Marlene Bird talks about being attacked and her struggle since

first_imgLarissa BurnoufAPTN National NewsIt’s still hard for Marlene Bird to remember exactly what happened to her the night she was attacked and set on fire in Prince Albert last June.She recalls talking to a group of people, mostly men who seemed nice, but she didn’t know any of them.“All of a sudden I don’t know what happened but I started to get hurt, to get hit,” said Bird, 47.  in an interview with APTN National News airing tonight. “I started to get hit on my head. I was trying to get up to see.”She blacked out.When Bird came to in the hospital she didn’t know what happened to her or the extent of her injuries.The back of her head was swollen from the beating and her face lacerated, partially exposed from cuts nearly taking her left eye.She was also set on fire with severe burns waist down. They were so bad doctors had to remove both of her legs.“Why did this have to happen to me?” said Bird. “What did I do so wrong to have this happen to me?”Even though she doesn’t remember the attack, Bird says she is haunted by what happened.“I kept dreaming and having some nightmares waking up just scared and shaking,” she said.Police later arrested and charged Leslie Black who’s scheduled to appear in court again later this month.Prince Albert police said they don’t expect to charge anyone else for the attack on Bird and the details of its investigation will come out in trial.For Bird, adjusting to a life with no legs, and dealing the same addictions that left her homeless, is a constant struggle.She started drinking before she was in the Grade 1 and has lost count of how many foster homes she lived in. She struggles with past sexual and physical abuse and grew up as a product residential schools and an alcoholic home.Bird is a client of the YWCA and receiving addictions counselling, as well as temporary housing.Those helping Bird are struggling to find permanent housing that is wheelchair accessible.lburnouf@aptn.calast_img read more

McConnell looks to complete hemps comeback as crop

first_imgFRANKFORT, Ky. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants a full pardon for hemp.The Kentucky Republican on Monday previewed legislation seeking to free the plant from its ties to marijuana and let it take root as a legitimate crop.Hemp — marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin — would be removed from the controlled substances list under the bill he’s offering, McConnell said. The result would legalize hemp as an agricultural commodity.“We’re going to give it everything we’ve got to pull it off,” the Senate’s top leader told hemp advocates in his home state.The crop has been grown on an experimental basis in a number of states in recent years, and Kentucky has been at the forefront of hemp’s comeback. Kentucky agriculture officials have approved more than 12,000 acres (4,800 hectares) to be grown in the state this year, and 57 Kentucky processors are helping turn the raw product into a multitude of products.Growing hemp without a federal permit has long been banned owing to its classification as a controlled substance related to marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are the same species, but hemp has a negligible amount of THC, the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high.Hemp got a limited reprieve with the 2014 federal Farm Bill. McConnell helped push for the provision that allows state agriculture departments to designate hemp projects for research and development.Since then, 34 states have authorized hemp research, while actual production occurred in 19 states last year, said Eric Steenstra, president of the advocacy group Vote Hemp. Hemp production totalled about 25,500 acres (10,300 hectares) in 2017, more than double the 2016 output, he said.Supporters said the bill would bring more certainty for farmers, agribusinesses and investors looking at the crop.“The goal of this new bill, should it become law, is to simply remove the roadblocks altogether,” McConnell said. “It would encourage innovation and development and support to domestic production of hemp.”The crop, which once thrived in Kentucky, was historically used for rope, clothing and mulch from the fiber, hemp milk and cooking oil from the seeds, and soap and lotions. Other uses include building materials, animal bedding and biofuels.Hemp advocates, who have fought for years to restore the crop’s legitimacy, praised McConnell for putting his political clout behind the effort.“This is a huge development for the hemp industry,” Steenstra said. “Sen. McConnell’s support is critical to helping us move hemp from research and pilot programs to full commercial production.”Brian Furnish, an eighth-generation tobacco farmer in Kentucky, has taken the plunge into hemp production. His family will grow about 300 acres (120 hectares) of hemp this year in Harrison County. He’s also part owner of a company that turns hemp into food, fiber and dietary supplements.Furnish said hemp has the potential to rival or surpass what tobacco production once meant to Kentucky.“All we’ve got to do is the government get out of the way and let us grow,” he told reporters.McConnell acknowledged there was “some queasiness” about hemp in 2014 when federal lawmakers cleared the way for states to regulate it for research and pilot programs. There’s much broader understanding now that hemp is a “totally different” plant than its cousin, he said.“I think we’ve worked our way through the education process of making sure everybody understands this is really a different plant,” the Republican leader said.McConnell said he plans to emphasize the differences between the plants to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Trump administration has taken a tougher stance on marijuana.The Department of Justice’s press office declined comment Monday on McConnell’s pending legislation.McConnell said his bill would attract a bipartisan group of co-sponsors. He said the measure would allow states to have primary regulatory oversight of hemp production if they submit plans to federal officials outlining how they would monitor production.In Kentucky, current or ex-tobacco farmers could easily make the conversion to hemp production, Furnish said. Tobacco production dropped sharply in Kentucky as the health hazards of smoking became clear and tobacco use declined.Furnish said his family has reaped profits of about $2,000 per acre for hemp grown for dietary supplements, better than what they’ve made from tobacco, he said.Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said he hopes for hemp’s legalization, saying it can “open the floodgates and we can see the true potential of this crop.”last_img read more

UN announces firstever World Ocean Festival

At a joint press briefing at UN Headquarters today, Penny Abeywardena, the Commissioner of the (New York City) Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, joined Peter Thompson, President of the UN General Assembly, to announce the first-ever Festival which will be held on Sunday, 4 June, the day before the opening of The Ocean Conference, which will run from 5 to 9 June.The Festival, organized by the Global Brain Foundation, will galvanize people across the world to bring public attention to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 14, on conservation and sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development, “right here in New York City, a premier coastal city,” said Ms. Abeywardena.“Through these gatherings, people will come together to catalyze specific steps we can take as a community to preserve our oceans and engage our citizens and in particular, our young people,” she said, adding that, with 520 miles (about 835 kilometres) of coastline, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration recognizes the need for cities to lead on protecting the planet from degradation through sustainable consumption and effective management of the world’s natural resources and mitigating the worst impacts of climate change.For his part, Assembly President Thomson said New York City is a model not only in the United States but around the world of what cities can do in integrating the SDGs with their urban development planning, drawing attention to Mayor de Blasio’s ‘One NYC’ initiative.An opportunity to address major woes humanity has put upon the oceanAs for the Conference, he said “the ocean is in deep trouble,” facing threats such as marine pollution; fishery subsidies at a time when fish stocks are collapsing; and degraded coastal ecosystems planet-wide. “The Ocean Conference is [a timely opportunity] to address these major woes humanity has put upon the ocean,” he continued, adding that it also will provide an opportunity to think about the impacts of climate change. “With ocean acidification, we’re already seeing the effects of this; its serious business in Oregon and Washington state and its spreading around the world and is also serious business for the tropics, where because of rising temperatures life is leaving our waters because it is too hot,” explained Mr. Thomson, noting that 40 per cent of the cause of rising sea levels is due to the fact that oceans are heating up. UN Photo/Martine Perret And yet “all human problems have human solutions and that’s what the Ocean Conference is about, working to find what the solutions are,” he emphasized, noting that UN Member States are currently making good progress on the ‘call to action’ that would be agreed by the Conference. Further, in addition to a plenary, the Conference would also feature seven partnership dialogues focused on SDG 14. Mr. Thomson went on to highlight the registry of voluntary commitments, to which the UN was urging all stakeholders and “everybody who gives a hoot about the ocean” to register to between now and the Conference “so that you stand and be counted in our call to action to reverse the cycle of decline in which the ocean has been caught.” The roll of the media is important in all this, to get the word out about the state of the planet’s oceans “but also that we’re doing something about it.” Natalia Vega-Berry, founder of the Global Brain Foundation and Executive Producer of the World Ocean Festival said the event will aim to show world leaders gathering for the UN conference the urgency for taking action. “Our ocean is a connective tissue for the world’s entire population. It makes planet Earth and us all one, as we are surrounded by shores. At the same time, our ocean is at great risk of pollution, overfishing, climate change and more.” While coastal cities and island nations feel the most pressing burden of such threats, she said that the Festival will aim to bring together all people who care deeply about the oceans’ future to “raise their voices in support of the ocean and call on world leaders to take action to save it.” She said that while the Festival will be held in New York, other cities could also be inspired to organize their own events.New York’s festival will feature a first-of-its kind grand “ocean march,” which will be a parade of sailing vessels around lower Manhattan and along 10 nautical miles of Manhattan and Brooklyn waterfront from the Hudson to the East River. The second main event will be the Ocean Village, which will be set up at Gentry State Park in Long Island City as a “hub for all things ocean,” and will celebrate art, innovation and exhibits on ocean and climate action. read more

Good Riddance To One Of The Worst WildCard Weekends In NFL History

20092. Once we have those ratings, we can add them up to get an overall score for each playoff game. Unsurprisingly, wild-card games have the lowest average score, followed by divisional games, conference championships and the Super Bowl. (Hey! It works!) But this year’s opening weekend scored lower than the typical wild-card round in three of four categories; total scoring was the only metric in which it didn’t underperform, and even then, these games were basically average by wild-card standards. Pittsburgh’s 30-12 blowout over Miami was the eighth-lowest-rated wild-card game since 1990, and the rest of the opening weekend’s slate didn’t fare much better.4The highest-rated game of the weekend was, remarkably, Houston-Oakland, which ranked 43rd among the 108 wild-card games played since 1990.Overall, it was the fourth-worst wild-card weekend since 1990 according to my measure of game quality: Wild card avg. The good news is that things should get much better from here. Although New England is a massive favorite over Houston, the rest of the divisional round is filled with high-quality teams who should be relatively closely matched. That’s not always a guarantee of great football — looking back at my college-bowl grades, how about the barn-burner that was my highest-rated matchup? (Clemson trounced Ohio State 31-0 … oops.) — but it can’t hurt, particularly after the relative snoozefest that opened the playoffs. 20132. 19992. 19902. 20052. 19972. 20012. 20152. 19912. If you’re like me, the start of the NFL playoffs is always a source of excitement — until you remember that the two best teams in each conference have bye weeks, leaving the dregs of the postseason field to play games that aren’t much better than the league’s standard regular-season fare. Sometimes wild-card games can rise above all that, producing classic games in spite of themselves, but those games are the exception to the rule.Even by those low standards, this weekend’s wild-card action was full of duds. Texans-Raiders was one of the ugliest on-paper playoff matchups in recent memory — and it ended up being arguably the weekend’s most exciting game. Every matchup was decided by double digits, only one featured an above-average amount of scoring,1Relative to the NFL’s regular-season average of 46 total points per game. and there was only one upset in the bunch (if you even could call it that — our Elo ratings gave Oakland a slight edge over Houston, though Elo didn’t know about Oakland’s mess at QB). Add it all up, and it was one of the worst wild-card rounds since the NFL playoffs expanded to 12 teams in 1990.We can measure the quality of each playoff game using a metric similar to the one I used to grade college football bowls. To rate the NFL games, I graded each postseason matchup since 1990 by summing up four different five-point ratings2Where the average is 3, the maximum is 5, and the lowest possible score is 1.: how good the teams were, how close the game was, how many points were scored, and how much upset potential the game had.3Here’s how each is defined in more detail:How good the teams were. This is based on the harmonic mean of the two teams’ pregame Elo ratings. Better matchups, like Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots and Seahawks, get a 5; worse ones, such as 1999’s Cardinals-Cowboys wild-card tilt, get a 1.How close the game was. For this, I estimated the average margin of the game at any given moment, from the perspective of the eventual winner. Higher grades are given to great comebacks — see the Bills’ epic 1993 victory over the Oilers — and to nail-biters like the Giants’ last-second win over Buffalo in Super Bowl XXV. Lower grades go to laughers like the Jaguars’ 62-7 demolition of Miami in 2000.How much scoring the teams did. This is just the total number of points scored in the game. (High-scoring games aren’t always exciting, but they tend to be more watchable than grind-it-out defensive struggles.) The Cardinals’ 51-45 win over the Packers in 2010 gets a 5; the Steelers’ inelegant 7-6 victory over the Patriots in 1998 gets a 1.How much upset potential the game had. All else being equal, possible upsets make for interesting games. So for this category, I estimated the underdog’s average win probability at any given moment in the game. Games where the underdog dominates, such as when Baltimore thrashed New England in 2010, score highest; ones where the favorite’s victory was never in doubt, like when Tim Tebow’s Broncos never had a chance against the Pats in 2012, score lowest. 20062. 20072. Conf. champ. 19951. 20122. 20162. 20112. 20042. 19922. 20102. 20082. 19942. 19961. 19982. The best NFL wild-card weekends (1990-present) 20142. Super Bowl4. Divisional3. 20032. 20002. PLAYOFF YEARGOOD TEAMSCLOSE GAMESHI SCORINGUPSET CHANCETOTAL SCORE 19931. AVERAGE SCORE OF GAMES IN ROUND Each game is graded on a five-point scale in four categories: how good the teams were, how close the score was throughout the game, how many points were scored and the chances of an upset throughout the game.Based on data from 20022. read more

Lynda La Plante steps back from ITVs Prime Suspect prequel

first_imgThe television series is based on La Plante's novel She added: “I find the constant repetition of the same actors becomes almost farcical.”If you’re in the middle of watching a drama, you’ll think, ‘Hang on, weren’t they in EastEnders?’ and you’ve missed a whole section because you’re trying to place the actor.”The author has also been vocal about her hatred of gratuitous violence against women on screen, fearing too much television set out to glamorise it or make scenes titilating.La Plante had worked on the original series of Prime Suspect, helping it become a television hit before leaving after the third series after becoming unhappy with the way Tennison’s character was developing.In particular, she has said, she disliked Tennison being written as an alcoholic, and resented the fictional glass ceiling she had hit “with which I didn’t necessarily agree”.  The television series is based on La Plante’s novel Lynda La Plante, the authorCredit:Andrew Crowley She has made no secret of her televisual tastes, famously abandoning the original incarnation of Prime Suspect when she disagreed with how producers had treated her lead character.Lynda La Plante, the author, has now walked away from the much-anticipated prequel, it has been confirmed, after disputes over how Jane Tennison’s story was to be told.La Plante, the bestselling author, had been snapped up as the writer of the new ITV drama, based on her book Tennison and telling the tale of the young officer navigating the police force in her early days.But ITV have now confirmed they have parted ways, as a representative for La Plante said she is “very sad” about the decision. Martini, the actress who will star in the Prime Suspect prequelCredit:Getty A spokesman for La Plante said he would not be commenting on the reason for the artistic difference, with the author herself insisting she has not seen the finished programme and could not judge whether she was happy with the choice of actress. She has previously been clear about her hopes for the series, saying she was personally undertaking to find a brand new star from drama school.Last year, she told newspapers: “I don’t want a known actress, that would be very dangerous.”We’re looking at new girls. She can’t be exquisite, she has to have weight to her, a stillness, a strength. The hunt is on; I want to find her.” Stefanie Martini in Doctor Thorne Dame Helen Mirren, who launched to television fame in Prime Suspect Martini, the actress who will star in the Prime Suspect prequel Dame Helen Mirren, who launched to television fame in Prime SuspectCredit:ITV While she was initially credited as the writer of the series, a spokesman for the television channel has now said they are grateful to the author for “allowing us to adapt her brilliant book”. There has been speculation about disagreements over casting, with Stefanie Martini announced in the title role earlier this year.The actress, who plays the “young Helen Mirren” in the prequel, has previously starred in Endeavour and Doctor Thorne, the Julian Fellowes adaptation of Anthony Trollope’s novel for ITV earlier this year. She has since disclosed: “I have never seen the latter series of Prime Suspect. I had created what I thought became an iconic character.”I would not have let her be a drunk. I thought she’d fought too hard. I didn’t want to see the final series.”In an interview last year, she agreed the Tennison book and television series was an attempt to “regain control” over her own character.The prequel, a six-part series called Prime Suspect 1973 , is currently in post-production at ITV.It tells the story of 22-year-old Jane Tennison’s first days in the police force, in which she endured flagrant sexism before being thrown in at the deep end with a murder enquiry. Stefanie Martini in Doctor ThorneCredit:ITV Lynda La Plante, the author La Plante told Waitrose Weekend magazine that her decision to leave the ITV series was “a sad one, more than anything else really.”Asked whether she is happy with the choice of Martini, she said: “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it.”Her spokesman confirmed that she had left, repeating that it was a “sad” decision.A spokesman for ITV said: “Lynda La Plante has decided to step back from the drama series Prime Suspect 1973.”ITV will continue to produce and broadcast the six part series, which will come to air in 2017.”We are grateful to Lynda for allowing us to adapt her brilliant book Tennison.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

British Armys Ice Maiden team fly back from Antarctica triumph

first_imgMaj Sandy Hennis, is greeted by her family as the British Army’s Ice Maiden team arrive home at Heathrow AirportCredit:Christopher Pledger for the Telegraph Maj Sandy Hennis, is greeted by her family as the British Army's Ice Maiden team arrive home at Heathrow Airport Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A team of British soldiers who became the first female group to cross Antarctica using muscle power alone have flown back to the UK  saying they hoped their exploits would encourage others to push themselves physically and mentally.The six woman team flew back to London a fortnight after completing a trek that had seen them spend 62 days on the ice, sometimes travelling up to 27 miles a day.The trip saw the soldiers face temperatures as low as -40C while pulling sledges weighing up to 180lb, but they completed the trek without serious injury. The Ice Maiden team She said: “There might be days where you just wake up and say you don’t want to be there, or where someone might make a comment in passing that you would take in completely the wrong way because it’s stuck in your head for 10 hours, that then became all consuming and can really ruin your mood. It’s the mental resilience you need.”The expedition included studying how the women’s bodies to see how they coped with the conditions because the was no previous physiological research on women in extreme environments. She said: “We want to encourage people to take up adventure training and make the most of it and push themselves both physically and mentally.”Lt Jenni Stephenson said the hardest part of the challenge had been mental. The Ice Maiden team Major Nics Wetherill, the team leader, said: “I got my biggest injury of the whole trip by sleeping with a pillow on the first night back. I got a sore neck from that, but other than that it’s general fatigue and soreness.”The Ice Maiden expedition began as an attempt to encourage women in the Army to take part in adventurous training, but Maj Wetherill said she now hoped it would have wider impact.last_img read more

Over 1000 unaccompanied migrant children in Greece receive shelter and education

first_imgThe International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has announced that since the beginning of the year it has provided food and shelter to over 1,114 unaccompanied minors.Made possible thanks to a program funded by the EU, the minors were previously staying at reception halls or identification centres under protective custody on the Greek islands and have since been moved to 13 hotels across central and northern Greece.“Providing adequate accommodation and living conditions for unaccompanied children living in Greece is one of the priorities of the Greek government.IOM, supported by the European Commission, has set up this project to provide temporary accommodation for those who cannot be immediately accommodated in the shelters,” said Gianluca Rocco, the Chief of Mission for the IOM in Greece.He added that “shelters are being set up in Greece, but adequate numbers are still lacking. With this project there is still a possibility to ensure that proper accommodation is provided to these children”.According to figures released by the IOM, up until 31 October the majority of these children came from Afghanistan (453), Pakistan (395), Syria (104), Iraq (36) and Morocco (20), in a total of 27 countries of origin, including Sudan, the Republic of Congo, Somalia and Yemen.Meanwhile, in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education, the IOM is also giving minors access to education.“Since September of 2018, 220 unaccompanied minors have become members of Greek schools, 96 of which are in northern Greece and 124 in south Greece,” read the IOM’s report.Additionally, from 1 January up until 31 October, 2018 the Doctors of the World in close collaboration with the IOM provided a total of 13,900 medical services to unaccompanied minors.Within the same time frame, the Doctors of the World performed 587 injections, 1,568 references to other medical facilities, supplied 4,443 prescriptions and 7,302 sessions were covered. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

KFCs Loaded Cheetos Sandwich Is Here to Sabotage Healthy Diets

first_img A disturbing number of you must have really been enjoying this Cheetos KFC sandwich for the past half year because this cheesy chicken monstrosity is now rolling out nationwide starting July 1.God bless America, Colonel Sanders.Special announcement: I am finger lickin’ thrilled to bring the KFC Cheetos Sandwich to KFC locations nationwide on July 1.— KFC (@kfc) June 20, 2019Fast-food company KFC rolled out a limited-edition chicken sandwich with the cheesy snack chips at select U.S. locations, Insider reported. The sandwich, which is super crunchy, consists of a hand-breaded Extra Crispy Chicken fillet that’s smothered in a Cheetos sauce, and piled on a toasted bun with Cheetos.“Only at KFC”? I can put Cheetos in a sandwich, Colonel. You’ve underestimated me for the last time.— Wheeler (@Wheeler) January 30, 2019“Both KFC and Cheetos have dedicated fanbases loyal to each new creation,” a KFC representative told Insider. “It only made sense to merge these two iconic brands together to provide an irresistible and flavorful sandwich that gives the best of both worlds.”Customers also wrote mixed reviews on Twitter: Some were very excited to try it, and others weren’t thrilled about the high-calorie creation.KFC Testing New Cheeto Chicken Sandwich With Custom Cheetos Sauce – Yes, I think this sounds delicious!— Amanda Topper (@amandatopper) January 30, 2019 Stay on target PewDiePie Pulls $50,000 Pledge to Anti-Hate Group After Fan BacklashPolice Arrest Dutch YouTubers for Trespassing Area 51 Site Sign me up to test this one out. Thanks @kfc— Lance James (@Myll_Erik) January 30, 2019For more information on this KFC-meets-Cheetos dish, visit KFC’s website.More on’s ‘Fancy’ Ketchup Caviar Is All You Need for Valentine’s Day8 Bizarre Pie Flavors for Your National Pie Day FixThis High-Tech Pizza ATM Is #CollegeDietGoals Wtf is this #KFC #cheetos— ZionWeLove (@zyislife) January 30, 2019last_img read more

Interstate 5 closed between Broadway Marquam

first_imgPortland – Interstate 5 southbound is closed until 5 a.m. Monday between Broadway and the Marquam Bridge, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation. Access from I-5 southbound to Interstate 84 eastbound will remain open. The left lane of I-5 northbound will also remain closed through the weekend.Travelers on I-5 south will take Interstate 405 southbound as a detour. Congestion is expected near I-5 and the detour routes. Motorists heading through Portland should consider using Interstate 205.The freeway closure begins tonight.In addition, rolling slowdowns and lane closures are planned on Highway 26 west of downtown due to unrelated work.For more information visit: www.BurnsideBridge.orglast_img read more

BAHAMAS Our Future Success Must Be In Innovation and Technology

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, November 10, 2017 – Grand Bahama – Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson says that Grand Bahama remains high on the government’s agenda, and the launch of the first ever Technology Summit on GB is evidence of such a commitment.During his welcome remarks at the first Tech Summit at Grand Lucayan resort on Thursday, November 9, 2017, Minister Thompson said that one of the promises in the Free National Movement’s Manifesto was to make Grand Bahama a Technology Hub, similar to Silicon Valley.   Minister Thompson admitted that when the idea for hosting a Technology Summit first came about, he had no idea what a Technology Hub was or what it meant.“However, I believed in our Prime Minister’s vision for Grand Bahama,” said Minister Thompson.   “It didn’t take me long to realize that the technology industry is the way forward for our country and that Grand Bahama is ideally-suited for its development.“While our past success has been in industry, our future success must be in innovation and technology.   We recognize the importance of tourism in Grand Bahama, but I believe that today is a new day for Grand Bahama.   Today, I believe that we can re-brand Grand Bahama.   Today we cease to be the capital for industry; now Grand Bahama will be a place for industry and innovation.”Minister Thompson asked those attending the summit’s official opening how can Grand Bahama get to the point of becoming a Technology Hub?“How do we let the world know that we are open for business?  This is why we are here today:  Our government must shape the right policies and provide the right incentives and remove all obstacles in order to nurture and grow the tech industry.”The Minister of State for Grand Bahama confessed that the idea for a Tech Summit started as a small conference for industry stakeholders to shape policy. However, he noted that the more they talked about it and the more word about a proposed small tech conference got out, the more Grand Bahamians began to believe in the idea.“So today… we have over 450 people registered for this first ever Technology Summit,” said Minister Thompson.  “We have people from the United States, Canada and as far away as Africa.“Back then, when we were planning just a small summit, we joked about the possibility of getting some people from Silicon Valley to come and talk with us here in Freeport.   We even joked about getting some people from Google and Microsoft.   But during this conference you will hear from people from Silicon Valley, from Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and others.“Say what you will about the state of the economy of our island, the leaders and the giants in the technology world, have not just come to The Bahamas, they have come to Grand Bahama.”Minister Thompson noted that in addition to inviting tech companies to come to Grand Bahama, the Government of The Bahamas must also provide opportunities for tech business entrepreneurs.   In order to achieve that, a part of the two-day Tech Summit will be what is called a ‘Blue Marlin Challenge,’ where Bahamian tech business entrepreneurs will make their business pitch to representatives from Google, Microsoft and to Silicon Valley experts.Those who are successful will be awarded a $10,000 prize from the government to assist with the startup of their proposed business.“This is only just the start,” added the Minister.   “Our Grant Program will also continue next month… with our micro and small business economic empowerment program.    Our sponsors will be providing the winner of the Blue Marlin Challenge, courtesy of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, [with] one-year business license exemption.“So, who knows, after these pitches have been made, maybe Google or Microsoft will partner with a Bahamian to make their business idea a reality in Grand Bahama.   It is a new beginning for Grand Bahama — and this is just the beginning!”   Minister Thompson called on all technology companies, or those interested in starting a tech company, to set up shop in Grand Bahama.By: Andrew Coakley (BIS)Photo Caption:  Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson welcomed delegates to the first ever Grand Bahama Technology Summit, which opened on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at Grand Lucayan resort. Minister Thompson and his office were the force behind making the Tech Summit a reality. (BIS Photo/Lisa Davis)last_img read more

Lawsuit filed by victims of Taylor Bridge Fire

first_imgYAKIMA — In what could be among the first of many lawsuits, a dozen Taylor Bridge Fire victims have sued a state contractor and subcontractor working on the bridge where fire officials said the fire started.Authorities who managed the fire, which burned more than 23,000 acres and destroyed 61 homes, said it was started Aug. 13 by construction work, possibly welding. But they have not said anyone was at fault for the blaze.The state Department of Natural Resources is still investigating exactly how the fire started, a process that could take several more months, department spokesman Bryan Flint said Wednesday.The lawsuit alleges that the general contractor, Conway Construction, and the subcontractor, Rainier Steel Inc., didn’t take the proper steps to prevent or contain a fire started by their work.The attorney who filed the suit Monday in Kittitas County Superior Court, Mike Helgren, said he is confident about its chances even if the state investigation is not finished.last_img read more

Proposed Bill Honors Parren Mitchell Legacy

first_imgBy Afro StaffLast week Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (MD-07) introduced the Parren Mitchell Minority Business Education and Empowerment Act of 2019.The Parren Mitchell Minority Business Education and Empowerment Act will facilitate federal partnerships between the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The bill requires that the SBA distribute grants to a trial group of HBCUs of differing sizes to establish Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) on their campuses to provide technical assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.Parren J. Mitchell represented Maryland’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1971 until 1987. (Courtesy Photo)“As a proud Howard University graduate and a member of Morgan State University’s Board of Regents, I know the vital role Historically Black Colleges and Universities play in preparing young people to become leaders in their communities,” said Rep. Cummings. “Meanwhile, small businesses power the American economy while creating jobs and opportunities within communities. The Small Business Administration has signaled that it wants to be a leader in enhancing federal partnerships and resource allocation to HBCUs; this legislation will help facilitate this growth and develop data to inform further SBA activity with HBCUs on a larger scale.”The bill requires that the SBA submit an annual report to Congress regarding the entrepreneurship programs developed at the HBCU SBDCs under the grants, their curriculums, and the success or failures of their implementations. The report would also outline the economic impact of the SBDC counseling provided at each HBCU under the grants, and the number of small businesses assisted through the programs.The mission of the SBA is to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation and to help Americans start, build, and grow businesses.  The SBA routinely works with colleges and universities to strengthen or expand business development and foster entrepreneurship. However, SBA’s support is not evenly distributed throughout higher education; a March 2019 Government Accountability Office report found that “SBA’s key programs and outreach activities that foster entrepreneurship do not specifically target HBCUs.”Parren J. Mitchell represented Maryland’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1971 until 1987. During his time in Congress, Congressman Mitchell chaired the House Committee on Small Business, where he advocated heavily for capacity building in business and education as a vehicle to lift a generation.last_img read more

Observers blast restrictions on citizens in eastern Ukraine

first_imgThe OSCE, which said in the report that some civilians have to wait up to 50 days to receive their permit, urged the Ukrainian government to adjust the permit system in order to ensure that all civilians have a chance to travel safely and freely.Ukrainian officials insist the permits are a necessary safety precaution for areas bordering rebel territory.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. How men can have a healthy 2019 The Kiev government in January introduced travel permits for people entering government-held territory to cross back into the rebel-held east in what they describe as a bid to prevent the spread of separatism to other regions in Ukraine. Many local residents who stayed in rebel-controlled areas view the system as punishing and say it isolates them even further from the rest of Ukraine.The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in a report published on Wednesday lambasted the system for making it hard for residents to leave the war-torn areas or get access to humanitarian aid.“Many features” of the system, according to the OSCE, “have significantly impaired the ability of civilians to leave the Donbass” region. The observers also voiced concern about how local residents often have to travel through areas susceptible to crossfire and shelling to obtain such a permit.Associated Press reporters have observed an inconsistent application of the permit system, affecting local residents. Many have complained of getting stuck on the other side of the front-line waiting for their permits and not being allowed back once they have crossed into a government-controlled area. Others said checks at the crossings are arbitrary, often leading to residents with valid documents being turned down. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Observers from a European security organization on Wednesday criticized the Ukrainian government for restricting freedom of movement for residents in the war-torn east and urged it to reconsider the permit system it has introduced for crossing the front line.More than 6,100 people have been killed and 1.5 million displaced by the ongoing conflict between Russia-backed separatists and government troops. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Top Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 5 treatments for adult scoliosislast_img read more

Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires After signing with Arizona in 2009, Leach was recognized for his work in the community, being named the Cardinals Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year in 2010.“We take so much from our time here in the NFL and especially here in Arizona.”Heading into the 2015 season, Leach had appeared in 200 consecutive regular season games, becoming the 17th active player to achieve that milestone. That streak ranked as the longest among active NFL long snappers. With so many games played, Leach wanted to make sure he left on his terms, not due to injury.“As you get closer to the end, you start evaluating things, and I just felt the time was right,” Leach said. “I got through the season again relatively unscathed, couple kinks and bruises. I said in the letter I wanted to do it on my terms before they came to me and said, ‘hey, you just can’t get it done anymore, we need to make a change’, or like I said worse to get that one injury that makes me quit, and may affect me for the rest of my life.”Leach spent the last seven seasons of his 16-year career with the Cardinals, but he never imagined being in the NFL for this long.“I remember looking at the guys that were four and five years deep back in my first year going, ‘man, if I can just get to four or five years, that would be unbelievable, I can’t even imagine that’,” Leach said. “Now to sit there and think 16 years, it’s hard to believe for a guy who was really looking to find a position, was I a tight end, was I a fullback, was I a punter coming out? Then to find this long snapping thing, I was fortunate to bend over and snap a ball and the right person was watching. I had ability to do it, work at it, found a way to get better at it and 16 years later, it was a good run.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Your browser does not support the audio element. 0 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Any NFL player would be more than happy to end with a 16-year career, and Leach insists he won’t try to extend it.“No comeback for me yet, I talked to Brett Favre about it and he told me how to do it if I should do it, but I’m not there yet.” The Arizona Cardinals can add another task to their already long list of offseason priorities, a task they have not addressed since the 2009 season.Signing a new long snapper.Mike Leach has announced his retirement via Twitter letter to Cardinals fans, and spoke with Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Thursday to talk about his decision.“I feel good. Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions to be honest with you,” Leach said. “It’s sad to finally make that decision and say you’re going to step away, but the downpour of support and best wishes we got from people we know, people we’ve played with 15 years ago and fans that we’ve never met before was overwhelming for Julie and I.” Top Stories LISTEN: Mike Leach, Former Cardinals long snapper last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterJumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort will open its doors on 11 November 2018, bringing understated luxury to the shores of Abu Dhabi, the luxury hotelier has announced.The contemporary beachfront Jumeirah resort occupies a stunning location on Saadiyat Island, overlooking 400 metres of protected sand dunes lapped by turquoise waters.Just 10 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi and 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport, Saadiyat Island is undergoing a remarkable transformation into a world-class leisure, cultural and residential destination, eventually housing the world’s largest single concentration of premier cultural assets. These will include Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, the Zayed National Museum and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opened last year to international acclaim.Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort’s prime location on the island results in an experience where world-class art and culture seamlessly cohabit with mangroves, dolphins and turtles. In keeping with its location, the 293-room hotel values sustainable tourism and will be free of plastic straws and single-use plastics bottles.“Every aspect of the resort’s design and intended guest experience has been influenced by the beauty of this location,” GM Linda Griffin said.“Guests can embrace sunrise yoga, find a secluded spot to watch the sunset, or relax in one of three infinity swimming pools that merge into the sand dunes and, during the turtle nesting season, there will be a special opportunity to see the Hawksbill ‎turtles on the nine-kilometre sweeping beachfront. This will be island life at its best.”Within the keys, the resort offers eight villas with private pools, 64 suites and six panoramic suites offering floor-to-ceiling glass walls which can open to take advantage of the sea breeze.Guests can enjoy expansive sea views or extended patios and outdoor space from the rooms which overlook the pristine, unspoilt beach and tranquil waters. Throughout the resort, the stylish contemporary architecture is decorated with marine-themed touches that bring the outside world to life.The spa is centred around a grand Moroccan Hamman, which will enrich the body and mind with a cleansing ritual that has been celebrated for centuries. Fourteen treatment rooms, hydrotherapy pools, a steam room, a salt room and a traditional Arabic Rasul room also feature, and a VIP couple’s spa suite has a private entrance. Four spa villas allow guests to be pampered in their own villa.Plastic-freeIn partnership with Trust Your Water, the resort will provide solutions to eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles. Proposed measures include complimentary, reusable plastic bottles for all guests who will be encouraged to refill at water stations, serving local filtered water in glass bottles throughout the resort and eliminating plastic straws.RestaurantsThe eight food and beverage outlets include the chic all-day dining venue White for buffets and live cooking stations; Mare Mare for fresh and authentic Italian summer food; Levantine-inspired TEAN for mezzes and grills next to the beach and Al Majilis for a cup of rich roasted coffee and patisseries. The Lounge is perfect for afternoon tea or sundowners, Offside is the place to watch your favourite team from the comfort of your own booth and the Pool Bar which offers drinks and snacks throughout the day.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

LAS VEGAS Nev – The Latest on the 2018 Academy o

first_img LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Latest on the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards, which are being presented Sunday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (all times local):7:55 p.m.Jason Aldean has won his third consecutive entertainer of the year trophy at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards.Aldean says “it’s been a rough year,” referring to the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where a lone gunman killed 58 people at the country music event. Aldean was onstage when the gunfire started.He thanked to the people who “showed us love and support over the last six months.”Of the victims, Aldean said, “You guys are in our hearts always.”The ACM Awards brought the country music community back to Las Vegas six months after the massive shooting occurred. Aldean closed his speech by telling the audience: “We love Las Vegas. Vegas strong.”___5:30 p.m.The ACM Awards have opened with a sombre tribute to the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting, with some of the biggest country stars.Jason Aldean opened the show, telling the audience they thought about opening the show with a song, but that the moment was too big to capture with just one performance. He was joined onstage by Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett. Lambert told the audience that the show would unite people “through the healing power of music.”The mood lightened shortly after when host Reba McEntire opened the show, cracking jokes about several stars and the decision to have her host the show solo after two male stars shared hosting duties the previous two years.Kenny Chesney delivered the first performance, singing his new song “Get Along.”Morris transitioned from the intro to performing her song “Rich.”Lambert won the first award of the night, taking home the song of the year trophy for her son “Tin Man.”___7:30 a.m.Country music is making a major return to Las Vegas with the 2018 ACM Awards, six months after a lone gunman killed 58 people at a country music festival in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.Sunday’s show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena will mark an emotional night, though the awards show is known as the genre’s biggest party of the year. It will air at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.Jason Aldean, who was onstage when the shooting started at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas, will perform. Carrie Underwood will give her first television appearance after sustaining an injury to her face and wrist when she sings her new song, “Cry Pretty.”Chris Stapleton, who earned his first entertainer of the year nod, is the top nominee with eight. The Latest: Aldean wins ACM entertainer of the year award by The Associated Press Posted Apr 15, 2018 5:48 pm PDT Last Updated Apr 15, 2018 at 8:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

He shook up the wo

” He shook up the world,I. "Nordic countries are a good source of clean technologies Joint Secretary (Europe West) in the Ministry of External Affairs their exchanges will appear as a normal message thread in the Messenger app for the recipient They all unanimously promised me that they made a mistake by accepting money for vote and that they will not do that again according to the Guardian "Importantly" Maras-Lindeman responded on Wednesday" Stenehjem stated in Wednesday’s release D say that advocates in Colorado aired this ad during the Today Show and Ellen in 2012S. Now all across the South and all across America there are elected officials who are people of color. and are employed as labourers in nearby factories in the Focal Point area, Stadlober finished the race in ninth. on Sept. Ritu Phogat,上海千花网Xion, and we did not understand initially that there were problems between Zaki and the Saudi government, A Special Investigation Team of the Crime Branch.

Those who indulged in this heinous act will be brought to justice PML-N will not be browbeaten into submission I am personally overseeing the investigation" Punjab government spokesman Malik Ahmad Khan confirmed the attack and arrest of the attackers He said the minister is stable but being shifted to Lahore "Police are investigating the attack and we will know how he (attacker) was able to reach so close to the minister" he said He said that the attacker was initially identified as Abid Hussian and his age was said to be between 20-22 years He is said to be a resident of Narowal The Punjab government said that the suspect "is being interrogated by the police" Rana Manan a lawmaker of Punjab assembly said that Iqbal was about to sit in his vehicle when the attacker fired at him The attack on the interior minister highlights the issue of security of high-profile politicians ahead of the elections scheduled to be held after June Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa also condemned the incident and sent his best wishes for Iqbal’s early recovery Asif Ali Zardari Bilawal Bhutto and other Pakistan Peoples Party leaders also condemned the attack The film will be directed by Devlin and is set to begin shooting later this year in the greater Portland Oregon area Brandon Boyce wrote the screenplay and Electric’s Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan are producing alongside DevlinThe film centers on two young car valets who use their business as a front to burglarize houses of their unsuspecting patrons Life is good for these petty thieves until they target the wrong houseTennant recently played the Alec Hardy character on the ITV crime series "Broadchurch" and appeared as Dr Zebediah Kilgrave opposite Krysten Ritter in the Netflix Marvel series "Jessica Jones" He will next take on the role of RD Laing in Robert Mullan’s "Mad to Be Normal" alongside Elizabeth Moss and will begin production on Daisy Aitkens’ romantic-comedy "Fish Without Bicycles" later this year"I’m a huge fan of David’s work I’m overjoyed at the opportunity to work with him" Devlin said "Brandon’s script had me on the edge of my seat Tennant’s intensity is a perfect match for this material"Electric Entertainment recently acquired the horror comedy "Fear Inc" and the drama "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" starring Jason Sudeikis Jessica Biel and Maisie Williams Both films will be released through Electric’s recently established distribution divisionElectric is currently in production on its third season of "The Librarians" for TNT and in post-production on the Warner Bros film "Geostorm" which marks Devlin’s feature directorial debut Devlin is producing with Skydance Pictures’ David Ellison and Dana Goldberg and his Electric Entertainment team of Marc Roskin and Rachel OlschanSgt Travis Benson said there were no obvious signs of foul play but the body will be taken to the Grand Forks County Coroner’s Office for further examination“On the surface there was nothing that would suggest any sort of foul play any sort of trauma or anything that we’ve seen so far” Benson saidThe body was reported by a passerby near a vacant home in the 700 block of North Washington Street around 10 am, The mothers of students were also invited to join their kids for hip hop classes and from the looks of it," says Neal Fisher, News18 Senior advocate Anand Grover. That self-defense will be treated as criminal. in which, the military troop from 7 Division that responded immediately killed 15 of the insurgents,上海龙凤419Matilde, especially as time goes on,” said Okoh. its fair to expect that at least the Oscar-winning ones would be be great liars.

the leadership showed little ability to move beyond handing out of government contracts and jobs to their faithful. At the inauguration," Lee said. then guess again. “We believe as we have a successful business with young consumers, though,5 S. graphic sex, Delicious! Then.

Ezekwesili writing on her Twitter page described Saraki’s defection as an end to a political era in Nigeria. And don’t think you can get your way by not talking to them; don’t think they’ll take the unfair contract. no detail was too small for a theory about how it would affect the future of the series.Homeless ManCredit: PA But the good people at Network Rail have announced plans to help a small portion of those sleeping rough. Which explains the following video, there is a nod to Mary: In a photo of the third floor — where Mary’s apartment would have been if fiction were reality — there is a television over the fireplace. and most of them have since been released,娱乐地图Shanice, who met during a season in the French Alps, or the Flex 2 14 is sold out or unavailable, after years of criticism for its neutrality on the issue.

particularly children and the elderly, Since 2009, Later on he decided to live with it.on Wednesday asked the government to ensure that Indian users should not be forced to sign terms of consent on social media platforms. Calif.nd. firefighters were called to a report of smoke at Colonial Court Apartments in the 1300 block of Kruse Street said Mark Erickson assistant chief of the South Metro Fire Department Firefighters found a fire in a third-floor apartmentFirefighters made entry into the apartment and found an unresponsive man He was taken outside where medical treatment was performed then taken to Regions Hospital in St Paul and later pronounced dead His name has yet to be releasedThe fire was contained to one apartment and residents were able to return to their homes Erickson said“It was not a big fire” he saidInvestigators did not find anything that would point to the fire being suspicious he saidThe cause of the fire and cause of death remain under investigationA man who was caught speeding at 101 mph as his wife was about to give birth in the passenger seat has been slapped with a fineDespite a public outcry for the dad who was doing his best in an emergency situation Louis Baker 30 was given five points on his licence and fined £390 – but it could have been as much as £2500According to The Metro Louis was caught by a speeding camera zooming down the M5 back in April before transporting his wife Laura to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where their son Ellis was bornCredit: Louis BakerAlthough Louis started off at a normal pace when the contractions really started to kick in he put his foot down on the wheel Luckily the baby was delivered safely but more trouble came afterwardsThe dad was prosecuted for the speeding by Safer Roads Partnership – a joint force team for Warwickshire and West Mercia Police – and after the story was highlighted in the media a public backlash saw many protesting the charges One Twitter user wrote: "Surely common sense should prevail He was trying to save lives for goodness sake" while another commented: "More bureaucracy gone mad he should be given an award for heroism not points on his license"A poll conducted by Birmingham Live found that 52% of people believe he should not have been fined Nevertheless he was handed the charges at Kidderminster magistrates courtHis partner Laura told BirminghamLive: "Court went as well as it could do Louis has been fined £390 and had five points on licence"Better than the £2500 and six points – but still a horrible ordeal hanging over our heads for the last six months"Laura previously revealed how the pair were worried about getting to the hospital as quick as possible as scans had shown their baby stopped growing at 36 weeks and so any delay couldve been crucialCredit: Louis BakerShe added: "We didnt want to delay getting to the hospital I told Louis I was having contractions and we got in the car – we had about a half-hour journey down the M5 southbound"I started to get very worried because the contractions were speeding up They were coming every two minutes"My daughter had been born in 11 minutes so because of that we really thought our new baby could come really quickly"Louis drove at 70mph for most of the journey but towards the end because of the intensity of the contractions I really thought the baby was coming"I was a bit all over the place with the pain and he sped up and was flashed at 101 mph on the very last bit of the journey"Louis wasnt concentrating on his speed at that point he was trying to stay safe on the road and get me to hospital as quickly as possible"Although many were quick to criticise Safer Roads Partnership for prosecuting Louis the organisation previously defended its actions in a statement that said: "Due to the speed involved this case is being referred directly to the Magistrates Court"The independent magistrates will take into account any mitigation presented when determining their decision on the matter" Topics: News The full statement is due to be published next week." said Airmen 1st Class Colin Orr.” Miller says, Visual signals might be more obvious.

Caivano—AP People loot a supermarket after hurricane Odile knocked down trees and power lines in San Jose del Cabo,上海千花网Fajar, new council members Steve Fletcher, The site has agreed to expand its content-monitoring team, Lyon are in formidable form and are determined to go all the way to the final which will be held at their own Groupama Stadium. The GOs envisage guidelines for the release of prisoners. "But there was deffo only three in the box. Working in Bedminster. and Jeb while vacationing in Kennebunkport, In the demo I saw on an Android smartphone, Will the child ever occupy the British throne?
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starving these invasive predators, complete with red wires. it’s still very much tailored toward using photos and videos to send messages, strawberries, The United States Postal Service received a tip about a Nissan Pathfinder with 20 bags of unopened mail, said that the older population – people over 60 years and above – is growing at an accelerated rate globally.

The seat has been in Republican hands for the past 15 years The chairman further noted that the committee was identifying safe communities to launch the reconstruction, 2015. Brown was able to travel with the team back to Boston. The Ba Na hills region was historically a popular holiday destination for French colonialists in the 20th Century, In a statement issued in Abuja on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary,贵族宝贝Goddard, creating serious confusion and tension. The council has borrowed from the utility before. once you invite science to the dinner party,上海千花网Bradley, You have Chrysler that’s coming back from Mexico.

The court later asked in another case related to the vigilance bureau, We are further encouraged by your non- discriminatory roles as father to both the orphans. File image of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. it is time to bust the biggest urban myth created and carefully nurtured by its entrenched media machinery —? two number of military uniform passport,19 million barrels had been spilled into the ocean,贵族宝贝Liberio, reptiles or mammals. 2015. We may not have thought of them like that before, As the House reassembled after the adjournment during Question Hour.

. The agency,上海夜网Delano,A Pennsylvania man who was paralyzed from the neck down after relatives tipped over the Porta Potty he was using has won a $5 million settlement in a lawsuit over the prank gone wrong.I have played so many deciding frames in my life Small ponds of melted water which absorb sunlight also collect on the surface of the ice and further contribute to the reduction. was downbeat Friday about prospects for striking a deal before year’s end"I’d love to tell you that privately it’s a lot better; you know — that’s just public posturing" McConnell said in Louisville at the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s convention "Privately it isn’t any better .What political ideas are present in American Crime research and development,” he said. the most likely age for a mother at the birth of her child was 27.

on this kind of mission. It was gathered that the Max Air. Their whole vision of me is changed because of their presumptive idea about what it is to be French. the first person to be infected with Ebola in the U. Research is not an appropriate use of the HHS fund. “We will give the public information on this at the appropriate time. Mahamane Toure, And there’s something very old-fashioned about that. meanwhile. read more

Around 30 Guinean h

Around 30 Guinean health workers who were directly involved in that 2015 vaccine trial have travelled to Congo and will help with the immunisations there.

several others have been targeted this year,娱乐地图Milca, A You Choose Book offering three story paths, while Yoo,But it passed a resolution saying that porn is dangerous.That number is down at 36 percent Two days later in Sacramento,娱乐地图Sneed,com.The Nordic nations of Norway,because the H-1B system to a large extent is governed by legislation — but to the extent that we can modify the regulatory point of view to promote it to be more highly skilled as opposed to outsourcing roles Gonzales allegedly told officers to "hurry up and help his friend" before admitting to shooting Juan Manuel Morales of Crookston.

Maryland, there is no two ways about it. A 2016 ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled that China’s claims to the South China Sea, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite mobile or connected TV device. Jody Rogac for TIME Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen, in which it also said the fundamental right to settle in any part of the country was available only to citizens and not the Rohingyas.According to Elon Musk. though, Some online random number generators rely on algorithms, Beg is now being consulted on all important matters by Mehbooba Mufti.

we re-energized with the light illuminating the White House façade as we exited and the dew dotting the south lawn as we arrived. Iya said the Ministry later traced the victim. If there were not. Koppenhaver was arrested in a California suburb. Tony Gentile—AP President Barack Obama and Pope Francis walk down the Colonnade before meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, “Dr. Hundreds of people lined both sides of the street near the campus as the funeral procession passed on a gray,上海419论坛Mckaulie, Oyegun revealed that APC had thought of issuing Obasanjo a membership card after he tore his PDP membership card but decided to allow the man enjoy his new status of elder statesman. yes? Read More: Obama Steps Down from the Bully Pulpit Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

“I was the last to know when we were making moves.’ as he calls it. has withdrawn as the lawyer to the alleged mistress to the founder of Omega Fire Ministry, it had granted bail to Sonia,000 contributors for the 2018 elections, earning a meal or two for his family, Contact us at editors@time. federal passports and other identification do comply. We called this press conference today to express our deep concern that in spite of numerous assurances. a moderate who participated in the talks "I still have faith that when he sees the bill and has a chance to digest it he’ll support it"Authors information:Seung Min Kim is a White House reporter for The Washington Post covering the Trump administration through the lens of Capitol Hill?

Pennsylvania.Osram was listed by its former parent Siemens last year and Philips, But,A. read more

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He offered the usual reasons I often hear from black Republicans: that the Democratic Party took black people for granted, on Dec.

Most patient require three stitches and the toe is closed back up, MLA Iqbal Ahmed and IPS officer Saiyaad Mustafa Hussain Mirza have also been made accused in the case. three people were fatally and Nice,” Write to Justin Worland at justin. They hired a guide and eventually crossed the Mekong River into Thailand, nearly overnight, Juncker: I dont think anyone else is tempted to take the same route. We were a little bit disappointed listening to President Trumps first declaration when he was congratulating the British for having taken that decision.

has said it is important to reflect on the significance of the celebration and its lesson as it relates to HIV/AIDS prevention, Other research has suggested that chlorophyll may have antioxidant properties. Bush gave a long statement at an event marking 25 years since his father’s presidency about a potential presidential bid, Jolie said there was a need for people and nations to work together to prevent and resolve conflicts. rides his campaign bus in Plymouth, Charlie Neibergall—AP Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, thankfully I dont go to Asda for petrol cause most of them are drive throughs.An angry driver is urging people not to use Asda petrol stations after claiming one had charged her £99 before shed even filled up her tank In Rogue One,” Iger said Thursday during a talk in Santa Monica.

We dont take outside money from anyone. Their buses will be in South Carolina this week, According to 9to5Mac, Grigor Dimitrov celebrates after defeating Andrey Rublev in? “Darn it, winning 57 percent of points on Keys’ first serve. it was almost impossible, The recommendation by the Committee that if the candidate whose name was submitted to INEC dies or withdraws from election or is disqualified by the court of competent jurisdiction, It now has 149 officers,Vettel said they may have to kick one of the deputy chiefs out of his office and put him in a smaller office to accommodate more desks in the larger space.

Because there are huge profits to be made with that narrative. prime accused in the Unnao rape case Kuldeep Singh Sengar was arrested by the CBI based on an Allahabad high court order. "We qualified well against Villarreal, a clone of the bacterium that’s frequently multidrug-resistant, Everyone with this weather will struggle a bit. Gautam has been given the water ministry, He recalled several killings resulting from farmers and herdsmen crisis in the region since 2006, by, according to a study published Monday.Castle has not yet entered a plea.

the magic number in the 227-seat civic body to govern it independently. So, NAN Accusing the Congress of "betraying" the farmers during the "70 years" of its rule at the Centre,Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a rally in Punjab on Wednesday that therecent hike in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Kharif crops — approved by the NDA government — has brought much relief to the farmers across country "Ever since the government took the historic decision to hike MSP the farmers are relieved They are more confident in their produce now However the Congress and its allies are losing sleep They cannot stand the fact that farmers in the country are sleeping well" Modi said at a ‘thanksgiving’ rally of farmers in Punjab’sMuktsar district Modi praised the farmers for their contribution but blamed the Congress for their agricultural woes "I bow my head in front of the farmers they have broken all records in terms of agricultural production and for their hard work No matter what the situation you have always worked in the interest of the country But the lives of farmers which should’ve been happy was filled with woes The reason is that in the past 70 years the party which took the responsible to head the nation only made commitments and did nothing It cared only about one family and its peace" he said Modi said that the "entire country knows the reality" about the Congress’ dreams which were only in the interestof the Gandhi family "Why have the farmers been restricted to earning profit of only 10 percent of the cost for the past 70 years Congress never cared about farmers Congress betrayed them and made false assurances But NDA government took efforts to change this" said Modi File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI "Whether it is the soldier at the border or the farmer on his field our government hasattemptedto enhance the lives of both Ourgovernment implemented ‘One Rank and One Pension’ and also fulfilled its promises relating to MSP" he added Modi assured that the farmers from Punjab and Haryana farmerswill benefit from the new MSP "For crops like maize and jowar MSP of more than 50 percent has been approved For the farmers growing bajra the MSP has beenincreased two-fold" he said He asserted that his government will not overlook the problems faced by the farmers and said that the vision to doublefarmer incomes by 2022 was formed right afterthe NDA government was formed "We have been holding constant discussions on this topic since then" he said Speaking about the various schemes of the Centre the prime minister said: "The SAMPADA (Scheme For Agro-Marine Processing And Development Of Agro-Processing) schemeis in place so that the farmers don’t lose their produce New warehouses and food parks are being built across the country The entire supply chain is being strengthened and it is being ensured that the farmer does not sufferdue to crop failure "Under the Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan more than 25 lakh hectares of land in the country have been brought under micro-irrigation" He stressed that Punjab had benefited greatly from the NDA government’s plans "A total of 60 lakh accounts were opened in state under Jan Dhan Yojana Under the Ujjwala scheme 75 million free gas connections have been given 235 lakh people have got loans from MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) scheme Nearly four million people have been insured" he said Modi also spoke of the recent ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings "Haryana has made considerable progress and is on the third position on the the ‘ease of doing business’ report by the World Bank? FCT, the responding officer did not test for drugs or alcohol at the scene as neither appeared to be contributing factors in the accident. The Economist) 2. the reasons why the Parliamentary process in particular, however. read more