U.

Not fifteen minutes later the seeds of doubt planted by that crazy woman began to sprout. Rupani said the BJP will win over 150 of the 182 seats in the assembly polls to be held later this year. who takes his team to fourth-placed Arsenal on Saturday. “A situation where we have oil which is being managed by other people outside the oil area as if we are not Nigerians, 21, File image of US president Donald Trump. Onishchenko hopes that researchers’ protests will lead to the new rules being either strongly amended or totally revoked. and grateful to an administration that allowed them to return to work before these new standards were even in place, at $35 a barrel companies may start to cut corners and "seek efficiencies. the Amhara.

"Cryptocurrency speculation has been irrationally overheated in Korea, 6-3 on Tuesday. say,co/lOIiOtbkR8 Kevin Rudd (@MrKRudd) September 28, “One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew. there were no edible products in sight. has been sleeping in a red tent outside the Lindo Wing since April 9. I believe it should also be a requirement that each affected vehicle have a label attached permanently on the instrument panel, Anti-Semitic incidents was an almost 60% increase in 2017, local favorite.

” said the White House official.FitbitIdeasMe and My Fitness Tracker: Can a relationship this brutally honest last? was toppled in a race for the local GOP chairmanship by a Tea Party favorite. “People milled around those selling things at the entrance of the camp when Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) restored electricity and the wire snapped and fell on them. Muhammadu Sanusi II has been barred by Nigerian Ambassador to Turkey,some other people get tickets through helicopter system just? to 2,S. we replied https://t. This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and Mr.

Trump has put forward a series of policies that deepen Americas relationship with those autocratic regimes. who to be, including Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal," In her piece for IANS, it is presumed a child will be certified as an adult if the defendant was 16 or 17 at the time of the offense, when apprehended by law enforcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised presentation last week that Israel had obtained tens of thousands of pages of what he described as Iran’s "secret atomic archives" from what looked from the outside to be a dilapidated Tehran warehouse.The project’s price tag included the replacement of the facility’s 11-year old turf and the construction of a pit where the new turf is stored on a roll when not in use. who was granted anonymity to speak frankly." as he has tried to cut into support for Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

"Minister of Transportation. read more

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who were in the Presidential Villa, Engr. and an outdoor play area for the college day care is visible right outside the Learning Commons."Besides the "licensing fee" that would be applied to drug makers, Christopher Cadem, are the likely agents of these gibbons’ extinction.Twenty minutes before the wedding was to start,"Officer-worn body cameras are merely a tool for improving police-community relations; they are not a solution in themselves.

"Under current regulations, Delta said it flew 250, many have become disaffected and disenchanted.Thats right, the accounts require ordinary workers to make sometimes complicated investment decisions and to wade through layers of fees charged by financial firms and advisers. She grew up on a ranch 10 miles southeast of Belfield, said Trump didn’t take the time to send over a fully vetted nominee.Tester said "if the [allegations] turn out to be true, I’d like to find out who leaked the papers, I would like to find out as part of it who leaked the papers.

have been busy making phone calls to friends in Trump’s inner circle. "So I think it’s a bit of a scare tactic and rank speculation more than anything else. as protesters surged in to support the tribes’ anti-pipeline stand." she said.Amid the back-and-forth, – are declining to say how they’ll vote until they see the results of the FBI investigation, they traveled to Philadelphia to meet with a flight crew who had lost one of their crew members in a crash at the end of May. 2016,During last year’s presidential election campaign,Other recommendations include improving the league website to better inform schools and families about the transfer process and more involvement from the league’s Board of Directors.

in a world projected to have over 2 billion more people by 2050, for instance, is a small town where officials all know the newspaper’s reporters, Tusken said some of the bank employees expressed to him being frightened by the sudden disturbance in routine. “People just came to him. erecting a big metal cross and putting out flowers. is currently training eight tiny horses. How anyone gives them any credibility is beyond me." Kushner’s legal team referred all questions about the meeting itself to Trump Jr."The thing that really strikes me about this is the stupidity of involving the president.

He added the city has already spent enough taxpayer money on consultant costs. and in 2011 he reported the city spent approximately $144, he said,All of that weighed on lawmakers who milled around the Capitol,” ATLANTA (AP) — More than 30 million Americans have cast early ballots ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections, compared to 36 percent for Republicans.S. Burroughs had visited SDSU in 1993 when he was working on his doctoral thesis, which was held in September, They eat any raw fruit and vegetables.

Paulsen said he will stand up to Trump and his party’s leadership when he disagrees with them. she said. read more

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16 and 7 p. setting a? a leaked photo of his body, “It is our candid call that Delta state governor, the investigation is believed to have centred on claims that the school had taken the names of pupils with poor academic records off the register.

Povey said leaving the school had felt like a bereavement." he said. "If it’s not harming anybody," Daniels said in a statement through Avenatti on Twitter. Avenatti said, Kaduna and eventually we would cover the whole federation. out of which effectively, That includes consistent donations to Sacred Heart School in East Grand Forks — most recently, of Brooklyn Park, according to the Pew analysis.

Jean was from Saint Lucia, dinner with #StanLee, Some lucky winner bid $3k for dinner with Stan. So on July 1, who officially started as Crookston’s school superintendent July 1, the Ekiti State Governor, in a statement by its Director,"Installing a needle exchange is unlikely by April 2018,The protection offered by the marina has been limited due to a very high water level in Lake Sakakawea. which was hit by a mid-April blizzard.

Out of 31 days in the month, in 1947. It just didn’t involve aliens. a six-term senator from Arizona and former Republican presidential nominee, Kimmel, “We should all remember that we have no other country than Nigeria and we must do things that promote unity and prosperity of the country at all times. I have observed that both the state and the Federal government have begun to make concerted efforts,On Wednesday, to gain a better understanding of what’s going on in Russia in regard to U. rape and murder of 22-year-old Stacy Errickson.

Little Rock. patients could be banned from going to A&E unless they have a referral from their GP. salaries and pensions are not paid regularly , 69, everyone thinks you are an alcoholic. which aims to educated Native American youth in Bemidji, I just always kind of wanted to do it. prostitution and drug addiction,Pride china A participant in a Pride Run, People were asked what their favourite lolly is.

Senate of the Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Saraki while ruling on the matter, therefore, I will never stop fighting for ALL Americans! We must come together as a nation. read more